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“Well, I have to tell you, my email is overflowing with people calling Trump’s speech a home run. People are saying, ‘Finally! It’s about time somebody started telling the truth about Hillary Clinton, and it’s not you. Finally somebody that’s an official Republican starts telling us what we already know!’ People are jazzed by this.”

“I’ve always — during this whole campaign — been fascinated by how the Democrats talk about how this country is in such bad shape.  They’ve been running it for 7-1/2 years!  They’ve been in charge of it, everything.  There hasn’t been any serious pushback.  They’ve gotten everything they’ve wanted, and they’re continuing to whine and moan.” 

“You and I all know the only people who need to ‘give back’ are thieves, criminals and corrupt individuals that are taking things that are not theirs. The successful don’t need to be giving anything. But to the people Trump needs to reach, ‘giving something back’ is a huge deal.”

“I think so many Democrat voters think that the banks and Wall Street and CEOs are wedded to the GOP. ‘The GOP is the party of the rich! Bankers are obviously rich. Wall Streeters are obviously rich.’ Trump made it clear as a bell today that it’s the Democrat Party in bed with the banks. So you wonder if it’s time low-information people see this.”

“Hillary Clinton has this campaign slogan. You’re supposed to run around and say, ‘I’m with her!’ And Donald J. Trump says, ‘No, no, no. My response is, “I’m with you, the American people.”‘”

“Mrs. Clinton is not humbled by support. She has more of the royal queen mentality where you’d better support her. That’s your role. She’s entitled to your support, and it’s matter of fact. There’s nothing special about it.”

“We have Barack Obama and a Democrat Party which seems obsessed with telling people that it’s as good as it’s gonna get. They’ve convinced people that America’s best days are in the past and we’re a nation in decline, that we deserve to be in decline in some ways, and it’s up to the right people now to manage that decline.” 

“The Democrats are being awfully contradictory. You know, Trump doesn’t have a whole lot of money in the war chest right now. Leftists are constantly whining and moaning about all the money in politics. They want campaign finance reform, right? They want to get all the money out of politics. But then you look at their coffers, and it’s overflowing with hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s another example of the hypocrisy they get away with.”

“Could somebody explain to me why does Bill Clinton get the benefit of the doubt on that?  If there is anybody officially established as a horn dog who has been president of the United States, if there ever is a man who has had numerous affairs in the Oval Office, outside the Oval Office, in the governor’s office in Arkansas, around the world, palling around with noted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, why does Bill Clinton get the benefit of the doubt?”

“Hillary’s gonna have her surrogates out there replying to Trump. It’s gonna be heated. It’ll get intense, like Game of Thrones out there — without the spears, without the arrows. It may even come to that.” 

“Trump basically said things about Hillary Clinton that you just don’t hear Republicans saying. You’ve heard them on this program, of course. But you just do not hear Mitt Romney say this, for example. You wouldn’t hear the Bush family talk this way about Hillary.  You wouldn’t. You just wouldn’t hear it.”

“Here we are worried that ‘the campaign has descended into the gutter.’ Let me just tell you something: Half of this country’s in the gutter. Have you ever spent any time on Twitter? It’s a sewer. Sad to say, a lot of people react to it. Sad to say, a lot of people think that’s what daily conversation is, is combat.”    

“Hillary’s speech yesterday was practically nothing but personal attacks on Trump. When are we gonna get specifics about issues?”  

“Hillary Clinton admitted, claimed, that when she and her husband left the White House, they were broke. Now they have a net worth approaching $300 million. How does that happen?”

“I don’t care if Trump has $100 billion. He’s earned it. He’s had a job. There are ways you can track what he has earned. The Clintons don’t want to admit how they’ve earned their money. They love to brag about their wealth, but how did they get it?”  

“The Democrat campaign is aimed at marginalizing Trump or destroying Trump or defining Trump in a negative way. And I look at this today as pushback, which we don’t normally get on our side. We got some pushback today.  We got, ‘Oh, this is what you say about me? Well, here it’s double for you.’  It may sound schoolyard, but that’s exactly what is happening today. It’s long overdue.”

“The Democrats branding has been such that we are not supposed to examine the results. We’re not supposed to look at the outcome of their governance, their policies. We’re only supposed to look at their intentions, which is the same thing as looking at their big hearts. Never mind that they never deliver.”

“Is there any Democrat who ever spoke like John F. Kennedy spoke? Is there a Democrat today speaking of upbeat optimism, America can-do spirit, greatness and all that — and the future’s in your hands and you can make it what you want and the world is possible? No. It’s the exact opposite of that.”    

“Here’s another question that I have: If Hillary Clinton has the answers for the economy, why doesn’t she tell Obama what to do now, why wait?” 

“Hillary Clinton has never created a single job other than government jobs or the staffers that work for her. She doesn’t know the first thing about a private sector business.”

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