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“Hillary and the Democrats are gonna protect the poor and the middle class while they’re putting them out of work. They’re putting coal miners out of work. They’re putting union workers out of work. The Democrats and their economic policies are causing 94 million Americans not to work.” 

“You can’t plug Trump into the standard, ordinary, everyday procedures of party politics.  But the Drive-Bys are trying to. And when they do, of course Trump looks terrible, when you plug him into that playbook. But the polls are not showing that.” 

“Hillary Clinton ought to be the equivalent of a sitting duck in this campaign. If anybody on the Republican/Trump side would just go into this with a little confidence instead of being afraid of her… That’s always been the rub.”  

“Ever since the Clintons came on the scene in the 1990s, everybody has talked about the Clintons as though they fear them greatly. I mean, fear them. Not just worry about them as opponents, but literally fear them. And sorry, I don’t see it. They’re not unbeatable. She’s a walking contradiction. She’s not a good campaigner. She’s not a good candidate.” 

“Climate change is not even about science. It’s all thorough, 100% politics. And the Democrats have found the way to make Millennials and young people believe that it’s true, and that is by convincing them that their future is inexorably tied to it.  Hello, ‘sustainability.'”  

“Liberalism… I’ve never seen doom and gloom and pessimism so successfully sold.” 

“You don’t have to work hard to be negative. You don’t have to work hard to be a pessimist. You don’t have to reach a certain level of consciousness in order to be negative. We all can easily do it. Being optimistic and positive is what takes work.” 

“Democrats are selling pessimism and doom and gloom, and then they link, ‘The only hope you have to survive is by voting for us and keeping us in power and expanding our power so that we can go out and punish the people who are ruining your future.’ That’s the pitch to young people, and it’s worked.” 

“Hillary Clinton said that Donald Trump has so little economic knowledge that he has no idea how President Obama and I grew the economy. Because you haven’t grown the economy. Look at the GDP numbers every quarter. They are revised down. It’s pathetic. There isn’t any economic growth going on.     

“What in the world can Hillary Clinton say in 20 minutes that’s worth a quarter of a million dollars? Nothing. What’s happening here is that access is being purchased. These banks are buying access to Mrs. Clinton on the come, in the hopes that if she is elected, she will leave them alone, not come down on them — and maybe even better, grant them favorable policies in forthcoming future legislation.” 

“Hillary Clinton trashes the banks every time she opens her mouth, and yet she made $21 million in two years making speeches to those very banks. Now, you tell me there isn’t some kind of a game being played here? You tell me the fix isn’t in?” 

“The Democrat Party throws the average Democrat voter overboard every day! They condemn them to poverty; they keep them in poverty. It’s absurd. It’s obscene what the Democrat Party gets away with. Go talk to any Democrat constituent. Go talk to African-Americans. They’ve been loyally voting Democrat 50 years. Ask them how it’s been working out for ’em.” 

“Everything Hillary’s saying can be exposed as untrue, dramatically untrue. If there’s anybody in this race that’s unqualified, it’s Hillary Clinton.”     

“She’s dangerous. She hasn’t done anything to earn this job, other than be Mrs. Bill Clinton and be loyal by making sure the things he’s done outside the home have not come back to haunt him or her or the Democrats. That’s why she’s running for president, plus it’s the quest for power that the Clintons all have.” 

“To people that live and breathe in this political world, money is the defining factor on everything. It’s not issues; it’s not policy. That comes second. It’s money.” 

“Trump’s got to be who he is. It is a business. It is a business, and it has its requirements, but it’s also evolving. Politics and showbiz are becoming more and more linked by virtue of our cultural evolution.” 

“All of these women babes in journalism love Hillary, and they can’t get their arms around the fact that Mrs. Clinton is that unpopular. These people think they shape opinion, make opinion, influence opinion, and the fact that 46% would be embarrassed if Hillary’s elected tells these CNN people they’re failing in their jobs.” 

“Hillary admits that the economy the Democrats have been running for eight years is a disaster. Nobody can get a job they want. Nobody’s wages are going up. There’s nothing to recommend her because she is an agent of consistency. She’s not gonna do anything differently than what got us here. But the media isn’t gonna point this out.” 

“Trump has been tweeting all during the Hillary speech. Trump is his own rapid response team. He doesn’t need a campaign manager to do this stuff. Well, I say that; I’m looking at some of these tweets and they’re okay, but they could be better. They could be better.”   



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