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Back in the 1990s, school administrators in New York and Los Angeles devised a plan to “combat” the spread of HIV-Aids. They decided to give away condoms to junior high and high school students.

The idea took off. Soon, school districts all over the country were handing out condoms to teens. Encouraging them to have sex early and often, as long as it was “safe sex.” “Because there’s no way we can stop them,” they said. 

Well, almost 25 years later, we’re seeing the results, thanks to a study examining the massive condom giveaway. Researchers wanted to know if the free condoms had any effect on teen pregnancy rates. The short answer is: yes. It did.

The study, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, shows “clear evidence that access to condoms in schools leads to an increase in teen fertility.” Bottom line: schools gave teenagers condoms, and “permission” to have sex, and teen pregnancy rates rose.

Who could have predicted that? Well, lots of people predicted it. I predicted it! 

But those who opposed the condom giveaways were ridiculed by liberals, for advocating that teens be taught abstinence. That was also back when the President of the United States, Bill Clinton, was getting Lewinskies in the Oval Orifice. From his intern. While claiming it wasn’t really sex.

So we learn, 25 years later, that liberals were wrong, again. Of course, they won’t be held to account for screwing up the country. Because they never are.

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