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RUSH: Climate change.  We have more on that today.  John Kerry, the former Vietnam War veteran who served in Vietnam, has come out and finally admitted that ISIS is a bigger threat than climate change.  This… I know it’s funny, but Kerry admits that all this time he and Obama and everybody in the Regime have been claiming that climate change represents the biggest threat.  But now it’s ISIS!  Now, why change?  Why do this?  I mean, climate change and the Democrat Party are inseparable.  And the Democrats are making it the number-one issue. There are reasons — absurd, of course, ’cause there isn’t any evidence that it’s happening. 

All we have are computer models. 

See, here we have this little heatwave out in the Southwest the past three or four days.  “See?  See?  It’s never been hotter!” I’ll bet you if you go look into historical temperatures, you’ll find days at this time of year since records have been kept where temperatures were as high, maybe even higher, than what they’ve been.  But to young people who don’t have that historical perspective, “Oh, my God, it’s never been this hot! Oh, my God, climate change! Oh, my God, global warming! Oh, my God, we’re frying! Oh, my God, we’re broiling! Oh, my God, it’s over! Oh, my God, the climate change people are right”

And they’re not. 

They’re no closer to being right because of the weather this weekend anywhere than they’ve ever been closer to being right because all they’ve got is computer models.  They don’t even have any data.  Climate change is not even about science.  It’s all thorough, 100% politics.  And the Democrats have found the way to make Millennials and young people believe that it’s true, and that is by convincing them that their future is inexorably tied to it.  Hello, “sustainability.”  And it’s a shame what’s been done to these people.  Millennials have actually…

I touched on this yesterday.  Liberalism… I’ve never seen doom and gloom and pessimism so successfully sold, and I know that negativism and pessimism are human emotions that are natural.  You know, in other words, you don’t have to work hard to be negative.  You don’t have to work hard to be a pessimist.  You don’t have to reach a certain level of consciousness in order to be negative.  We all can easily do it.  Being optimistic and positive is what takes work. 

But the Democrats are not selling optimism.  When you get right down to it, they’re not.  They’re selling pessimism and doom and gloom, and then they link, “The only hope you have to survive is by voting for us and keeping us in power and expanding our power so that we can go out and punish the people who are ruining your future.”  That’s the pitch to young people, and it’s worked.  So we’ve got our work cut out peeling all that away.  It’s one of the many objectives of this program day in and day out.  

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