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“The religion of peace needs to be protected because there’s so much mean-spirited extremism aimed against them — so much bias, so much prejudice, so much hate extended toward the religion of peace — they need to be protected. No one can draw pictures of the Prophet Mohammed. Obama cannot publish the words of a believer who is trying to follow the rules guaranteeing safe passage to 73 raisins.” 

“If Omar Siddiqui Mateen succeeds in helping the government take away guns from Americans who want to defend themselves, then haven’t the terrorists won, and isn’t that perhaps one of the objectives here?”  

“Do you know there isn’t a gun show loophole? What do you think the gun show loophole is? You think people can go buy guns at a gun show and not have to get a background check, right? That’s what everybody think’s the gun show loophole. That’s BS.” 

“You have an actual act of Islamic terror stated, responsibility taken, phone calls made during the effort just as the rules of jihad state. When you’re in the act of committing jihad, and you are making the sacrifice for the 73 raisins, the rules are you have to call it in; you have to proclaim it. He did everything was taught to do. He’s the guy we are trying to protect. He’s the guy we’re trying to redefine. We’re going after Trump for profiling!” 

“Profiling is common sense, which continues to be the number one victim of our culture evolution in this country. Common sense is dying. Common sense is under attack. Common sense is being slayed. Common sense is being silenced.” 

“How do people get on the no-fly list, by the way? How did people get placed on the terrorist watch list if we don’t profile? But that’s okay, that’s okay, as long as those lists are used to keep law-abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves.”  

“We’ve had a serious act of terrorism every year of the Obama administration — every year — and with every one of them, Republicans end up being thought of by a majority of people as the culprits.” 

“All these times people have thought that it’s Republicans in bed with the banks, Republicans in bed with CEOs, Republicans in bed with corporations? It’s the Democrats today, and it has been for decades.” 

“Do you know how big a gator’s brain is? It’s about the size of a pea. I mean, it’s tiny. It may be bigger than that but an alligator is nothing but a pure predator.”

“To understand the modern-day Democrat Party, from the top down — progressives, liberals, whatever — consider us to be a greater threat and greater enemy than even Al-Qaeda object ISIS or any organized terror group. And I have been of this opinion for years.” 

“Democrats refuse to acknowledge the situations which force the rest of us to go out and buy more guns. They leave us no choice but to protect ourselves and our families ’cause our government refuses to do so.” 

“Obama and the Democrats and the Democrat Party, the official Democrat Party and all of its loyalists are concerned, the greater danger to them is us. Not ISIS, not a shooter in Orlando, not even Al-Qaeda.  Because for everything Al-Qaeda and ISIS and the Orlando shooter are doing, they’re not trying to kick Democrats out of office. We are.” 

“We’ve gotten to the point now where many on the Republican side are so beaten down and so destroyed that they have posttraumatic stress disorder from the way the media has treated them, and that’s why there’s no criticism of Obama.”

“Trump versus Hillary? It’s anybody versus Hillary. The Democrats have got to lose. They’ve got to. This stuff has to be stopped, or… Well, there’s always gonna be an America, but it may not look like one that you’ve recognized.” 

“Socialism, communism, never works but people are willing to invest in it rather than let the Republicans get the White House.” 

“When did we lose the Millennials? This is the first 18-to-24 generation that people can remember in a long time who’ve already cashed in the chips ’cause they’ve figured out the country’s best days are behind them, and so they’re willing here to become wards of the state in order eat, have someplace to live, and get public transportation.” 

“What’s happening now is the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer under a liberal Democrat regime.” 

“I don’t blame you at all for having this attitude, that this Regime is not first concerned with your safety. They’d rather take Orlando and try to turn it into a way to advance their political agenda, rather than protect you and others.”  

“I think Liberals are more focused on us as an enemy than they are Al-Qaeda. We don’t kill anybody. We don’t take lives. But that’s what they’re telling people we do. They’re the ones that kill babies in the womb. They’re the ones that enable terrorists to continue these acts by not pursuing them, by not chasing them, by not categorizing them for what they are and who they are and what they do. And yet we’re the killers!” 

“I’ve never seen pessimism so successfully sold as liberalism has been.”  


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