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RUSH: I want to get to this little email that I got this morning before the program began.  You heard me last week pointing out that to understand what’s going on, you have to understand the modern-day Democrat Party, from the top down — progressives, liberals, whatever — consider us to be a greater threat and greater enemy than even Al-Qaeda or not object to ISIS or any organized terror group.  And I have been of this opinion for years.  And I simply arrived at my opinion by watching, observing. 

You see it now. 

Here we have an obvious act of terror by an obvious Islamic extremist, and what the Regime is do is trying to tell us is, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no!  There is no terrorism in Islam.  This guy’s a pretender.  He was radicalized by others who are not Islam.  They’re pretenders, and this is the religion of peace, and there is no terrorism there, and we’re not gonna allow this nutcase to go out and propagandize a bunch of lies.”  Right.  Well, let a 5-year-old show up in kindergarten with a Confederate flag T-shirt and see what happens.

The kid gets sent home. Or let some little kid make a gun out of his thumb and index finger.  The kid gets sent home, punished, what have you.  There is zero tolerance for anything that has to do with conservatism.  But with this, we’re willing to deny utter, cold reality.  Not we; the Regime.  Look at that.  Would you look at that! (interruption) Too late now.  Was that Hillary?  Nobody knows.  It’s gone.  Holy smokes.  Was that a burqa? 

I realize it’s unfair for me to ask you.  You can’t see what I saw; neither can I now, ’cause it’s gone.  Here’s the email.  “Dear Maha:  I need you to explain this to me.  I don’t get how any American can actively lie to themselves and to us about the obvious threats of Islamic radical Muslim terrorism.  I know that you’ve told us that liberals and progressives hate us more than they hate the real threat of terrorism, but that doesn’t fully explain their behavior.  I know the number one tenet in their playbook is to never let a crisis go to waste and advancing their agenda.But that pales when we are considering lives of Americans.”

Well, it should, but it doesn’t. 

Here you have… She’s right.  This was a… You know, Rahm Emanuel said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” So here you have an act of terror. It’s a crisis that they want to exploit, but the letter write here says, “Surely they wouldn’t try to exploit a crisis at the expense of defending innocent Americans’ lives!” (chuckles) What else do you think else is happening here? “Mr. Limbaugh, they’re now scrubbing the 911 calls made by the Muslim who killed homosexuals in Orlando.  Loretta Lynch goes on Sunday shows and — as the attorney general — blames the guns and the gun sellers. 

“All elected Democrats are deflecting the real issues to get us all focused on guns.  The FBI, the CIA, ICE, Homeland Security, are as in the dark and hamstrung from stopping anything as we were when we were attacked a decade ago on 9/11.  They’re able to totally ignore the fact that Muslims hate us.  They hate homosexuals.  They hate women.  They abuse children.  They hate Jews.  They want us all to die.  By doing so, they put every American’s life at risk.  Islamic terrorists.  I do not get that all Democrats, every single person within the government, the entire Drive-By Media are in agreement with this.” 

And this is the thing that the emailer is having trouble with.  “Okay, so maybe you’ve got a radical view of this by Obama and Valerie Jarrett, and they order this radical view to be promoted by Loretta Lynch and other people that go out and publicly speak like from ICE or the FBI.  But, Mr. Limbaugh, every Democrat, every progressive, everybody in this country that votes Democrats agrees with this?”  See, the emailer can’t believe that there aren’t some Democrats who don’t think this is all a bunch of caca.

“I just do not get, Mr. Limbaugh, that gays can look on what we know to be facts and continue to vote for Hillary Clinton.”  It’s worse than that.  There are homosexuals in various parts of the country who are saying that they place themselves at risk of dangerous and violence if they admit they would vote for Trump.  And look, I understand the sentiment here.  It’s a gay bar that was blown up, right?  Have I gone through a commercial break here?  So I owe…? You took the break at 42?  I owe you the break, is what you’re saying?  Okay.  Here I’m just losing track of time.  I’m sorry, folks.  This is frustrating for you, ’cause when I get on a roll, there’s no one better.  But I have to stop here and interrupt myself.  Be patient.


RUSH:  Okay, back to this email.  “Mr. Limbaugh, I just don’t understand how gays can look on what we know to be facts in this gay bar massacre and continue to vote for Democrats.  I don’t get that Millennials can look at how Muslims treat women and continue to vote for Hillary.”  Now, the point here is, maybe the Millennials don’t know that. Maybe the Millennials don’t know how Muslims treat women.  Now, the gays? The gays, having seen this, now know.  But that’s why Obama and the boys are out there saying, “Ah, it’s not Islamic terrorism.

“Oh, no, no, no, no, no!” And remember now, keep in mind, if they’re trying to say that Mateen was just doing nothing but spreading propaganda, and was not being honest — he’s not really an Islamic terrorist, not really even a Muslim; he was making it all up — and they’re gonna deny him the opportunity to engage in his propaganda, well, why not?  I mean, they are the ones who set the narrative, after all, right?  Why should they allow this guy to set the narrative?  I mean, from their standpoint, from their point of view.

Obama isn’t gonna sit there and let this guy wreak havoc on his administration.  Here’s Obama hands off, won’t say anything derogatory, and then these militant acts of terror continue to happen, and they continue to happen while the people that commit the acts know exactly what they’re doing. It flies in the face of Obama’s narrative.  He’s not gonna let the guy set the narrative, so of course they’re gonna redact these tapes.  Of course they’re gonna tell us that this guy was a fraud; he’s not really being honest, because there is no terrorism in Islam. 

That’s Obama’s line and he’s sticking to it. 

“I just don’t get, Mr. Limbaugh, how the entire Jewish community would vote for Hillary Clinton knowing full well what the Democrat Party view on Israel is.  I don’t understand that any American can look at the massive illegal immigration from Muslim countries and continue to vote for Hillary.  I guess I’m trying to apply logic to irrational people.  I guess I’m trying to lay my common sense on the liberals who don’t have any.  All the while, the mere fact is that Democrats refuse to acknowledge the situations which force the rest of us to go out and buy more guns. They leave us no choice but to protect ourselves and our families ’cause our government refuses to do so.”


RUSH:  Let me sum up where I was going with this.  Details coming up.  Try this headline: “Brooklynites…” People who live in Brooklyn. Your average, ordinary American Democrat progressive. “Brooklynites Say Orlando Was 100% the Republicans’ Fault.” Why do they think that?  How in the world could they possibly think that?  But they do, is the point.  


RUSH:  After reviewing everything that I’ve pointed out and all of the things that seem to be contradictory, the question is, “Mr. Limbaugh! Mr. Limbaugh! I’m really struggling with this concept that you keep saying, that liberal Democrat progressives hate for us supersedes the one major job of the president, and that is to protect the citizens.”  And this all derives from the fact each time something like this happens I have been — I don’t know — saying, proclaiming, that in order understand all this without going totally insane, you have to understand that as far as Obama and the Democrats and the Democrat Party, the official Democrat Party and all of its loyalists are concerned, the greater danger to them is us.

Not ISIS, not a shooter in Orlando, not even Al-Qaeda.  Because for everything Al-Qaeda and ISIS and the Orlando shooter are doing, they’re not trying to kick Democrats out of office.  We are.  But it’s even more complicated than that.  It used to be that in politics you had opponents, and there was a day in the way old long days ago that it was sort of collegial, and it was convenient.  Now it’s also true to say that back then the Democrats were perennial winners.  The Republicans were satisfied losers.

 And that’s when things were collegial. You know, when the Republicans didn’t run the House for 40 years, had 135 members, and no matter what, they didn’t have the votes to stop anything.  Of course everybody got along.  And that was when the Republicans agreed to be the minority party and everybody in the establishment got to hunker down and be in their little elite club with their assigned roles.  All of that changed with Ronald Reagan.  Reagan was actually the beginning of the change. 

Conservatism was implemented, which created magical economic conditions.  Everything Reagan succeeded at, disproved every liberal theory there.  That scared the heck out of them.  When Reagan was in office throughout his two terms — and afterward to this day — the efforts to revise what happened in the 1980s have been ongoing.  All of the great job creation, the reduction in debt — deficit/debt — the reduction in interest rates, the rapid rise in unemployment, wage increases. People accruing wealth, people’s standard of living skyrocketing upward. 

That scared the heck out of the left!  They had to say that that wasn’t really what happened.  They had to portray that as false and phony and it didn’t really happen, and so that’s when we started hearing things about, “We had too big a party! Our life was too good! It was so good; it wasn’t real. It was all fake, and now the bill has come due, and we have to have this major credit card payment that we’ve gotta make.”  That’s how Sam Donaldson and the media kept portraying in the eighties. 

There has been a constant effort, never-ending effort since then to diminish, obscure, lie about all of the prosperity, all of the great things that happened in this country in the 1980s. And after Reagan left office, the Berlin Wall coming down, the implosion of the Soviet Union.  The hits just kept on coming. And every one of them, if they’d have been allowed to stand and if they had permeated the body politic, it would have been the end of liberalism as a dominating ideological, political force.  They couldn’t abide that!

They set out on a policy of personal destruction of every potentially successful conservative.  Robert Bork is the first name that comes to mind.  And since then, any conservative, any Republican who has shown any ability whatsoever to persuade large groups of people has summarily been targeted for destruction and has been, in many ways — image-wise, reputation-wise — destroyed.  What this has produced is a 40-year drumbeat, never ending of total degradation of conservatism and Republicanism. 

People have not been able to escape it.  It was all over the Drive-By Media.  It dominated Democrat Party policy, politics, and statements.  Bill Clinton on to this day. It’s just worsened under Obama than it’s ever been, but it’s been cumulative.  Now you add the advent of this program and talk radio, the creation of the so-called conservative media. It just scared the death out of them.  This conservative blogosphere, websites and so forth. Newspapers begin to lose audience; traditional network news shows started losing viewers. Ad revenue in both places plummeting.  Sheer panic set in. 

They doubled their efforts to destroy anybody who had any credibility in the conservative side of things and because there was a lack of response to a lot of this throughout all of these 40 years.  Now let’s add to it social media.  Fakebook, Twitter, you name it. If you are not familiar with what goes on there, you need to somehow familiarize yourself with it, because every day it is a nuclear explosion on how rotten, mean-spirited, racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, and all the other horrible things conservatives are and conservatism is. 

And when you have low-information people, low-information voters — average, ordinary people not steeped or devoted to political matters — each and every day reading that stuff, they can’t help but absorb it, because it is an explosion every day.  It’s a never-ending assault.  And we have gotten to the point now where despite all this conservative media… Look, you have to fill the Republican Party in here to a certain extent, because they have not sought to defend anything that they’ve been attacked for being. 

And that’s where it really needed to have happened.  We’ve been defending conservatism here and everywhere else in the so-called New Media each and every day. But the people that you vote for on the Republican side have not.  There’s been very little defense.  In fact, we’ve gotten to the point now where many on the Republican side are so beaten down and so destroyed that they have posttraumatic stress disorder from the way the media has treated them, and that’s why there’s no criticism of Obama.

Throw the race card in there as well. There’s a fear of that, but it’s gotten to the point where there hasn’t been any response to it. There isn’t any now. So all of these really defamatory attacks which have been taking place for 40 years, have been allowed to settle in.  Some people refer to this as “branding;” some people refer to it as “image making” or what have you.  But my contention is that the real beginning of this was the success of Reagan and conservatism in the 1980s and the left’s palpable fear that people would actually understand it. 

So they began distorting, defaming, impugning, everything to do with Reagan. Like Reaganomics, “trickle-down,” it wasn’t real. The only reason the eighties worked was because the rich got rich by stealing from the poor. The rich got rich, and then they didn’t share! It didn’t trickle down. They didn’t share with people, and so nobody got anything. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer.  That’s been the standard procedure from the 1980s, when it’s the exact opposite.  What’s happening now is the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer under a liberal Democrat regime. 

All these times people have thought that it’s Republicans in bed with the banks, Republicans in bed with CEOs, Republicans in bed with corporations?  It’s the Democrats today, and it has been for decades.  But nobody knows.  So you ask, you send me an email and say, “I’m really struggling with this concept that their hate for us supersedes the one major job of the president, and that’s protect the citizens.”  What that means is: “How, when something like Orlando happens — when 50-some-odd gay Americans are slaughtered…?

“Why does the president not mobilize in a manner that will try to prevent something like that from happening again (because his jobs is to protect the American citizenry), instead of using that as an opportunity to, once again, defame and criticize Republicans?”  Look, I wish I had a first grade answer for you that’s so simple and understandable everybody would agree with it, but I don’t.  All I know is that I’m right when I say they… It’s not that they fear us.  I don’t think they’re afraid of us at all.

I think that they’re more focused on us as an enemy than they are Al-Qaeda.  We don’t kill anybody. We don’t take lives. But that’s what they’re telling people we do.  They’re the ones that kill babies in the womb.  They’re the ones that enable terrorists to continue these acts by not pursuing them, by not chasing them, by not categorizing them for what they are and who they are and what they do.  And yet we’re the killers!  We’re the ones with all the bias.  We’re the ones with all the prejudice, they say. 

And the manifestation of this… I have no better example than a little blurb I happened to catch this morning, which was why I decided to share this email with you, because here’s the answer to the question.  It’s actually a video on YouTube.  It’s via Townhall.  Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS while he opened fire on The Pulse nightclub in Orlando last weekend, proving his attack was born out of radical Islam.  Yet if you ask some bystanders in Brooklyn, they’ll tell you that his rampage had nothing to do with religion. 

A filmmaker, Ami Horowitz who does man-on-street documentaries and interviews decided to go to Brooklyn and just ask people on the street, who was to blame for the attack in the gay nightclub?  “‘I don’t think it had much to do with Islam, to be honest,’ said one Brooklynite. ‘I don’t even think it was a terrorist,’ said another.  Republicans and guns played a much larger role in the” gay bar massacre than Islam did. This is what practically everybody he ran into, at random, on the street, in Brooklyn, said to him, one way or the other. “‘One hundred percent the Republicans.'”  Guns, guns. “‘Guns way more than Islam — way more.'” 

But why should we be surprised?  This is exactly my point.  This is what people have been told.  They can’t help but absorb it.  Forty years of this stuff, folks.  They can’t help but have absorbed it.  And if any of them spend any time at all on social media, I guarantee you that there… I could name five conservative people that these people believe are more dangerous than somebody who actually shot up a gay bar and massacred over 50 people.  And then you have the Regime.

Let’s add on top of this, the Regime comes long and bans the use of the word “Sharia,” bans the use of the word “jihad.” Now you have Obama sending Loretta Lynch out there yesterday. “No, no, no! We’re gonna redact this, because this guy, this guy’s a one-off. He was radicalized, but he had nothing to do with ISIS. He’s got nothing to do with Islam. He’s got nothing to do with Muslims. He’s nothing to do with terrorism.  This guy’s a one-off, standalone criminal who may have been radicalized on the internet, but he doesn’t represent anything!

“So we’re gonna say that what he said is irrelevant.  He didn’t know what he was talking about.  We’re gonna redact his words.” Well, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the average, ordinary American, who already has — however long they’ve lived — years of experience of being told that the real threat in this country is the people who oppose “choice,” the people who oppose “climate change,” the people who oppose freedom, the people who are for the rich, the people who are for racism, who are for bigots.  That’s what they’ve been told. 

I can’t… I don’t know what other explanation make sense.  So ultimately, here you have an act of terrorism.  And there’s been one every year.  We’ve had a serious act of terrorism every year of the Obama administration — every year — and with every one of them, Republicans end up being thought of by a majority of people as the culprits.  “Yeah, if the Republicans hadn’t stood in the way of gun control, the guy wouldn’t have been able to do it! If the Republicans weren’t in bed with the NRA, if the Republicans weren’t in bed with corporate America, then…”

However it is said in ways that they believe it.  So it becomes Mateen didn’t even do it.  Mateen may have been… Before it’s all over, Mateen may have been inspired to do this by virtue of the hatred he heard coming from Republicans.  Don’t be surprised if that’s where this long investigation ends up, that this guy been radicalized not by ISIS, not by Al-Qaeda.  He had been radicalized by extreme Republican rhetoric.  You wait and see.  It’s what they’ve been doing.  All I’m telling you is, don’t doubt me. 

If you’re thinking that an Islamic jihadist can go blow up a gay bar and have a bunch of American homosexuals see the light and say, “Wait a second,” and then they hear their president come out and say, “No, no, no! He’s not a bad guy. He was maybe a little sick. Maybe he was off the beaten path. But he wasn’t” da da da da.  And don’t be surprised when you don’t see a mass exodus of gay activists from the Democrat Party, or even gay people who are not political activists, because the Republicans are more dangerous that this guy.  They’ve had a lifetime of hearing it.  


RUSH:  Okay.  Let’s start on the phones.  It’s Cody in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Glad you called, sir.  You’re up first.  Welcome to the program.

CALLER:  Yes.  Hello.  Thank you.

RUSH:  You bet.

CALLER: Basically, I just wanted to say, as a gay Millennial, I don’t see why the gay community is backing Hillary and the Obama administration as much as they are after what happened, because it really does feel like they do not care about any Americans, period.  And they’d rather defend the Islamic terrorists than defend their own people in their own country.

RUSH:  Yeah.  Yeah.  Maybe you can explain this to us.

CALLER:  I mean, I’m trying to wrap my head around it.  I was a Democrat at one point, and then —

RUSH:  Well, if you are, you’ve no doubt about it heard the song and dancing about to the Republicans are more dangerous. The Republicans may even be responsible for this.

CALLER:  Oh, yeah, I have, which I know they’re not.  I mean, how could you blame the Republicans and they’re not even the ones running the country?  That makes absolutely no sense.

RUSH:  Is defies logic, which is why we’re dealing with emotion here, and the Democrats have known it, and they know how to reach these emotional centers in people. They know how to touch on fear.  You know, all you have to do is tell a group of people that the Republicans want to kick ’em out of the country or put them in jail or deny them their rights or this or that and you’ve made them the biggest enemy people face.  Meanwhile, the Republicans aren’t killing anybody. But it is believed by these people in Brooklyn on the street that the Republicans are responsible for this because they have stood in the way of getting guns out of America.  It’s just how it works.

CALLER:  Well, I know after Orlando I’m going to get me a gun because I don’t feel safe.  I don’t feel like my government is gonna take care of me the way they should be taking care of me.

RUSH:  I don’t blame you at all.  If I were gay, Millennial or otherwise, and I’m watching the Obama administration react to this by basically trying to deny everything we all know to be true? It’s open season on gays.  Do you know that this is part and parcel of Islam?  Look at all these 10 Islamic countries that murder and execute gays.  How can Obama say that they’re not guilty of that which people think they are?  I don’t blame you at all for having this attitude, that this Regime is not first concerned with your safety.  They’d rather take this event and try to turn it into a way to advance their political agenda, rather than protect you and others.  You’re right.

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