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RUSH: Brian in Orlando.  Great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Yeah.  Quick one for you.  I don’t know why this isn’t more of an issue in the media, but doesn’t it seem to you the fact that Putin has Hillary’s files — her emails and the files on a server — that that’s kind of put him in a position of being a kingmaker?

RUSH:  He could blackmail her.

CALLER:  Yeah, well… Well, yeah. He can choose to either release the information or not. So if he prefers Hillary, he does one thing; if he prefers Trump he does something else.

RUSH:  He’s not gonna release it.  He’s gonna use it to blackmail her if he’s got it.  He’s also got the Russians hacked into the DNC servers.  They’ve got all the DNC opposition research on Trump.

CALLER:  That that’s just the point.  So if he has the DNC files, he could be using that to determine which person he prefers.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER:  Either way, it doesn’t matter. It puts him in the position of having influence over a US election.

RUSH:  Well, you know, Trump thinks that Putin endorsed him and went out and expressed his appreciation for Putin. So there might be… You know, Putin might like him.  But that’s not what Putin’s gonna do. Who can he best manipulate? Who can he best manhandle? Who can he best…? Who can he get the best deal with out of those two? But you’re right. I don’t mean to sound flippant.  He can. He’s got enough… I saw this.  Where was it?  You’re right.  I can’t remember the source, but it’s enough to blackmail her.

CALLER:  Why isn’t that an issue in the media?  I mean, that should be a major, major issue.

RUSH:  Why do you think it isn’t?

CALLER:  Well, they don’t want it to be.  But that’s not the point.  Someone should make it an issue: The fact that you have someone who is in a position because of someone’s incompetence to be blackmailed, and that person is right now running for president.

RUSH:  If that were the case, the fact of what she did with her email server and all of that should have been a disqualifier from the get-go. But the media is gonna continue to cover for her no matter what.  I mean, I know your question’s rhetorical. Don’t misunderstand.  Remember Putin’s not the enemy.  We are, Brian.  You and me, conservative Republicans. We’re the enemy.  Putin’s not.  He’s a good guy!  Putin’s a strong man. He reacted well to Hillary’s new, red, reset button.  Everything’s cool.

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