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RUSH: From TheHill.com: “House of Representatives Rejects an Effort to Ban Illegal Immigrants from Military Service“– The House of Representatives yesterday broke with its own voting record and rejected two Republican proposals aimed at preventing young illegal immigrants from serving in the military.

“Democrats sought to tie the provisions to the harsh rhetoric on immigration from presumptive GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump.  More than 30 Republicans with more centrist views on immigration joined all Democrats in opposing the two amendments offered to a defense department spending bill.  The amendments failed narrowly, votes of 207 to 224 and 210 to 121.”  What do you think about that?  What do you think about illegal aliens serving in the military? (interruption) “Why?”  Why? 

How dare you ask why!  Don’t you know the answer?  Have you not been listening to Democrats talk about people that join the military for the last 25 years?  Why do they do it?  ‘Cause they got nothing else.  ‘Cause this country… Where are they from?  They’re a bunch of hayseed hicks in the sticks! They come from poor families that have no chance at an education. They have no chance of ever making it.  The military’s all they’ve got!

Haven’t you heard the Democrats disparage people who sign up?  It’s something I’ve never understood.  Okay, you don’t like the military, fine and dandy, but why impugn the people that sign up?  They’re signing up knowing full well they’re volunteering.  They’re offering their lives, potentially.  Why impugn ’em?  Why go out…? Because it’s an opportunity to criticize America; that’s why.  Because in the Democrat world, nobody would ever join the military.  “Good Lord, we’d go to Yale — hell, we’d go to Dartmouth — before we go to the military!

“We sure as hell wouldn’t join the damn Army! No freaking way.” So these people do.  They make it out to be that’s all they’ve got, this country’s so abandoned them.  They have no educational opportunities, they’re basically a little slow in the intellect department, and this is all they’ve got.  That’s what the Democrats have said.  Well, who fits that description better than an uneducated, unskilled illegal immigrant?  It’s all they’ve got. 

The country’s already biased against them. (interruption) You’d rather have them on the welfare rolls, Mr. Snerdley, rather than defending your country?  That’s the way they… Well, anyway, it is kind of… An undocumented, illegal, not a citizen, joining the military?  No problem with it?  Not any loyalty questions?  You don’t have any no concerns about that? I mean, where are they from?  I mean, we don’t know.  It’s an individual basis question, but just the blanket assertion. 

Hell, yes, they ought to be able to sign up and join.  But if you’re a liberal Democrat, it fits perfectly with your theme.  They’ve got nothing else.  This country has so abandoned them.  This country is so forgotten them.  It’s all they’ve got.  Nobody in their right mind… Remember John Kerry was out there on the Left Coast somewhere making a speech to a bunch of college students? He said there’s all kinds of in life. Some people go to Yale; some of the unfortunate end up wearing the uniform.  Remember that, something like that?  I’m paraphrasing.  That’s what they think.  The military is where the hopeless go in their view.


RUSH: Bob in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  It’s great to have you on the program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Thank you very much.  I’ve been listening to you since 1985, so I’ll try and be as brief as possible.

RUSH:  I appreciate that, sir.

CALLER:  I don’t know if you’re aware, but the US Senate on Monday passed a bill, I think it’s 38 to 13, that starting January 2018, any girl 18 must register for the draft.  Now, I have objections to this.  And my objections aren’t so much the draft, but the way the US government today treats its soldiers — i.e., the president of the United States won’t have salute a man or a soldier in uniform getting off his aircraft and various others like the VA. The fact that we have to have a Wounded Warriors organization just to take care of our vets after they come back wounded, and the fact that I know of individuals that had to buy their own prosthesis because the government won’t supply them with ones that would work for them.  What’s your opinions on that?

RUSH:  Well, let’s go back to the first thing you mentioned.  I had not seen this.  So was it…? Let me put my glasses on and read what you said.  Was it just the Senate?  This is not law? Yes, it is? It’s just…?

CALLER:  No, it is not law yet. It hasn’t gone through Congress. It hasn’t gone to president.  Just the Senate.

RUSH:  This is Senate. Women, when he this turn 18, must register with Selective Service, right?


RUSH:  And you don’t like that?

CALLER:  Well, I don’t like the way the soldiers are being treated, mainly, and why is it a necessity? Just to dovetail what you said before, I served from ’65 to ’67 in the US Army at the government’s request, and we did have foreigners coming in —

RUSH:  What do you mean, at the government’s request?  Draft.

CALLER:  I was drafted.

RUSH:  (laughing) “Government’s request.” Look, I have to tell you, Bob, you know, you heard the previous comment ’cause you referenced it about illegal aliens.


RUSH:  They now have been cleared to join the military.  I think it’s just a continuation of something that started in the Clinton presidency, and that is the United States military has become a social experimentation playground or laboratory.  Women in combat, “don’t ask, don’t tell,” gays in the military.  Beginning with the Clinton administration, the purpose of the US military changed, became perverted, polluted, corrupted, bastardized, whatever you want to say. 

The purpose of the United States military is to kill people and break things.  It is not to provide jobs.  It’s not to provide health care.  It’s not about doctors, nurses, clean water, fairness, negotiations, nondiscrimination, any of that.  It’s to kill people and break things.  And people who were drafted or people who sign up are taught how to do that.  Basic training and specialization is all about killing people and…

It used to be.  Now it’s not.  The United States military is — and even with this, it remains — one of the last remaining meritocracy-based institutions in the country.  But even that is under assault.  Now, women being forced to register with Selective Service? That’s much different than women who want to join the All-American First Cavalry Amazon Battalion.  I mean, you want to join the Amazons, that’s a volunteer thing, and you want to go off and kill people or break things.

Selective Service? There isn’t a draft, but everybody who turns 18 has to register in case there’s a big emergency or some Christian gets loose and starts killing people. Then they might reinstitute the draft, and they need people have signed up and are ready.  The fact that they’re gonna include women… It’s just in the Senate; it hasn’t become law yet.  Is that what being a woman?  Is that feminism?  Is that emancipation? 

Is that women’s progress, that they now are required to register with Selective Service to be available in such time in the future as there is a draft?  All of this, folks… Bob, now, you’re ancient.  You’re in the military in ’67. You’re my age.  This is a different era, Bob.  This is all about tearing down these institutions, under the guise of “modernizing” them and growing them and bringing them into the twenty-first century.  The left is on the march, and anything they think is destructive, bad or wrong, they’re hell-bent on transforming it or fixing it. 

So that’s the answer.


RUSH:  How come Millennial girls are not demanding to be drafted for…? ‘Cause they’re young snowflakes.  How in the hell is this gonna work?  Young Millennial women on college campuses are now being called innocent little snowflakes.  They need safe zones from people who say things they don’t want to hear.  Can you imagine these innocent snowflakes in Basic Training? (interruption) Oh, screw equality!  It’s never been about equality. 

That’s just been the rallying call.  It’s never been about equality.  You know, I have to tell you something.  Hillary Clinton… I looked this up to, wanted to make sure I got this right.  Hillary Clinton is in favor of women in the draft.  Of course, she wanted to be a Marine.  Didn’t she say she signed up at a Marine office and they called her a dog or something and made her leave?

They used a Marine term, dog face or something, and she thought they were talking about her.  Didn’t she tell that story in she wanted to join the Marines? This is right after she learned that she was named after Edmund Hillary. I don’t…  I tell you, one of these days…  I just feel surrounded by absolute, total Nimrod idiots.  Everybody.  The low-information crowd, the Regime, Hillary, the Democrat Party.  

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