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“If you want to use the law to try to stop San Bernardino, to try to stop the Fort Hood massacre — you want to use the law to try to stop what happened at the gay bar in Orlando — you’re using the wrong law, and you’re focusing on the wrong country. You need to change Sharia.” 

“You know, this is getting incredible, all the people who had encounters with the Orlando shooter — and some of them even told the FBI — and nothing happened. They’re always telling us, ‘If you spot anything, tell us! Let us know! Call the authorities.’ A lot of people did, and nothing happened.”

“Trump hasn’t got ads running. Trump’s relying on free media that he’s getting. Trump thinks he’s gonna be able to counter all the Hillary ads and all the expensive attacks they are gonna make with free TV appearances, like it worked in the primaries.”

“You can have every law and laws that you haven’t even dreamed of written up and signed into law, and it’s not gonna affect anybody who swears or intends to break them.”

“The Orlando shooter is a militant Islamist and a registered Democrat — and, according to Obama, the ‘event,’ the massacre is the fault of the NRA and the Republican Party.” 

“A registered Democrat militant Islamist massacres over 50 people, and it somehow… at the memorial yesterday, Obama politicizes it — you know, hijacking the memorial — and blames the NRA and the Republican Party for this. And it doesn’t seem… except here and other conservative media outlets, it doesn’t seem to be any big deal to anybody. They just fall right in line and accept it and believe it.” 

“We’re gonna sue a potential President Trump, while we have signaled to the current Democrat president that there are no stops? ‘Whatever you want to do, Barack, have at it!’ ‘We’re gonna give you the money you asked for and maybe even more, and we’re not gonna institute impeachment proceedings whatsoever. So have it!’ But here’s Trump before he’s even officially nominated, and the Republican leadership is talking about how they’re gonna go wherever they have to go to stop him. It’s the establishment speaking. Yes, it is.”  

“Not allowed to profile. Not allowed. The gun shop owner says to himself, ‘I probably shouldn’t be thinking this. What a rotten guy I am!’ That’s what political correct does to you. It makes you think that you’re some kind of Cretan for having a normal, instinctive, and proper, correct reaction. Intelligence guided by experience is all this guy was having happen to him.” 

“Obama could not wait to get out of Iraq. He was offered favorable conditions in a negotiation for the US military to stay in Iraq. Obama rejected it for political reasons. We got out of there; that left it wide open. Hello, ISIS.”   

“Can you say the words ‘net neutrality’? Obama’s takeover of the internet will not be to prevent these kinds of things terror events from happening. He’s got an entirely different agenda. All the Democrats do. It’s total control. It’s limiting access to information. It’s about shutting down opposition. That’s why they want control of the internet. Pure and simple.” 

“If you banned every gun from inside the continental United States, you would not stop Mateen from doing what he, ’cause there’s always gonna be a black market of them. There’s always going to be a criminal element that is going to have what the law says you can’t have. There’s always gonna be a criminal element doing what the law says you can’t do.” 

“Ten years ago it would have been accurate to say the American people find it ridiculous that in response to a terror attack, the Democrats blame the Second Amendment and law-abiding citizens. I think it’s applauded by a lot of Americans today. That’s why we’re in the situation.” 

“Yesterday the CIA director threw Obama overboard, totally countered everything Obama had said about ISIS — how strong they were, how capable their intentions — and about our inability, ineffectiveness as stopping ’em. And today, 51 State Department employees have signed a memo overwhelmingly disagreeing with State Department policy in Syria. What’s going on?”  

“We’re all told, ‘If you see something suspicious, you call it in! If you see something, tell us about it.’  And a lot of people were doing that, and it still didn’t stop anything. And look, folks, there can be only one explanation for this, and that is that this poison of political correctness has paralyzed everybody.

“By definition, the law is not going to stop people who intend to violate it. You can write any law you want, and all it is, is a piece of paper. Without respect for the law, the rule of law, and a common understanding of the glue that keeps civil society together, laws are meaningless, except in how they define a society. Same thing with morality. Morality is how a society defines itself, defines what’s right and wrong. The law is a coequal player in this.” 

“There is not a single law that could have been written in the United States Congress signed by the president would have stopped Mateen.” 

“The law does not stop criminals. The law does not stop people who break it. The law is not a magic wand. The law has far greater purposes in defining a society, in defining a culture, in handing out punishment for people who violate it. But the people who violate it are not controlled by it.”   

“If Obama is serious about changing the law in ways that would prevent things like this, he better go talk to the imams. He better head off to Egypt and find the grand sheik that’s responsible for interpreting Sharia all over the world and have a talk with him and say, ‘You’ve gotta get rid of this part of Sharia that allows your people to start wantonly murdering ours.’  But he’s never gonna do that.” 

“Obama says it defies the most logical thing in the world to think that other people with a gun in the bar could have stopped the guy. No, it is the epitome of logic! How are these people stopped? Armed individuals. Usually the police. But we hate them, too, don’t we? Yeah.” 

“Democrats have succeeded, via the educational system, in really dumbing down two generations of Americans.”

“I follow more Drive-By Media than most people do.  It’s a wonder I’m still sane, by the way, and in a good mood every day.  I know people that read the Drive-By Media 15% as much as I do and they’re already in a funk for the rest of their lives.”

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