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RUSH: So the gun shop owner. The guy walks into the gun shop and wants to buy body armor, and there isn’t any body armor. So he gets on the phone and he calls somebody and starts speaking in a foreign language.  The gun shop owner is beside himself because they didn’t make the sale. He didn’t get the guy’s name. He didn’t get any ID. There was nothing to report.  The guy’s been talking to the media today.  He feels sick.  He said (paraphrased), “The guy was right in my shop.  He was right here, was requesting body armor. That’s suspicious as hell. Then he starts speaking this foreign language.”

It was obviously a Middle Eastern foreign language. He didn’t know what it was.  He didn’t know. He didn’t have a name, didn’t sell anything. So he didn’t get any ID from the guy, this particular gun shop owner.  And now we find out that Mateen was texting, what, his ex-wife or his current wife.  Look at this guy.  He texts his wife, he called the FBI, called 911, called the media all in the middle of this attack, and still nothing happened.  Now, we pointed out yesterday, the reason that he calls everybody is because that’s part of Islamic Jihad law. 

It’s called bayat, and you have to proclaim it when you are in the middle of the committing jihad. You’ve got to program it if you want to get the 73 raisins.  Breitbart has a story today: One million Muslims have been allowed to emigrate to the US in the Obama administration.  In addition, “America Has Suffered a Terror Attack Every Year Under Obama.” Every year.   Obama continues to blame the Republicans.  Here you have a guy… Follow this: The Orlando shooter is a militant Islamist and a registered Democrat. 

And, according to Obama, the “event,” the massacre is the fault of the NRA and the Republican Party.  A registered Democrat militant Islamist massacres over 50 people, and it somehow… At the memorial yesterday, Obama politicizes it — you know, hijacking the memorial — and blames the NRA and the Republican Party for this.  And it doesn’t seem… Except here and other conservative media outlets, it doesn’t seem to be any big deal to anybody.  They just fall right in line and accept it and believe it. 

Not just the low-information crowd, but the Drive-By Media is happy to spread that news, as was the New York Times.  So in the middle of it we have Trump out there saying that he’s going to not back down on trying to find out what’s going on here and put a temporary ban on Muslim immigration and refugees. And Paul Ryan says that if Trump’s elected and tries to do this, the Republicans will sue Trump.  Did you see that?  I have it right here in Talking Points Memo.  It’s a leftist blog that is run by a guy by the name of Josh Marshall. 

But if you’re a blogger you have to calling him “Joshua Michael Marshall” because the bloggers refer to each other in as formal names as they can. “Paul Ryan On Stopping a President Trump’s Muslim Ban: We’ll Sue Him! — “House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) has made clear he doesn’t agree with a proposal put forward by [the Trumpster] — whom Ryan has endorsed — to ban Muslim immigration into the United States, but in an interview with the Huffington Post Thursday, Ryan floated taking a President Trump to court if he tried to implement such a ban or some of his other controversial proposals unilaterally.

“‘I would sue any president that exceeds his or her powers,’ Ryan said in a back-and-forth about Trump’s claims that he could implement a Muslim ban or build a Mexican border wall without congressional approval. Ryan said he wasn’t sure of the ‘legal question’ of whether Trump could institute a Muslim ban on his own as president.” Is this not mind-boggling?  We’re gonna sue a potential President Trump, while we have signaled to the current Democrat president that there are no stops? “Whatever you want to do, Barack, have at it!

“We’re gonna give you the money you asked for and maybe even more, and we’re not gonna institute impeachment proceedings whatsoever. So have it!”  But here’s Trump before he’s even officially nominated, and the Republican leadership is talking about how they’re gonna go wherever they have to go to stop him.  It’s the establishment speaking.  Yes, it is.  We’ve got updates on polling data from yesterday, further analysis of the polling data we talked about.  There’s really a lot of concern. 

We had two stories about the Trumpster yesterday. The poll that shows… This is a big deal, too, if this is correct, because this may… We’re all sitting here wondering, “Have we lost the countr?”  You know, are…? Let me just be blunt.  We all ask ourselves, “Are those of us who think the way we do in the minority?  Are people who don’t think and believe the way we do now in the majority?”  We’re asking ourselves this and we’re waiting for elections to kind of tell us.  And we had the poll yesterday.

I think this was a CBS poll.  I get ’em confused.  One was Reuters; one was CBS.  And I’m doing it from memory.  I don’t have it in front of me.  (And please don’t anybody send it to me.  I’ve got enough paper today.  I don’t need to be weighed down with more data.  Everything I need’s in my head.)  The question was, approve or disapprove of Trump’s comments after the Orlando event.  Remember 25% of the people surveyed agreed with Trump and 51% opposed Trump, and thus agreed with Obama’s take after the Orlando thing. 

And people are saying, “How can that be, 25%?”  So now people are asking, “Has Trump been that damaged?” Trump hasn’t got ads running.  Trump’s relying on free media that he’s getting.  Trump think’s he’s gonna be able to counter all the Hillary ads and all the expensive attacks they’re are gonna make with free TV appearances, like it worked in the primaries.  Karl Rove and other experts say, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no.  In the general election, you can’t rely on free media. You can’t control it.

“You’ve gotta have ads. You’ve gotta go out and fundraise and all this. See, look: 25% versus 51%!” You have to ask yourself, if you assume the poll’s accurate — and that’s a dangerous road to go down. “Well, we don’t believe that poll.  It could be made up!” But it’s risky to start reacting that way rather than facing what may be the truth.  So 25% disagree, and what was Trump’s response?  Trump’s response to me was perfectly reasonable.  This is getting out of hand.  Nobody’s doing anything to stop this.  What we’re doing or not doing is insane. 

We were gonna have to put a moratorium here on immigration to find out what’s going on and deal with it.  It makes perfect sense to me.  Twenty-five percent agree.  Fifty-one percent disagree.  And by disagreeing, that 51% sides with Obama.  And, if you look, Obama’s approval numbers are plus 50, 52, 53.  Gee whiz, does that make any sense to anybody?  But then, folks, if you find out how… If you dig deep and find out how young people have been educated in this country, essentially the textbook’s written by a guy named Howard Zinn.

I’ll explain in detail as the program unfolds. You might not have as much on trouble understanding.  We’ve gotten to the point that 2-1/2 generations alive today having been raised having been taught what a rotten place this country is, how it was founded in a totally unjust and immoral way, and that it was not about liberty and freedom. It’s not about any of the things that people think this country is about.  That’s just a myth that the propagandists pushed.

This is what young people have been taught for two generations in grade school, junior high.  Howard Zinn. Z-I-N-N. Look it up.  I’ll get to it here in just a minute.  I have a lot to do here today.  Still, you know, the Drive-Bys… This is one-year anniversary of what happened in South Carolina, Dylann Roof.  So guess what’s the big news is?  Dylann Roof, not Mateen! “One-year anniversary.  How horrible right-wing bigots are!”

Ted Cruz goes to the floor of the Senate, says (summarized), “You know what?  Everybody’s echoing me here, talking about how the left hates us more than they hate ISIS, angrier at us than they are at ISIS.”  It’s been obvious to me for quite a while.  

Remember the show open yesterday, when I explained to you the Obama administration’s program Countering Violent Extremism? To sum up, Countering Violent Extremism is specifically named to leave out “Islamic,” “Muslim,” “Al-Qaeda.”  No reference. 

Countering Violent Extremism — specifically, purposely — does not mention the kind of terrorism that’s happening in this country.  And it’s specifically and purposeful.  And one of the things that we uncovered yesterday was that the FBI is not permitted to independently investigate Muslim neighborhoods, communities, mosques, or what have you.  They’re not allowed to independently gather intelligence!  They cannot even use what militant Islamists post on Facebook and other social media. 

This guy did it in Orlando, and the San Bernardino Two.  They posted their intentions on social media!  The FBI was not allowed to use it. The only way the FBI can use that is if a representative from an Islamic or Muslim community reaches out to them and says, “Hey, there’s something going on here that we think you should know about.”  I can’t tell you the email reaction I got to that all afternoon yesterday and last.  You had no idea.  Let’s go to the audio sound bites. 

Last night on The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly spoke with James Kallstrom, who used to run the New York office of the FBI and is a founding director of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.  And she was asking him about the FBI’s investigating Omar Siddiqui Mateen and then ending the investigation.  She said what’s going on here in why is the FBI not getting these guys even though they’re being told — even though they’re on the radar?

KALLSTROM:  Get this wet blanket of political correctness off the backs of law enforcement, off the backs of the FBI.  Last time I was on with you, Megyn, I got about 35 jobs from agents who are on the job at different levels saying, “Boy, you hit the nail on the head.” The rules of engagement, what the bureau is being told about what they can do and what they can’t do. They can’t go sniffing around anything to do with Muslims.  They can’t go around to mosques.  They can’t do things that they would normally do.  I’m not talking things that are off the charts.  I’m talking about things that normally would be done.  But the orders have come down from the White House.

RUSH:  There you have it.  That’s evidence, if you needed it, on Countering Violent Extremism.  Here’s James Kallstrom, the former head of the New York office of the FBI, explaining it.  When he says, “We can’t sniff around.” They can’t gather intel.  They cannot gather HUMINT, human intelligence. They can’t gather signal intelligence. They can’t gather rumor intelligence, RUMINT.  They can’t gather any of it until somebody from inside a mosque or the community calls them and says:

“Hey, you know, we’re hearing scuttlebutt from members here maybe talking about blowing up a bridge.  We think you ought to know.” That’s the only way they can act, even if they learn about it, folks, they’re not allowed to do anything with it, like the social media.  You talk about tying hands behind back, in front of your back, or what have you?  Megyn Kelly said, “Do you think Director Comey would rather do it the way you want to do it, the way the FBI used to be able to do it?”

KALLSTROM:  Yes.  But Comey can’t talk about it either.  I’d like to think if I was the director, I would talk about it.  Comey needs people.  The FBI needs more people.  So okay, you’ve got these hoops they’ve gotta jump through and you’ve got them being very cautious, and then you’ve got the fact that we got this huge population of people that they can’t possibly keep track of.  A thousand cases! They couldn’t possibly do the types of things they need to be doing.

RUSH:  You know, but people think it’s the opposite.  People think the FBI — and, look, it’s not a specific thing.  People have… There used to be a justifiable trust in the FBI. The United States government has endless resources. The FBI is on the case. People used to rely on the fact that the FBI was on the job. Not that they ever made mistakes, but that they were there, that somebody knew what was going on — even if they never announced it — that we were safe because the FBI.  This is the former head of the New York office of the FBI admitting they can’t do anything. 

Now, to me, folks, we report this as, “Okay, here’s the news today, folks. What do you think of this?”  This is big.  This whole CVE thing is huge.  It is almost tantamount to securing defeat.  It’s almost tantamount to making sure is that these acts of terror do happen.  And then when they do, what do we hear?  “It’s the fault of the NRA! There are too many guns out there because of the Republican Party.” We’ve got a bunch of Nimrod low-information people start shouting: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! You people, you’re just stupid.  It’s all over social media.  


RUSH:  Here’s another example of the Countering Violent Extremism program and its impact.  This morning on Fox & Friends, correspondent Griff Jenkins spoke with the gun shop owner of Lotus Gunworks (name is Robbie Abell) about having reported Orlando terrorist Omar Siddiqui Mateen to law enforcement authorities several weeks ago.  Several weeks. You know, the more we’re learning… We’re learning that all kinds of things. He was on the FBI watch list. Two of them, I think.  Two instances, maybe. 

It was clearly a situation where this guy was known, and people were aware of it.  And we’re all told, “If you see something suspicious, you call it in!  If you see something, tell us about it.”  And a lot of people were doing that, and it still didn’t stop anything.  And look, folks, there can be only one explanation for this, and that is that this poison of political correctness has paralyzed everybody.  If there is a Muslim or Islamist or potentially involved here, people freeze for who knows however many reasons — one of which, of course, would be political correctness paralyzes everybody.  But there could also be personal fear involved. 

Anyway, the thing that the gun shop owner said is this…

ABELL:  He was asking some odd questions on the high grade of bulletproof vest (noise), which at the time, was concerning — the questions, how he was asking it. So we let him know we don’t carry it, nor have we ever carried it here. And when we did, he pulled away and got on his cell phone and was having a conversation with someone of a foreign language. At that time it kind of keyed him in that this is odd, him having that conversation and asking for the body armor. It was concerning so they had a little meeting and they contacted the authorities on it, that he was suspicious.

RUSH:  Yeah.  And they were aware.  This is… You know, they keyed him odd, foreign language, speaking…  It was an indication that something was not right.  It’s almost… Remember when we learned that the 9/11 hijackers went in to take flying lessons, and they only wanted to know how to land the airplane? They didn’t care about taking off.  They only wanted to know how to land it.  And the reason is they wanted to know how to hit the target, and it didn’t raise any red flags. 

You know, it’s obvious. Islamists walk in, “Hey, I want to take flying lessons and I don’t care about takeoff, only want to learn to land the plane.”  “Fine, we have a course just for that.”  And they enroll and sign up and learn how to hit targets.  And we only hear about it after the fact.  But we learn that people were aware that this was odd, that it was curious beforehand, and now this guy walks in requesting body armor!

Not allowed to profile.  Not allowed.  The gun shop owner says to himself, “I probably shouldn’t be thinking this.  What a rotten guy I am!” That’s what political correct does to you. It makes you think that you’re some kind of Cretan for having a normal, instinctive, and proper, correct reaction.  Intelligence guided by experience is all this guy was having happen to him, the gun shop owner.  

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