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RUSH: If there’s anything approaching on today’s program a… I kind of hate to use the word “bombshell,” but this is close. 

If you are wondering, “Okay, how is a guy named Omar Siddiqui Mateen, with his family history and other things obviously clear, not learned about…? How does he pass a background check?”  Well, we have to thank the Obama administration for that.  I have a series  of stories here that are gonna boggle your the mind.  The first is from the French News Agency.  The headline: “Threats Against Muslims Must Stop After Orlando Attack: US Authorities.”  Threats against Muslims must stop now. 

“US authorities on Wednesday warned that threats against Muslims would not be tolerated, and possibly prosecuted, after alleged incidents in the wake of the Orlando gay club massacre, which was carried out by a Muslim gunman.  …  ‘Civil rights violations are a priority for the FBI,’ assistant special agent Ron Hopper told reporters. ‘We will investigate reported incidents against individuals based upon any class, any protected class, to include race, religion, and sexual orientation.'”

So the focus of the United States government, the FBI right now, is trying to find people who might be threatening or saying negative things about Muslims, targeting them, finding them, and exploring ways to punish them.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Have you heard about the Obama counterterrorism strategy called Countering Violent Extremism?  It’s actually… That’s what it’s called: CVE.  Have you heard of that?  Well, let me tell you about it. 

Because the Republican leadership in the House is preparing now to meet Obama’s request for $40 million of additional funding for the Countering Violent Extremism program.  The FBI is trying to investigate these terror threats, and you just heard that threats against Muslims must stop, and FBI says, “We’re vigilant! We’re looking out for this.”  Are you also looking out for threats against America by Muslims?  Well, we presume so, but no. You would be wrong.  We’re not allowed to!  That’s what the CVE is.  You’re not gonna believe this. 

The FBI is trying to investigate terrorist threats but is hamstrung by this Countering Violent Extremism program.  The name, Countering Violent Extremism, was carefully chosen in order to suggest that there is no particular ideology causing the threat.  “Countering Violent Extremism” could require investigators to focus on extremist right-wingers — and, in fact, does.  “Countering Violent Extremism” is carefully chosen in order to suggest that no particular ideology is causing the threat.  Any kind of “extremism” (such as in right-wing groups) that could lead to violence, will be investigated. 

The theory behind Countering Violent Extremism — the theory of the strategy — is that, number one, Muslim communities have uniformly rejected terrorism so we don’t need to investigate them. We don’t need to, because they’re a religion of peace.  Remember now, you think it’s a joke, but Obama and the Democrats, when they say, “Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam; it’s a bastardization; Islam is a religion of peace.  All these people out there, ISIS, ISIL, claiming to do what they’re doing for Islam? They are not Islamists! They are extremists; they are not Muslim.”

The acting belief, philosophy, policy of the United States government is Muslim communities have uniformly rejected terrorism; therefore, they don’t need to be monitored or investigated.  Number two.  Instead of aggressively collecting intelligence with radical Islamic communities and suspects who could cause a threat, the FBI… Are you sitting down? The FBI is required to partner with “Muslim community leaders,” who are essentially members of the Muslim Brotherhood. 

The FBI, according to the Countering Violent Extremism initiative, should partner with Muslim community leaders like the Muslim Brotherhood, who will serve as our eyes and ears to let us know if there’s a problem.  So the FBI cannot monitor — by virtue of this program, law, whatever, we cannot monitor — Muslim communities.  We are not supposed to!  We are to rely on Muslim community leaders within those communities to tell the FBI if there’s something we need to be worried about. 

Now, when you see this, all of this focus on Christians and all this focus on the NRA and all this focus on other extremist groups kind of makes sense.  I mean, it doesn’t make sense.  But the fact that Mateen’s a Muslim?  “No, no! No, no! He couldn’t have been because Islam’s a religion of peace.  They don’t do this.”  That’s Obama’s story, and he’s sticking with it, and since it’s Obama’s story, it’s the story of the federal government. It’s the story of our investigative agencies.  The FBI is reportedly highly frustrated over this. 

They cannot, day in and day out… There are exceptions, obviously. But day in and day out, they cannot investigate Muslim neighborhoods, communities, mosques.  They have to rely on “outreach to Muslim community leaders” in those mosques and neighborhoods to tell them if there’s something going on in there that they need to be worried about.  And that’s why it’s called Countering Violent Extremism, not Countering Violent Islamic Terrorism, for example.  “Islamic” and “Muslim” is specifically left out of the title.  Now, this is insane, folks. 

Not only is it commonsenseless; it’s insane.  It’s tying both hands behind our back, and we see the result.  You wonder how this gets equates gun, how does this guy pass a background check?  Hello, Countering Violent Extremism!  We’re not allowed to find out.  We cannot use anything… “Okay, we’ve got a guy. We can find out what his put on the internet. We can find he’s predisposed to violence. He’s not happy with America. His father was an Islamist sympathizer.” Can’t use any of that!

We can’t use it, because we’re not allowed to Hoover up that kind of information unless Muslim outreach partners inform us.  So when a guy goes to get a gun, he passes our background checks, and that’s it! You wonder how? This is how.  This is why things like Orlando happen.  We’re not allowed, by virtue of Obama’s legislation… Well, it is legislation, because this is the icing on the cake.  It’s about to run out of money.  I mean, the FBI’s trying to investigate, but they are limited by these guidelines — Countering Violent Extremism — that do not allow them. 

Here’s the bottom line or the upshot of this: Countering Violent Extremism does not permit the FBI to factor radical beliefs when determining whether there’s a criminal threat.  We’re not allowed to go there.  We’re not… Call it a variation of profiling.  Not allowed.  But this is not profiling; this is hard, cold evidence we are to ignore it.  We’re not allowed to use it because of Countering Violent Extremism limitations on investigating Muslim communities.  So why is Paul Ryan pushing to fund this program an additional $40 million in the next budget?  


RUSH:  Look, there is much more on this CVE and the related items.  I have a short amount of time left in this segment, so I’m gonna wait until the segment following the next break commences to get into more detail on it.  And you can continue to digest it.  And it’s inexplicable.  It’s in utter defiance of common sense.  It’s so outrageous, I’m sure many people don’t believe it.  “Rush, that can’t be true.  You’re either having fun with us or you’re just wrong.  It can’t be true.”  Folks, it’s true and there’s more. 

It’s even worse than what you’ve heard so far. 

The practical application of CVE and its implications just have some more earth-shattering details to share with you.  


RUSH: Okay.  Look.  In addition to this Countering Violent Extremism, tell you what’s coming up.  We’ve got the CIA director.  He admitted… He just totally pulled the rug out from under Obama yesterday, admits that ISIS is coming into the country via refugees.  They’re coming in, sneaking in via the immigration program.  He said that ISIS is bigger than ever, cutting… Obama said, “We’ve got them on the run. They’re in smaller numbers than they’ve been in 7-1/2 years.”  John Brennan just painted an entirely different picture what Obama said yesterday. 

The difference is, nobody’s gonna hear what Brennan said because he was in congressional testimony on C-SPAN, maybe a couple news networks for 20 minutes, and Obama had a national address that everybody in the Drive-Bys covered.  So nobody’s gonna hear Brennan.  They’re gonna hear us talking about Brennan and they’re gonna think, “Well, Limbaugh and the conservatives, they don’t like Obama so they’re probably making it up.”  So you can’t get through to people ’cause they can’t critically think anymore. 

People don’t know the difference between fact and opinion. And I’m getting off the beaten path.  I want to stick with this, because so many people say, “Why can’t we stop these people?”  We’re not permitted to, because the administration has implemented policies that tell our investigators — like the FBI — things they have to ignore.  And it’s all part of the Countering Violent Extremism initiative.  I’ll take you back to San Bernardino.  One of the mass murderers in that attack was named Tashfeen Malik. 

Some of this, I’m sure, you’re gonna remember as I go through it.  “San Bernardino mass-murderer Tashfeen Malik wrote social-media posts,” like on Twitter, Facebook and wherever else, “that endorsed jihad and expressed disdain for America. Yet, that did not cause US immigration agents to question her admission into our country… In fact, our government consciously avoided learning about Malik’s Islamist rants,” because they were required to by law.  They’re not allowed to go there! 

Writing at National Review, Andrew McCarthy says, “Commentators stunned by this dereliction are attributing it to ‘secret’ guidance issued by the Department of Homeland Security.”   Folks, again, I want to tell you: This is not my opinion.  This is not anybody’s opinion.  This is fact.  It’s the same thing with Mateen here.  They had to ignore. The background check people on the guns, whatever this guy had written on social media, hatred for America — go, go ISIS! — jihad. We’re not allowed to even investigate it! If it was discovered, we had to forget it.

Our agents had to forget it.  They were not permitted to because of Obama’s policy, Countering Violent Extremism.  I’m not making this up.  I mean, it puts a new light on what Trump said, you know, there may be something going on with Obama here.  None of this is making sense, and it doesn’t make sense.  When it was learned in the aftermath of San Bernardino that one of the killers had practically telegraphed her intention all over social media and that investigators ignored it, people said: Well, you know, must be some secret guidance issued by Homeland Security, ’cause nobody’s this stupid.

Well, “there is nothing secret about it. The instruction to refrain from scrutinizing social-media commentary,” which is a huge source of intelligence!  You got people all over this country vomiting everything about themselves because they want to be famous.  They want to be noticed.  Social media is all about, “Notice me!  Notice me!  I matter.  I’m important.”  So people put everything about themselves on social media — and some of them put the most outrageous stuff — hoping to get noticed.  They crave followers.  And these clowns are no different. 

And yet our investigators are under orders to ignore all of that. 

“The instruction to refrain from scrutinizing social-media commentary … is a straightforward application of what passes for the official Obama administration ‘anti’-terrorism strategy, known as ‘Countering Violent Extremism.’ Malik, a native Pakistani, who immigrated to the United States in July after living for a time in Saudi Arabia,” as did Mateen, “joined her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, in [killing] 14 people in San Bernardino, California… Government officials now concede that Malik was inadequately screened before being permitted to relocate to the United States on a K-1 visa, issued because she was the fiancee of Farook, an American citizen.

“The couple married soon after her immigration. Malik’s visa approval was already the stuff of scandal even before the latest revelations — especially in light of President Obama’s plan to admit thousands of immigrants from Syria and other bastions of Islamic supremacism, which inevitably breeds violent jihadism. Right after the massacre, it emerged that Malik had provided government screeners with a fake Pakistani address. She may also have been educated in a notoriously anti-Western madrassa. Neither fact was discovered during the vetting process,”   because the investigators are not allowed to pay attention to it. 

And if they see it they are required to ignore it because they are not allowed to factor it in.  You’re saying, “This doesn’t makes sense, Rush.”  It doesn’t!  I know!  But remember the original point I made about the CVE.  FBI investigators admit they’re frustrated.  They cannot themselves investigate Muslim communities because Islam is a religion of peace.  Muslim communities are thought to already have no violence in them.  This is straight from Obama, straight from the Regime.  The only way the FBI can learn of potential problems coming out of a Muslim community is if their partners — community outreach specialists within that Muslim community — inform them. 

Well, it turns out that the people the FBI interact with happen to be Muslim Brotherhood or CAIR or other such representatives.  That’s the only way the FBI can learn officially what’s going on.  They’re not allowed to do it! I know this doesn’t… Folks, I can imagine you’re saying, “Rush, this doesn’t make sense.  You have to have something wrong here.”  I know you’re thinking that.  Even though you trust me implicitly — even though after 28 years, 27, whatever it is, you know instincts I don’t lie or make things up — you still can’t believe this.  This doesn’t make sense. 

I’m telling you, there’s not a syllable, there’s not a consonant, there’s not a vowel of exaggeration in this.  The reason why this has all come up is because the CVE is about out of money.  It needs an infusion, and the Republicans are prepared to send Obama another $40 million to keep it going.  And people are asking, “Why?  Why?”  The thing is, what happened in the case of the San Bernardino Two and what happened in the case of Mateen whatever, these are not glitches.  These are not examples of our system not working. 

These are examples of the system doing what it was designed to do: Ignore certain inarguable signs of who we’re dealing it, under the premise that Islamic is a religion of peace and that there is no terrorism.  These people claiming they’re conducting terrorist acts in the name of Islam are not Islamic, not Muslims.  That’s Obama!  That’s apparently his belief, and therefore the official belief US government.  A Power Line story today. I think this is John Hindraker. I’m not sure, but headline: “How Not to Counter Domestic Terrorism

“Sources tell me that Speaker Paul Ryan is pushing this week to fund the Department of Homeland Security’s ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ (CVE) program to the tune of $40 million. If you didn’t know anything about this program, it might seem like a good idea for Ryan to get CVE funded in the wake of the Orlando massacre. … You can tell from the name of the program that it’s misguided,” and it’s designed to mislead.  Countering Violent Extremism?  You mean…? Why don’t you just…? This is why the whole business of labels is important. 

Obama, why won’t you say militant Islamic terrorism, extremist Islamic terrorism?  Why won’t you say it?  Precisely ’cause of this!  It doesn’t exist, in his world.  Countering Violent Extremism imagines movies being shot up by wacko members of the Tea Party.  Of course, the things they imagine right wingers doing doesn’t happen, don’t happen.  “‘Violent extremism’ didn’t produce the Orlando shootings…” Now, wait.  Now, wait.  See, this is important.  You’re thinking, “Rush, now, come on.”  No, no, no.  “‘Violent extremism’ didn’t produce the Orlando shootings…”

Violent extremism did not cause the San Bernardino massacre. 

Islamic terrorism did it. Islamic militant whatever you want to call it. Militant Islamic extremism, militant Islamic terrorism, Islamic extremist terrorists, that’s who is responsible for Orlando and San Bernardino, not “violent extremism.”  Violent extremism is specifically meant — the way it’s worded and structured by this administration — to omit Islam.  And, in fact, that’s the practical application.  Muslim communities are ignored as investigators try to find the answers to violent extremism.  Well, you can’t find the answer when you not allowed to go look at the cause.  The cause is Islamist terrorism.  


RUSH: Here’s Josh in Brick, New Jersey.  You’re next.  Great to have you on the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi.  Thank you for taking my call, Rush.

RUSH:  Yes, sir.

CALLER:  You referenced before about how the Obama administration is basically spending more resources targeting people that are going after Muslims, than the actual Muslim extremism itself. And I think the answer is very simple:  Obama has said very clearly that he views these Islamic terrorists as, you know, they just happen to get extreme information “off the internet,” as if it’s a computer virus that could happen to me, can happen to you, can happen to anyone.  It doesn’t really represent an ideology.  But the people that don’t like Muslims, they’re bigots, and they really represent an ideology that has to be defeated.  That’s just how I see it from here.

RUSH:  Well, you’ve got a point.  If I understood what you’re saying, you’re saying that Obama’s saying that militant Islamic extremists, there’s nothing really Muslim about ’em or Islamic.  They’re just being radicalized.  We gotta forgive ’em, gotta accommodate, gotta explain ’em.  But the people that oppose ’em, they are really the problem. These are bigots, these are racists, these are Islamophobes, and we’ve gotta stop ’em.  Is that what your point is?

CALLER:  Exactly.  And he even said that they became radicalized over information on the internet, as if it was just a virus.

RUSH:  Right.  That’s when Hillary is saying, “I don’t know how you build a wall to keep the internet out.”  Same thing.  These… Look, there’s a — I don’t know — willful denial.  Folks, I’ll tell, when I found out about this CVE program today that I led off discussing, Countering Violent Extremism. When I read through that and I learned about it, I told a friend, “You know, I may not be able to talk about this today ’cause this has me so enraged. I might say things here that would get me in deep trouble, because it doesn’t make any sense.” 

I just have to tell you flat-out: To tell the FBI you can’t investigate Muslim communities when going after potential terrorism, because there isn’t any in those communities because Islam’s a religion of peace — and the terrorists are not really Islam or Muslim, they’re bastardizing it — and the only way the FBI can actually learn, legally learn anything about those communities as if an appointed representative of that community shares the information with the FBI, such as in one of these appointed entities is the Muslim Brotherhood?

So if say the Neighborhood Watch commander in a Muslim neighborhood senses that something might be happening with one of the people that lives there. He can call the FBI and tell ’em, “Hey, there’s something going on.”  But the FBI cannot learn it on its own.  It cannot investigate it on its own.  That’s federal law, as we sit here today.  The San Bernardino terrorists broadcast their intention all over social media.  FBI, under law, had to ignore it.  Ditto the Orlando terrorist. 

In the aftermath, we learned that he was all over the internet telling people his anger, what was enraging him, and what his intentions were.  The guy called the FBI during the act.  He was on the FBI watch list.  They didn’t do anything about it.  People said, “Why not?”  Now we know.  They’re not allowed to.  The guy called the Washington Post in the middle of the act.  He calls 911; he calls the Washington Post.  When I heard that, I said, “Aand it still happened?”  He calls 911 in the middle of his rampage!  When you discover this, when you learn this, you say, “Wait a minute! This doesn’t make any sense.”

There’s no amount… Talking about critical thinking, there’s no amount of logic that explains any of this to me.  And I seriously… I thought about it. When I came across information last night and into this morning, I weighed whether or not to even get started talking about it, ’cause I had to put a muzzle on myself.  It’s so senseless.  It doesn’t seem that you can assign this to willful blindness.  It doesn’t seem that you can assign this to willful ignorance.  Something like this does not… You can’t categorize this as good intentions gone awry.  It has never made sense to me. 

Every time there is a terror attack — I don’t care if it’s in Paris, I don’t care if it was in Belgium, I don’t care if it’s San Bernardino or Orlando — what’s the first thing we hear from authorities?  “Do not rush to judgment! We must guard against a backlash against Muslims.”  That has… I can’t tell you how often I have been profoundly suspicious of that.  It makes no sense.  There isn’t a backlash.  We aren’t committing acts of terror against Muslim communities in this country.  It just doesn’t happen.  I can’t think of a single instance!  It’s the other way around.  And every time we’re told, “You better watch out!  You can’t afford any backlash here!” It’s just… None of it makes any sense — on the surface.  


RUSH: This Obama.  This is from Tuesday afternoon.  We’ve heard the CIA director today, John Brennan, testify under oath before a Senate committee that ISIS is as big and bad as ever and that they’re infiltrating America via our refugee program and immigration, and that we should be very concerned.  And this is exactly the opposite what Obama said two days ago.  So again I ask: Who are we to believe?  And I mean that.  Look, I… The CIA director’s under oath. 

The CIA director just threw Obama under the bus.  But it’s budget time in Washington at the same time.  And the CIA has many budgets, including the black budget that nobody ever sees.  Got all kinds of money in it for black ops that nobody ever sees and that we never know.  But it still has to be appropriated.  Here we have the first of two.  This is Obama at the Treasury department.  This from the press conference where he got all defensive about people accusing him of never using the term “militant Islamic extremism” or “terrorism.”

OBAMA:  All told, ISIL has now lost nearly half of the populated territory that it once controlled in Iraq.  And it will lose more.  ISIL continues to lose ground in Syria as well. Assisted by our Special Operations Forces, the coalition of local forces is now pressuring the key town of Manbij, which means the noose is tightening around ISIL in Raqqa as well.

RUSH:  Well, all well and good. But it’s not what we were told today by the CIA director.  The next one…

OBAMA:  Our coalition continues to be on offense, ISIL is on defense, and it’s now been a full year since ISIL has been able to mount a major successful offensive operation in either Syria or Iraq.  As ISIL continues to lose territory, it also continues to lose the money that is its lifeblood.  As a result of our strikes against its oil infrastructure and supply lines, we believe that we’ve cut ISIL’s revenue from oil by millions of dollars per month.  In destroying the storage sites where they keep their cash, we’ve deprived ISIL of many millions more.  Cutting off ISIL’s money may not be as dramatic as military strikes, but it is critically important, and we’re seeing the results.

RUSH:  Okay, now, don’t be distracted by the details. Because those details could be true, and ISIS could still be inspiring attacks here.  The point is, the president’s intention, after Orlando, was to comfort the nation. “Hey, look, this stuff? Don’t be concerned about it! We’re beating ’em.  I mean, they’re lashing out. These are last gasps.”  But, on the other hand, they continue to happen.  Regardless what ISIL’s strength or weakness is, acts of terror continue to happen that we somehow don’t seem able to stop.  So these efforts to calm everybody and comfort us, and then the CIA director goes out there and directly contradicts this.  It’s not good.


RUSH: Dallas, Texas.  Chuck, great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH:  Yes, sir.

CALLER:  Rush, I don’t believe this is all just happenstance. I believe it’s been pretty methodical.  I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything like that, but it’s a very methodical way to change.  And the best way to do things sometimes is what you tell people. Tell ’em what you’re gonna do and just leave it open.  We’ve known all along that this country was supposed to change, and I think targeting all Western countries as soft targets is the way to change the mind-set of how we do everything.  Everything from religion —

RUSH:  Wait, wait.  I need to catch up with you.

CALLER:  Yes, sir.

RUSH:  What do you think is all part of a plan? What are we talking about here?  You mean the CIA director contradicting Obama?

CALLER:  CIA director contradicting Obama? How about the DOJ telling the FBI not to do certain things?  You don’t have to make giant transition points.  You just have to whittle away a little at a time.

RUSH:  Okay.  So you said something about soft targets.  You’ve jumped into… You think I know your point halfway in, and I don’t know what your starting point here with. 

CALLER:  Starting point is: This has all been methodically planned out for a long time.

RUSH:  What has been methodically planned out?

CALLER:  The deconstruction of Western Civilization.

RUSH:  Oh, you’re talking about a macro issue.

CALLER:  Yes, sir.

RUSH:  And so the assault and the desire to destroy Western Civilization, Western culture devised long ago, and it’s been implemented piece by piece? So we’re just seeing it now finally come to fruition, and we’re just now catching up with it?

CALLER: I mean, what else could it be? What other theories are out there?  Nobody’s doing it to the Chinese.

RUSH:  Well, oh, yeah, a lot of people tried.  Just the ones that do end up in jail —

CALLER:  Or dead, right.

RUSH:  — or lynched or, you know, run over by a tank.

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  Look, hang on here.  Now that I know your starting point… Don’t misunderstand my tone.  It’s not your problem.  I just want to make sure I knew what you’re talking about before I comment.  Hang on through the break and we’ll pick it up when we get back right after this.


RUSH: Okay, back to Chuck in Dallas.  So your premise is that there has been a long-thought-out, long-implemented strategy amongst enemies of ours around the world to effectively destroy Western Civilization; and it sounds like you think that we’re actually helping them do it?

CALLER:  Yes, sir.  Just take, for example — you’d mentioned it just today — the CRVE (sic) that Obama wants to put through that —

RUSH:  No, it already exists.

CALLER: It already exists.  Okay.  Well, when did it start existing?  Did it start existing when Obama came into office?  If that —

RUSH: Yes, although — although — George Bush was sympathetic to this whole notion that we shouldn’t —

CALLER:  I’m not — I wouldn’t exclude any president.  This is just one doc that just says: “Hey, we have to do this to not allow the FBI to do this so we can move forward with our overall plan.”

RUSH:  Well, you made the point that the ChiComs are not letting it happen to them.  It seems to be Western civilization, which is the Western European democracies, which are now socialist democracies. They’re under assault. Europe is under assault.  It’s so bad over there that Great Britain’s hoping to get out of it.  That’s what the Brexit debate is all about, British exit from the European Union.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH:  Because it’s been stampeded by enemies of Western civilization, and they’re here, and they’re coming across borders. Not just the southern border. They’re coming in through New York. They’re coming in the visa program. They’re coming in as refugees.  And we’re welcoming ’em in with open borders, under the presumption that that’s what America is.  We actually have people saying that. To a certain extent, Chuck, I understand what you’re saying, because it looks like… If you just casually glance at it, we have people who think the Constitution’s a suicide pact.

That in the name of openness and in the name of human rights and in the same of civil rights, and in the name of whatever the hell else rights that you want to conjure up, we have a duty to let anybody come into this country with any purpose whatsoever “because that’s what our values are. That’s who we are.  We let anyone in, whatever and whoever they are.” 

And it seems like lately the more grievances they have against America, the better.  I don’t like getting started on this ’cause I get so ticked off. I get so ticked off. I get ticked off at people that voted; I get ticked off at Republicans that won’t stand up to this.  I got… What was I thinking about earlier?  It was about how some of this stuff is gotten away with.  I don’t know.  I can’t think of it now.  It will come to me later.  

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