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RUSH:  Hillary Clinton is rattled.  Hillary Clinton is now showing up on CNN making a speech on national security.  I’m telling you that, you know, I don’t care what you think of the substance of Trump’s rallies, because every one of them is different, but it is clear that when he gets out there that Obama and Hillary feel the need to react to it. 

And I can’t think of a single Republican — and this is not meant as an insult.  It’s just an observation.  I can’t think of a single Republican in, I don’t know, the last seven and a half years which has caused any kind of concern anywhere in the Democrat Party like Trump is causing concern for Hillary and Obama.  She’s out there now again, she’s holding a national security event in Virginia. She’s obviously talking about Orlando and whatever, but, as it appears here in real time, she is reacting to Trump and his appearance down in Atlanta. 

Quickly we need to get to the phones here.  This is Ron in Pennsylvania.  Ron, great to have you on the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  You know, it’s funny, because that whole time yesterday with the president, he spent all this time talking about labels and it wasn’t — it was all simply a political points being made by his opponents. It really couldn’t do anything (unintelligible) very unimportant stuff, yet he seems completely loath to use anything other than “ISIL” rather than “ISIS” to talk about them.  The question is, why, what’s the difference between ISIS and ISIL?  Well, the big difference, and a big one it is, is that ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.  And what’s the difference between the Levant and Syria, which is part of ISIS?  Well, the Levant goes from Turkey all the way down to the bottom of Egypt.  And what’s in the middle there?  Israel.

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  So what he’s basically giving them credit for is being the Islamic State that controls Israel as well as the rest of the Middle East.

RUSH:  Well, you might look at it that way.  I understand that, you know, Obama’s anti-label and lives by them and dies by them.  I think Obama insisting on using “ISIL” instead of “ISIS,” I think it’s a sign of respect.  


RUSH: So the networks gave Hillary about ten minutes.  They gave Trump 25, almost 30. They gave Hillary ten minutes.  Let me sum up for you what Hillary Clinton basic… She’s at some… I wasn’t able to figure out where, but there’s some seminar-type thing going on in Virginia, and it’s on national security.  You know, this is the kind of thing that she does.  And all Democrats do.  They are the most partisan people among us.  These are the people that try to link acts of terror to the Republican Party.

Because the Republican Party supposedly won’t join the Democrats on gun control, so therefore every terror attack we — the Republicans and conservatives — are complicit in. They’re out there making this case ever since Orlando happened.  And yet here’s Hillary Clinton standing up there today, or sitting, and she’s saying that she’s very much aware of how people are afraid, but she is confident that we can make America safe. We can, but not the Trump way.  She says, “How do you build a wall to keep the internet out?” 

And the crowd there went, “Oh, that’s so clever! That’s funny,” and they applauded, and they started laughing, and Mrs. Clinton got bug eyes. They really got big there as the applause happened, ’cause I guess she’s not used to it lately. She clearly reveled in it, that line: How do you build a wall to keep the internet out?  But then she said that this is not… The way we’re gonna solve this is not a Democrat or Republican problem.  We can’t start arguing about this.  It’s not a Democrat or Republican problem.  We have to come together and make this an American mission. 

Yay! Yaaaay!

And, I’m gonna tell you: Stuff like that sounds dreamboat to the low-information crowd.  It sounds dreamboat. It’s like Obama.  Remember Obama and his speech that put him on the map at a Democrat convention way back when? Obama said, “There aren’t any blue states, there aren’t any red states, there aren’t any Democrats, there aren’t any Republicans. We’re all Americans.” A-ha-ha-ha! Everybody melted; everybody went nuts. “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! We love it.”

And now we look at Obama, and he is the most partisan, radical president we’ve ever had, who routinely takes every shot he can at red states and the people who live in them.  They get away with this, and here’s Mrs. Clinton trying it. “We’re not having Republican or Democrat arguments and debates over this.  We need a new American mission.”  Ayy.  I just have to tell you, as phony as it is, as unrealistic as it, ’cause she has no intention of including Republicans in anything unless they totally capitulate to her.  She has no intention whatsoever. 

But I will guarantee you that… Whatever they’re called on college campus — college students, flowers, flowers, whatever they are called — they’ll just melt over that. “Yes, we must eliminate the argument! We must eliminate it, and we must — we must — get along,” and it’s gonna sell to a certain amount of people.  But I guarantee you, all you need to know is that Hillary Clinton’s part of the last 7-1/2 years.  She’s secretary of state. She’s hand in hand with Obama.  Have they kept us safe? 

There have been terror attacks after terror attacks after terror attacks.  They have not kept us safe.  They don’t have the slightest idea how to do it.  They won’t even admit what we face.  That’s the point of Obama not using the term.  It’s not about strategy.  It’s about us having confidence that he even knows what we’re up against, or is willing to admit what we’re up against, and I don’t think he wants to commit that we’re up against it.  I don’t think Obama wants to believe that there is militant Islamic anything. 

I think he wants to spread this belief that Islam’s a “religion of peace” and all this terrorism is a perversion. It’s a bunch of radicals and they’re not really Muslims and they’re not really part of Islam.  They’re just bastardizing this and impugning it and so forth, and that’s what the impression he wants to convey is.  But they’re incompetent.  She’s out there… She’s got a line, by the way.  She’s continuing now to harp on Trump being temperamentally unfit for office.  That is also going to be uttered countless times in her speech after speech after speech. (interruption)

Yeah, that’s a good point, too.  Even after Orlando massacre happened, did Obama call the governor of Florida?  No. He hasn’t called Rick Scott.  He hasn’t. What about, “We’re not blue states, we’re not red states, we’re the United States”?  Absolute BS.  But they get away way too often with selling themselves as great unifiers.  But you just need to look at the state of country the last 7-1/2 years and ask yourself, “What’s been unified?”  Yes, snowflakes. College students are snowflakes, innocent snowflakes.  And they’re gonna fall for this. 

By the way, speaking of Hillary Clinton, we are offering a premium, RushLimbaugh.com’s bumper sticker promotion, and it is phenomenal.  These bumper stickers are flying off shelves.  You know, Father’s Day is this Sunday.  You could give dad a subscription to Rush 24/7 and the Limbaugh Letter and get the bumper sticker for free.  Here’s what it is.  We’ve taken Hillary’s own logo and converted it into a bumper sticker.  I’m showing it here on the Dittocam.  It’s “Never Hillary.”  It’s her blue color; it’s her red arrow — and we put “Never Hillary.”

And these things are flying, figuratively — we don’t have any shelves, really, but they’re flying — off the shelves as people see this and they’re becoming subscribers to Rush 24/7.  But it’s clear how this is all shaping up.  


RUSH:  You know, that’s comforting to know.  I just saw something up there on Fox that says that the FBI says the shooter is the main focus of the investigation.  Well, that’s good.  What else would it be?  The wife?  You know, there’s two wives.  There’s an ex-wife, the current wife.  It’s the current wife that wouldn’t say anything.  The current wife that knew wouldn’t say anything.  I guess you could investigate her. 

originalI guess you could investigate Marwan Awlaki or whatever, the late, great terrorist inspiration that this guy seemed to have some reverence for. But I just wanted to pass it on, the FBI is still processing the crime scene, the focus of the investigation is the shooter, and that was breaking news.  Well, what else would be the focus?  Or am I missing something here? 

Greetings, my friends, meeting and surpassing all audience expectations daily, Rush Limbaugh here at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. 

You know, Mrs. Clinton’s taken a lot of money, the foundation’s taken a lot of money from all of these Middle Eastern countries that slaughter homosexuals when they discover them.  Ten countries in the Middle East, and some in Asia who literally murder, they execute gays when they are discovered.  And every damn one of those countries has donated to Hillary Clinton, every one of them. 

Hillary Clinton, she’s talking about Trump’s lack of temperament.  He does not have presidential temperament.  He doesn’t have the qualifications.  Donald Trump does not have what it takes to be president.  He’s temperamentally unsuited.  This is the woman that lied to the world about a video being responsible for what happened in Benghazi.  This is a woman who lied to the parents of the four people killed in Benghazi, lied to them over their caskets that it was a video responsible for it.  This is a woman who did television commercials in Germany and Europe with Obama blaming the video, all the while knowing the video had nothing to do with the attack. 

It wasn’t a protest; it was a planned terror attack.  She knew; she lied; but people say she’s eminently qualified, and she has perfect temperament.  Hillary Clinton is the one that needs to be kept out of the Oval Office.  Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to get any closer to it than she already is.  If she does, it’s only going to stay the same.  The path this country is on is only going to stay the same.  We are only going to continue to decline.  Life in America and economic opportunity are going to continue to decline, as long as the Democrats run the show in the White House.  That’s why it is even more repugnant when you see Republican leaders standing with Obama to condemn Trump over Trump’s reaction to what happened in Orlando.  


RUSH: Here’s Jeff, Madison, North Carolina.  Jeff, I’m glad you waited.  I appreciate it.  You’re next.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Thanks.  It’s an honor, sir.

RUSH:  Appreciate that.  I really do.

originalCALLER:  I just wanted to bounce back to that comment that Hillary Clinton made you talked about earlier.  It just irritated me.  How do you build a wall to keep out the internet.  Well, we don’t want to keep out the internet.  We want it working at a hundred percent, ’cause that’s how you know what the bad guys are doing.  And I’ve never seen the internet kill people in buildings.  I’ve never seen the internet fly airplanes into buildings.  And I’ve never seen the internet drop an anchor baby and latch onto our Social Security system.  So it was just a stupid comment.

RUSH:  Well, you know, it’s a great point.  And its purpose once again is to shift the blame from these terrorists. She wants us to believe that they’re just innocent, nice people, but because of the trash on the internet, they see it, and they’re being corrupted, and they’re being radicalized.  And this is the problem.  She nor Obama will admit that they’re wanting to be radicalized. They’re seeking out how to be radicals. They’re inspired and motivated by the imams and the leaders of the religion in these various places.  It’s not the internet.

CALLER:  Absolutely.  And nor do we ever want to shut down. That’s a source of income —

RUSH:  Let me tell you something.  She would love to shut it down.  She and Obama, net neutrality, they would love to be able to control the internet.  They would love to be able to throttle it.  They would love to be able to make certain sites inaccessible.  That’s who they are.  That’s what liberals do.  That’s what progressives are.  They want control over everything.  So you come out, you blame the internet for terrorism and you get a bunch of low-information, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, shut it down, shut it down. They won’t learn how to be terrorists.”  You get people believing that stuff and then they’re off to the races.

CALLER:  Absolutely.  I agree.  May I share a theory?

RUSH:  You want to share a fairy?

CALLER:  A theory.  A theory.

RUSH:  I was gonna say. A theory, yes.

CALLER:  I still think Obama would rather see Joe Biden in there as the candidate, and I’m thinking he’s gonna wait till September, see where Hillary is in the polling, how strong or weak.  And if she’s weak, ’cause he didn’t want Joe Biden in there for the entire year because he would have put his foot in his mouth 10 times already.

RUSH:  Yeah.  Look, I’ve only got 20 seconds.  I wasn’t gonna mention this.  I wasn’t gonna mention it.  But now it’s a perfect bounce-off.  Julian Assange of WikiLeaks — you know, the Russians got Hillary’s email.  They hacked and they’ve got her email.  And they’ve got Trump’s.  They got Democratic opposition research on Trump.  Putin has it.  Julian Assange claims he’s got enough of Hillary’s data to get her indicted and that they’re gonna release it.  It’s in my Stack here today, WikiLeaks.  He’s still holed up in the basement of the Ecuadoran embassy in London.  He’s hiding out ’cause —


RUSH:  It’s true, the Russians did indeed hack the DNC server and they’ve got all the DNC opposition research on Trump.  The Democrats say that nobody coulda ever gotten into Hillary’s unsecured home server, but the Russians got into theirs.  Isn’t that great.  

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