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RUSH:  I don’t mean to be insensitive here, folks, but it never fails.  It never fails.  I leave and all hell breaks loose.  Even before the terror attack, the Democrats would not have dared declare Hillary the winner the day before the California primary if I was here that day.  I’m just here telling you.  They wouldn’t have done it.  I mean, they took such advantage of my absence, it’s incredible.  But I’m not surprised ’cause I know them.  I know them like every square inch of my glorious naked body. 

Hey, great to be back, folks, really is.  Back here at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.  The telephone number if you want to be on the program today is 800-282-2882.  And the email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com

What have I tried to explain, gee, I don’t know how many times?  Tell me if this doesn’t describe you.  You learn of the attack by a genuine militant Islamist who’s a registered Democrat, whose father hates America, and they might even vote Democrat; I don’t know.  If they were Republicans, the media would already have found that out.  So, you have a genuine Islamist militant who exemplifies everything about Islam — anti-gay, anti-women, anti-this, anti-that, anti-America — and goes and does what he does. 

How many of you thought finally this is gonna wake up Hillary Clinton, finally Obama, finally the Democrats are gonna see?  How many of you thought that would be the case?  How many of you thought that would be the obvious reaction and now how many of you are stunned to find out that that’s not the reaction they have at all.  No, no, no, no.  This is all because of American gun control laws and the Second Amendment.  This is all because of conservatives.  Yes!  This is all because of the NRA. 

How many of you were surprised when you heard that?  You shouldn’t be.  I have, I don’t know how many different ways, tried to explain.  And I know you hear it, and I know everybody does hear it, it is hard to embrace, but the simple fact of the matter is that the American left and the Democrat Party, we conservatives, we Republicans, are their biggest enemy.  They fear us, hate us far more than they are bothered by Islam, militant Islam, Islamic terrorism.  And if you doubt that, just take a look at the efforts that were expended to try to ultimately find a way to blame this on everybody other than the person responsible. 

You would think that the worst terrorist attack since 9/11 would finally wake up Barack Hussein O and Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrat Party and the rest of the appeasers on the left.  But, as we have said before, they despise us more than they despise militant Islam.  You know why?  It really isn’t complicated.  No matter what Omar Siddiqui Mateen did, he wasn’t trying to defeat a Democrat in an election.  We are, therefore, hated and despised and must be destroyed.  But Omar Siddiqui Mateen, ah, he wasn’t threatening the Democrats.  He just threatened the nightclub filled with Democrats, donors, supporters — oops.  Sorry.  The Democrats couldn’t even express loyalty with a constituency group that they thought was their own. 

They had to go out and try to blame people that literally had nothing whatsoever to do with it.  I have emails from people who were telling me they’re profoundly depressed over this and I wrote ’em back and said, “You shouldn’t be.  This is perfectly predictable.”  And I’m not trying to sound like a know-it-all, folks.  I think it’s time people understand really what we’re up against and that we’re not all in this together.  There’s only one common sense reaction to what happened in Orlando, but the Democrat Party is not participating in it. 

The Democrat Party, the American left, the American professorette, those who work in academe, no, no, no, no.  They’re not gonna stop until they can find what they believe to be a credible way that they can blame this on talk radio, Fox News, the Republican Party, the NRA, the Second Amendment, out-of-control guns, the AR-15, whatever, which this guy didn’t even use.  In fact, every event like this is an opportunity for them.  Every event like this is an opportunity for them to once again strike out again at us and try to further damage our reputations, our brand, whatever you want to call it. 

There’s an old American Indian saying that you can’t wake up somebody who’s only pretending to be asleep.  And of course that describes the Democrat Party, pretending to be asleep.  Now, we should wonder why.  You know, Trump, Donald Trump being blasted for wondering about that, even though every thinking American must have the same exact questions that Trump raised, but the media’s blasting Trump for still having the nerve to say it out loud. 

Did you hear what Carl Bernstein said?  “What Trump said is abhorrent!  It’s absolutely abhorrent!  And it’s going to be terribly effective,” Carl Bernstein, Watergate.  If it’s profoundly abhorrent, how can it be effective?  Why is it abhorrent is the question.  It’s abhorrent ’cause you’re not supposed to say that. We’re not supposed to violate political correctness.  We’re not supposed to say that stuff.  This is exactly why Trump is where he is. 

Is anybody talking about the Mexican judge, by the way?  Every time the Democrats… By the way, there’s no evidence that Trump’s been hurt by that.  I looked.  I spent… There’s no polling evidence whatsoever.  You can’t… (interruption) You found some?  There isn’t any evidence that Trump got hurt by the Mexican judge thing. (interruption) Of course, it was a full frontal! But the point is, it didn’t hurt him.  I have yet to find any polling data to suggest it did.  And, of course, it’s now been wiped off the map with this, which is also another predictor or indicator. 

These are the kinds of things that Trump’s gonna say something now and then that (hyperventilating), “Ah! Oh! Oh! Oh! Aaaah! How can he…? I can’t believe he said that! I have the vapors!” And then an event’s gonna come along and make everybody forget it, or some event’s gonna come along and make people say, “You know, Trump knows what he’s talking about,” or, “Trump has the guts to say what we’re all thinking and nobody has the guts to say.  Trump’s willing to say out loud what so many people are thinking.” 

His speech yesterday was a great example of that.  In fact, in that speech I think Trump seems to have crystallized what a lot of Americans have been worried about for at least the last 7-1/2 years.  But I know this is boggling the mind, and we’re gonna go through it.  I just assembled a Stack of Stuff here of various news stories in random order. I’m just gonna go through the Stack here and I’m just gonna react to ’em, because it’s unbelievable.

The lengths to which the truth and facts of this event have to be ignored and glossed over in the left’s attempt to make sure people think that ultimately all of this is happening because there are Republicans and because there are conservatives.  The top story at Yahoo News all day yesterday was from a site called .Mic: “dot m-i-c.”  “In Rush to Explain Orlando Shooting, Americans Blame Everything But America.” You see? 

Yahoo News, headquarters for low-information news consumers, says we arrogant Americans are running around blaming everything but who’s really responsible, and that’s the United States of America.  From the article: “[I]n the rush to explain Mateen’s motivations, we have ascribed his crimes to everything but his most obvious and aggressively glossed-over trait: that he was a male bigot born and raised in the United States of America.” Back home, he was radical. The first thing Obama…

The series of statements from Obama on this were outrageous, and he ultimately says the guy was radicalized by the internet.  He was radicalized by the internet? He wasn’t radicalized by his religion. He wasn’t radicalized by his militant father.  No, no! He was an American bigot.  It turns out he was gay. You know that? His girlfriend or somebody he dated said he’s gay.  This is a major, major problem.  Now this is the headline at TheAtlantic.com: “The Complicated Pain of America’s Queer Muslims.”  That’s a quote of the headline.  It’s not me, folks. 

“The Complicated Pain of America’s Queer Muslims.” No, the “complicated pain” for American Muslims is having to read that headline and story.  But you see how Omar Siddiqui Mateen is now responsible for this?  He was a male bigot, born and raised in the United States of America! That means it’s America’s fault. America radicalized him into an anti-gay, anti-female bigot and murderer.  People are wondering, “W-w-what happened? How could he have become so radicalized?”  You know, when you stop and read the details of this story…

While Omar Siddiqui Mateen was killing 49 people and injuring 53, he stopped to explain himself!  He called 911.  You know the San Bernardino Two did the same thing?  They called and said, “Hey, we’re gonna shoot up some places, and we’re just letting you know we’re doing it in the name of Allah, ISIS, whatever. Allahu Akbar,” whatever they do, and they get back to their business.  The FBI had the guy on a watch list!  The FBI was investigating the guy.  Nothing to see here!

He calls 911, told the cops he had pledged allegiance to ISIS, and then he resumed his murderous terrorist attack.  The Washington Post even reported that fact!  They also reported that his terror attack occurred during Ramadan, Islamic holy days.  They reported the attack came during gay pride celebrations in many American cities.  They even reported that Mr. Omar Siddiqui Mateen’s family originally came from Afghanistan, but that doesn’t matter because he was born and raised in America! Male bigot! 

Even with all that information at their disposal, the Washington Post still swerved and spun and tried to find a direction to take this story that would lead right to Republican Party/conservatives/America itself.  The Washington Post said, “It’s not entirely clear what inspired Omar Mateen to commit the worse mass shooting in US history.”  By the way, it’s not.  It’s not.  Wounded Knee is.  I don’t know if it was all shooting, but Wounded Knee was a bigger massacre than this was.  But I’m not doing anything other but factually disagreeing with experts.

I’m not suggesting this is no big deal.  Don’t misunderstand.  I’m just saying they’re wrong.  Wounded Knee, more people died than in the bar in Orlando.  That doesn’t mean anything other than that I’m just factually correcting the record. “It’s not entirely clear what inspired Omar Mateen to commit the worst mass shooting in US history or what might have been done to stop it.” Of course it’s not possible! We couldn’t possibly know!

There’s not a single clue to indicate why the guy did what he did.  Not his own tweets; not his own scats; not his own Facebook, not his own Snapchat; not his own Instagram; not his own dad. No, no! His own words? No! His own videos? There’s no evidence whatsoever that would lead us to understand. (interruption) Oh, gosh, now here’s Obama. (sigh)  You know, this is supposed to happen before noon. The guy shows up late on purpose today. 

Everybody knows this is my first day back — everybody knows — and what is he doing? Making a statement about the Orlando terrorist attack and the fight against ISIS.  And he’s either clueless or it’s something else.  Maybe there’s something Omar Mateen could have done differently to make his inspiration clear to the Washington Post.  What if instead of calling 911, he had called the Washington Post and spoke to their reporters?  He could have explained to them what pledging allegiance to ISIS means, ’cause I guess the reporters at the Washington Post don’t know what that means. 

They don’t know what pledging allegiance to ISIS means. 

“ISIS?  ISIS?  Is that part of the NRA? Does Limbaugh belong to the group?  What is ISIS?  Pledging allegiance to ISIS?  What is that, talk radio?  What is it?  ISIS?” 

The Washington Post must be clueless.  He could have told Post reporters he wanted to kill as many enemies of Islam as he could.  He could have explained to them that in Islam, it’s called jihad, a holy war against infidels, nonbelievers.  He could have said this is not militant or extremist; this is mainstream Islam.  And the Washington Post would say, “Islam? Islam? Is that a conservative religion?  What is Islam?  What is ISIS?”  Anyway, the point is, they are working hard in the Drive-By Media and on the Democrat Party side to not get this right.  


RUSH:  Check out this editorial from the Los Angeles Times: “Trump Smearing Obama with Innuendo Over Muslims and Orlando Is a New Low, Even for Him — Donald J. Trump, the loose cannon who would be president, hinted Monday that President Obama might be complicit in terror attacks by Islamic extremists, including Sunday’s bloodbath in Orlando, Fla. That accusation by innuendo marks a new and repugnant low for Trump, who along with his surrogates is engaged in a smear campaign reminiscent of the dark days of McCarthyism.”

Smear campaign?  I’ll tell you who’s being smeared is us.  The NRA is being smeared, and it’s Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party doing it.  

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