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“If there’s a mass shooting anywhere in this country that does not involve a Muslim, what does this administration do? What does the Democrat Party do? They make tracks! They do everything they can to find a way to blame the shooter and then say that the shooter knew full well what he was doing because he was in solidarity with the Republican Party, or with the conservative movement, or with talk radio, or with Christianity, or what have you.” 

“You would think that the worst terrorist attack since 9/11 would finally wake up Barack Hussein O and Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrat Party and the rest of the appeasers on the left. But, as we have said before, they despise us more than they despise militant Islam. You know why? It really isn’t complicated. No matter what Omar Siddiqui Mateen did, he wasn’t trying to defeat a Democrat in an election. We are, therefore, hated and despised and must be destroyed.” 

“The simple fact the matter is that the American left and the Democrat Party, we conservatives, we Republicans are their biggest enemy. They fear us, hate us far more than they are bothered by Islam, militant Islam, Islamic terrorism. And if you doubt that, just take a look at the efforts that were expended to try to ultimately find a way to blame this on everybody other than the person responsible.” 

“Have you noticed that Obama really, really, really gets concerned about offending religious people? Oh, yeah, he’s really, really bothered out there about offending Islamists. He doesn’t seem concerned about Christianity. He is a Christian. If he is get upset about attacks on Christianity, he never comes out defends Christianity. He never, ever comes out, corrects the record about things his party says about Christians. No, he echoes them.” 

“The National Rifle Association is being smeared, and it’s Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party doing it.” 

“It’s unbelievable, the lengths to which the truth and facts of this nightclub shooting have to be ignored and glossed over in the left’s attempt to make sure people think that ultimately, all of this is happening because there are Republicans and because there are conservatives.” 

“If I were gay and this whole thing has happened, and I’m watching this, I would be scared to death! I would listen to people I vote for — people I supported, people I’ve raised money for and donated for — act like it didn’t happen the way it did and that people had nothing to do with it are responsible.  don’t know what I’d be, but I wouldn’t be relieved, and I would not feel safer.” 

“Even before the terror attack, the Democrats would not have dared declare Hillary the winner the day before the California primary if I was here that day.” 

“Obama’s been clear about how extremist groups are perverting Islam. I’m sorry. But they’re not. They are practicing Islam. This is no perversion. Now, is that Obama being clueless, or is this Obama trying to keep the peace? Is this Obama trying to be politically correct, or does Obama really just not know what he’s talking about?” 

“A militant Islamist shot up a gay nightclub, and it’s our fault. It’s Donald Trump’s fault. We are making them because of our bigotry and prejudice and our mean words. Let me tell you something, Mr. President. I don’t care what Donald Trump is saying. People are not dying because of it. Donald Trump is just uttering words. I am just uttering words. And you want to make those words, you want people to believe those words are more dangerous than the bullets fired by the shooter in this case?” 

“Obama comes out after every one of these things, every one of these events, and Obama ends up sounding like defense lawyers speak on behalf of their clients. He doesn’t reflect the national mood about these things. It’s not even close.” 

“When I hear Obama start talking about American values, I don’t recognize a lot of them, honestly. His values, to me, are not traceable to the founding. His values that he’s appropriating and claiming to be American values are the values of a bunch of people that really don’t like this country, American left, the Democrat Party.” 

“Obama can’t admit why he will not use the term ‘Islamist extremism’ or whatever, because he would have to abandon this notion that America is responsible for this. He would have to abandon his entire strategy of dealing with these people. And his strategy of dealing with them is there’s nothing special about ’em, just a bunch of ragtag bad guys with guns like any other group of gangsters.”        

“Does Hillary Clinton actually think that calling terrorists names is gonna offend them and they’ll go away? What difference does it make now anyway, Hillary?” 

“One day, a militant Islamist extremist comes along and guns down everybody he can in a gay nightclub… He was targeting homosexuals because of his religious beliefs. He was doing everything he could to wipe them out and said so. And the people you voted for — the people you have been supporting because you think they’re out to protect you — then turn around and blame people that had nothing in the world to do with it.” 

“Hillary Clinton’s in there taking tons of money from many of these nations that execute homosexuals. Nobody’s gonna call her on it. Nobody’s gonna ask her about it.” 

“I guarantee you this. The head honchos of Islam… Take your favorite imam, take your favorite mullah, take your favorite terrorist leader. They don’t give a rat’s rear end what we say about them. They don’t need it. They already despise us because we are infidels. It doesn’t matter to them. Their feelings don’t get hurt.” 

“Obama made it abundantly clear today that identifying this enemy honestly, he’s not going to do.”


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