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“The pro-Taliban dad has assured us that his pro-ISIS son isn’t radical. That’s the madness of the world we live in.” – Mark Steyn

Islam and Homosexuality

“I’ll break it down for you, because the arithmetic isn’t that complicated. The more Islam, the fewer gays.” – Mark Steyn

Delusion vs. Reality

“Blaming Orlando on the Christian right and hailing Elizabeth Warren as Harvard Law School’s first woman of color is delusional. And when it’s delusion against reality, bet on reality every time.” – Mark Steyn

The Party at the End of the World

“The police have been going through the nightclub looking for clues, and from the lifeless corpses on the floor every so often a cell phone rings because all over Florida and beyond there are loved ones trying to get in contact with someone who isn’t returning calls.” – Mark Steyn

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