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“Hillary could charitably be described as charisma-challenged. I think that’s a fair way to put it.” – Buck Sexton

The Bern Wrinkle

“There’s a huge sigh of relief. Finally the media can put aside the pretense that Bernie Sanders was ever really going to be the Democrat nominee.” – Buck Sexton

Giving Illegals Obamacare Subsidies

“Do you remember President Obama said that there was no way that we would ever get to a place under this law where illegal immigrants would be able to get Obamacare?” – Buck Sexton

Speaking on Eggshells

“It’s one thing to say that he said it wrong, but it’s another thing to say that he’s also wrong on all the merits.” – Buck Sexton

Drunk with Power

“No one is saying be unkind to transgender people or unfeeling or unsympathetic. These are scientific and biological differences that the left is trying to erase, and we’re all forced to ask, why?” – Buck Sexton

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