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RUSH:  Why is nobody blaming Hillary for this violence?  Why is nobody blaming the media?  After all, Hillary gave the greatest speech of her career.  You will hear Drive-Bys analyze it that way coming up.  And what it was, it wasn’t a foreign policy speech.  It was an attack on Trump.  So she goes out, she attacks Trump in every which way possible, and then her supporters go out and attack innocent people.  I mean, the way they play this, we could say her rhetoric caused this. 

They always say that what happens here on talk radio makes people behave in certain ways. Every time there’s a movie shooting, every time there’s a mass shooting somewhere, San Bernardino, what’s the first thing Drive-Bys do?  Try to find a linkage to talk radio, do they not?  Folks, I don’t lose my temper over things like this, but there is such a clear double standard here.  They have never, in 27 years, been able to prove a linkage.

Bill Clinton tried to blame me for the Oklahoma City bombing.  There have been other similar efforts made by Democrats and media in all the 27, 28 years I’ve been doing this.  And Mrs. Clinton goes out, pretty much incites a riot, “Great speech, greatest speech ever.” Nobody even tries to make a connection between what Democrats say and what happens. 

I don’t know how many of you have heard of the website Vox.  It’s started by some young kids that used to be at the Washington Post and Politico and so forth. They wanted to strike out on their own, so as usual, as good liberals, they went out and found funding.  They went out and found a sugar daddy.  They went out and found an investor, or a series of them.  And so they started this website Vox.  And the editor of Vox — V-o-x, it’s a website — is somebody named Emmett Rensin. 

And Emmett Rensin took to Twitter last night to declare that since Trump is a racist and a fascist, then all forms of violence short of murder are completely legitimate.  One of the tweets was: “If Trump comes to your town, start a riot.” 

You know what young people like this think a fascist is?  They have no idea the actual definition.  To them a fascist is somebody who says things you don’t agree with.  That’s all it is.  They haven’t the slightest idea.  What we’re looking at here is brownshirts with these riots against Trump supporters.  Let’s go to the audio sound bites.  This is a little audio sample of the riot, some of things that we were actually able to hear in all the noise.

PROTESTERS: (America was never great, bleeps, Donald Trump and his hate, America was never great, bleeps, Donald Trump and his hate, bleeps, America was never great.) 

RUSH:  So all the F-bombs there, “Donald Trump and his hate, America was never great,” fulfilling every prediction about these people I’ve ever shared with you about who they are and what they think of America.  And they’re Democrats.  They are liberals.  These are people that support and vote for Democrat candidates. 

Tom Llamas is an ABC reporter.  This is the guy that Trump called a sleaze in his press conference earlier this week.  He was on Good Morning America today.  This is a portion of his report about what he saw outside the Trump rally in San Jose.

LLAMAS:  This was one of the most violent scenes I have ever witnessed at a Trump rally.  At times it seemed like the police had no control of the situation.  People were getting beat up right in front of them.  And these were not clashes; these were pure attacks.  Trump supporters, men, women, even the elderly, left this building last night and walked right into danger.  Many of the people we saw were young men and young women who were here to do only one thing, which is to throw punches and on more than one occasion we did see young people throwing up gang signs and those mobs of protesters.

RUSH:  Wow.  This is the guy Trump called a sleaze and even he went out and had to report what he saw.  So you have people inside the Trump rally leaving the building, and they were literally attacked.  They were hit on.  They were bloodied up.  They were punched out.  They were shouted at. They were followed to parking garages.  And even this guy had to point out that he’s never seen anything like this. 

You’re looking at pure liberal Democrats here.  This is who they accept payment from and who they vote for.  And you haven’t had one demand on Clinton or Sanders to denounce this, to distance themselves from it or any of the sort, because everybody on the Democrat side is busy applauding this.


RUSH:  So you want specifics from this clown, Emmett Rensin at Vox?  Well, here’s what he tweeted.  Destroying property?  Legitimate.  Shouting down, legitimate.  Disruption of all events, legitimate.  Murder isn’t.  Pretty much all forms of protest is fine with him, because Trump deserves it, because Trump is a fascist, because Trump is filled with so much hate, Trump is so vicious, Trump is so mean, Trump is so bad. 

But to these young people, fascism is simply people saying things they don’t agree with.  They have no idea what it actually is, and even if they do know what it is, they ignore it and so forth.  But I tell, folks, riots are gonna happen.  These things are gonna happen.  What is missing here is context and a sense of proportion.  I mean it.  Whenever there is a mass shooting, it is instinctive.  Remember when there was a movie theater mass shooting in Colorado somewhere, and the first thing Brian Ross did, got the name of the shooter and the first thing he did was try to find out if the guy was a member of the local Tea Party. 

And, lo and behold, they found in the local Tea Party member roster, they found a guy with the same name, so Brian Ross hit the airwaves at ABC and says it could well be that this shooter is a Tea Party activist.  Turns out, the guy was a numskull, knucklehead, didn’t even know what the Tea Party was.  It was just a screw-loose leftist, as many of them are.  But it doesn’t matter.  Every one of these, be they riots, be they mass shootings, even the San Bernardino shooting, there was an effort made to link it somewhere, Sarah Palin, me, conservative talk radio, Fox News, you name it.

Every single time you have riots, and these are not the first.  There are many other riots that have taken place after Trump events outside the venues.  And there’s not one effort to link the rioters to the Democrat Party.  No.  In fact, the effort is made to link them to Trump.  Trump is inspiring them with his hatred and his bigotry and his hate-filled rhetoric.  But here’s the thing about this, and it’s not specific to Trump.  This is exactly the kind of stuff that happened in 1968 at the Democrat National Convention in Chicago. 

Now, there the protestors were protesting against the Democrats.  It was the heat of the Vietnam War.  And it did not help the Democrats.  The point is that this stuff does not end up helping the Democrats.  For all the things they say Trump is doing and saying, they’re going to damage the Republican brand and damage Republican turnout and damage Trump with Hispanics, everything backfires.  Everything eventually backfires when you launch into Trump. 

Grab sound bite number 22.  I saw the other day that the Trump campaign hired Ed Rollins.  Ed Rollins ran the Reagan campaign in 1984, and he had been involved in the Reagan organization even prior to that.  This morning he was on the Stuart Varney show on the Fox Business Network.  And Stuart Varney said to Ed Rollins, “Those scenes, those protesters waving the Mexican flag, attacking Americans, it’s like manna from heaven for Trump, right?  I mean this is just feeding right into what he needs.”

ROLLINS:  Ronald Reagan got elected in 1966 because of the student protests in California.  Richard Nixon got elected in 1968 because the Vietnam protests across the country.  My sense today is this is gonna be an outrage, especially waving the flag, the Mexican flag, is gonna cause a lot of Americans to say, “If that’s what you want to do, go home, that’s your home,” and I think that’s a bad thing.  This violence and this campaign could be very, very serious from here on out.  And Trump’s gonna basically go out and campaign across the country, and you’re gonna have this week after week, and I think to a certain extent it’s gonna make him stronger and stronger.

RUSH:  Oh, he’s right about something.  It’s just kicking off.  You wait to see what these people try to pull off in Cleveland at the Republican convention.  Oh, yeah, he’s exactly right.  This is just now getting started, for whatever it is now, it is only gonna intensify.  And he’s exactly right about something.  It’s been reported that the vast majority of the makeup of the rioters are young Latinos and union members.  But I’m gonna tell you something.  This is again an illustration of how distant and out of touch establishment types are. 

Here are these people out burning the American flag, waving the Mexican flag, claiming America never was great, not great now, make California Mexico, give Mexico back California, whatever it is. You couple that with the sentiment that already exists on the issue of illegal immigration. The Democrat Party and Republicans who are supporting amnesty have no idea, apparently, how damaging this is to what they want and how harmful. 

The problem for us is that public opinion doesn’t matter to them.  Public opinion doesn’t matter to the donor class.  Public opinion doesn’t matter to elected officials anymore.  If they get it in their heads that there’s gonna be amnesty, there’s gonna be amnesty no matter what you, me, or anybody else thinks.  But stuff like this, as it intensifies and grows, can bring it to a screeching halt because this is an illustration of exactly why people don’t want any part of amnesty or any part of illegal immigration.  It’s lawless, just as this is. 

The whole point of it, it’s not rooted in anti-Latino, anti-Central America, anti-Mexican, anti-Hispanic.  It’s rooted in the fact that the law is being broken with impunity in this country.  There are 300 American cities who flout federal law daily by declaring themselves sanctuary cities.  There are daily reports of vicious, violent crime created by illegal aliens.  This is an issue.  You combine it with the anger there is over trade imbalances and manufacturing loss and so forth, the desires of the establishment here to etch in stone amnesty as a statutory achievement, it’s gonna further to anger people, and it’s gonna continue to backfire. 

I don’t know what the Democrats think these protesters are gonna accomplish, but I don’t think they are thinking.  I think this is total emotion.  Folks, I think there is some pent up hatred for Trump within the establishment, within the media, within the Democrat and Republican Party hierarchy. Nobody is supposed to be able to do what he’s doing. Nobody’s supposed to be able to accomplish what he’s accomplishing without being in the establishment. 

An outsider is not supposed to be able to come in and run rings around lifetime, seasoned professionals and veterans at the political game.  Nobody’s supposed to get away with talking the way Trump does. Nobody was supposed to go able to get away with being apparently, what they think is ignorant, as Trump is.  It blows up every sacred belief they’ve had about their world and what they do in it and how they rank in it. 

And there is this building hatred for Trump, both sides, both parties, the establishment and the media, ever since he got in.  And it became more and more clear as each week went by that he wasn’t gonna implode, which they all thought was gonna happen.  And then every attack that has always worked in the history of politics to take somebody out, doesn’t do anything but come back and harm the attacker. They’re beside themselves. 

They don’t know what to do.  They still haven’t come to grips with the fact that Trump’s the nominee.  Publicly they’re acknowledging it, saying so, but inside and within the bowels of these organizations and in the secret rooms where the handshakes and stuff take place, there’s uncontrolled rage.  So there are people applauding what’s happening in terms of these riots privately and hoping — I’ll tell you what they’re hoping.  They’re hoping that you, who support Trump, will see all of these riots and abandon Trump. 

They’re hoping that you will say, “We don’t want to see this.  We don’t like our country this way.  We don’t like this.”  They’re hoping that you will get so fed up or frightened that you will back off of your support for Trump.  San Jose, by the way, is a sanctuary city.  The mayor of San Jose basically had the cops standing aside last night, do whatever you want to do, then blamed Trump for it.  The mayor of San Jose went out and said so.  He’s Democrat, Hillary supporter, blaming Trump for what happened, and Trump didn’t do a damn thing. 

Hillary started it yesterday with her incessant attack on Trump.  Trump responded to it last night in his speech.  Trump supporters walk out and they are attacked.  Innocent Trump supporters walking out to their cars to go home or go wherever.  And there’s private applause for this everywhere outside the Trump organization.  One more sound bite here and then we’ll take a break and come back with your calls.  Matt Lauer today on the Today show speaking with Steve Kornacki, who does something over at MSNBC.  They’re talking about the riots outside the Trump rally in San Jose.

LAUER:  I want to talk about this violence outside this Trump rally in San Jose, and let’s be clear.  This was people protesting against Donald Trump, attacking his supporters.  We’ve got five months to go.  Emotions boiling over like this.  We’re in for a long summer, aren’t we?

KORNACKI:  Yeah, and this raises a series question I think when you head to that Republican convention in Cleveland, because you’re gonna have protesters, not just from Ohio, but from all over the country converging there.  When you look at how this was handled last night, how this got out of control, it raises the question, scale that up 10 times, 20 times, that’s what they’re gonna have in Cleveland.  Are they gonna be ready for that?

RUSH:  I didn’t hear any condemnation of the violence.  I hear an acknowledgment of it and maybe even a little bit of hope that it’s gonna intensify and blow up in Cleveland, and then some concern maybe, are the authorities ready for this. But I don’t hear any condemnation of it. 

Now, if this were the other way around, Matt Lauer and every other guest he had on that show today would be condemning this and demanding that Trump say something to stop it, that Trump appeal to his supporters, cease this behavior.  Well, I didn’t hear any condemnation.  I just heard, yeah, this is what you get. This is what you get when you got Donald Trump in the campaign. This is what you get, and it’s only gonna get worse when it gets to Cleveland.  


RUSH:  The mayor of San Jose, again, his name is Tom Liccardo, and he actually said last night, quote, “At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign.”  His people didn’t do diddly squat last night!  They were inside the Trump rally.  They came out and they were attacked and beaten up and bloodied up and bullied and followed to their cars wherever they were parked.  And here comes this mayor, “At some point Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of this campaign.” 

Breitbart News was there.  Breitbart News is everywhere.  Breitbart News Daily is everywhere, and they said that they saw several Trump supporters thanking the cops as they left the venue.  In fact, one Trump supporter was supposedly shouting, “police lives matter,” and an officer responded, “Thank you.”  But the mayor, according to reports, the mayor had ’em sort of just standing around like an hour and a half.  Did you see that as well?  That’s right. 

Okay.  We got a call from San Jose.  It’s Muriel.  She was at the rally last night.  Muriel, I’m happy you’re the first call today.  How are you?

CALLER:  Good, Rush.  Thank you for taking my call.  At the end of the call I just want to compliment you on your Two If By Tea, if I may.

RUSH:  Oh, sure.

CALLER:  But to get into the San Jose rally, my daughter and I were so excited to go see Trump.  My daughter wore her red, white, and blue pants, and I wore my red, white, and blue scarf.  We got in our car, my husband dropped us off.  And they told us it was gonna be at one place, but they diverted us to another place.  So we were not even in the place we were supposed to be, so a lot of people were confused about that.  Finally we got to the place where we were supposed to be, where Donald Trump was already talking —

RUSH:  Wait a minute, now.  What happened? 

CALLER:  I don’t know.  I don’t know what happened.  Even the police were confused.  They said, “Well, you know, asked both other cops, they were supposed to be here –“

RUSH:  Well, where did your husband first drop you off?

CALLER:  He dropped us off right in front of the convention center.

RUSH:  And where did you have to go?

CALLER:  We went around the corner about two blocks away into this (unintelligible) looking contraption thing unit that they had in there, where they do have a lot of meetings and things like that —

RUSH:  Yeah, those contraption things, I’m very familiar with them.  We have a couple of em’ here.

CALLER:  Yeah.  Well, we got there, and, oh, it was electrifying.  He was wonderful.  I mean, I couldn’t have had more pride in my country just listening to him.  My daughter was just having such a good time.  We were videoing. We were having a good time.  Then there was a protester, and he got one out, and then there was a lady that had her little Bernie sign, and he, you know, kind of told her, “Yeah, she can stay, she can stay, she’s not doing anything, whatever, right. And her sign is probably even made in China,” and we were just laughing and laughing. 

But it was electrifying.  It was wonderful.  But, when the rally was over — and Mr. Trump stayed there for a good half an hour ’cause we waited, and there was so many people, though, you know, wanting to see him.  Then we were interviewed even by a journalist in the Netherlands, my daughter and I, because we were wearing our red, white, and blue and had our little Trump sign and our little badges and everything, right?

RUSH:  Wait a minute, now.  That sounds like wearing red, white, and blue made you suspicious.

CALLER:  Well, yes.  That’s just the start of it.  We walked out, we met my daughter’s boyfriend and his sister that also went to the rally, but they couldn’t get in because they had certain streets blocked off and they went to the wrong place also, but we —

RUSH:  They got caught up in that contraption thing.

CALLER:  Oh, it was bad.  The police were beautiful.  I mean, I couldn’t have thanked them.

RUSH:  Did any of this rioting get close to you? 

CALLER:  Oh, yes.  Oh, yes, it did.  First of all, when we got out, they wouldn’t let us go back a certain way.  They had blocked off everything. They had police everywhere, ’cause the rioters were way down the street.  So we thought we were safe.  Then they wrapped us around and then we started walking down the main street, you know, downtown by the Sainte Claire Hotel, and as soon as we got across the street, they started on us. 

RUSH:  Wait a minute.  Wait, wait.  Were you essentially, Muriel, were you essentially directed toward the area where the protestors were waiting?

CALLER:  No, we were directed towards the area where —

RUSH:  Good, good.

CALLER:  — the light rail is, but of course that’s where they wanted to be, because they knew we were —

RUSH:  Light rail.  Of course, they’re hanging around at the light rail.

CALLER:  Hm-hm.

RUSH:  Absolutely.

CALLER:  And that’s where they wanted to be. 

RUSH:  Now, Muriel, I’m sorry.  I’m way out of time.

CALLER:  Oh, no problem.

RUSH:  I know you wanted to say something about Two If By Tea.  It’s good, right? 

CALLER:  Oh, it’s delicious and I make my blueberry muffins with Two If By Tea.  I substitute the water for the tea, and it is, oh, an experience you wouldn’t believe.

RUSH:  Well, I appreciate that.  I wish I had more time, folks.  Really, I don’t.  We gotta go.  Muriel, thanks very much.


RUSH: Mark in Los Angeles.  You’re next, and it’s great to have you here.  Hello.

CALLER:  Thank you for taking the call, Rush.

RUSH:  Yes, sir.

CALLER:  I want to punctuate a remark you made earlier in the show about the potential push-back that is gonna occur based on what happened in San Jose the other day.  And I believe that the people that were behind it have made a very serious miscalculation on what they’re trying to achieve.  So I want to stretch a historical analogy and make an observation.

RUSH:  Sure.

CALLER:  Historically in Weimar Germany, right after World War I, there were enormous street battles initiated by what they called the Red Fighters, which was a communist organization.  At first there was very serious, unorganized, but rather violent push-back.  This was like around 1919, ’20, ’21, when the communists tried to take over Munich and were basically liquidated.  Then it occurred throughout the twenties, was a little more organized called the brownshirts. And then basically the political ramifications were, they lost the streets and they lost the Reichstag and they lost the country.  

originalI believe that what they are trying to do is they’re trying to take over the streets to intimidate the people that are interested in supporting and are supporters of Trump.  And here’s where the miscalculation goes.  They lose both ways.  One, if there is push-back, it’s not going to be necessarily as violent as it was in the twenties, but push-back nonetheless, and they may not be prepared for that.  If there was no push-back — and that remains to be seen — then if the Trump supporters stand down, then the people that are trying to upset and control the streets will look extremely negative in the rest of the population in this country and that this will have, either way, an enormous support for Trump.

RUSH:  You cannot go out there and burn the American flag and raise the Mexican flag and say, “America was never great” and F-bomb Trump and secure support for Hillary Clinton.  You might be able to do some of that, but you’re also gonna awaken a whole bunch of people who may even be ambivalent about Trump right now but don’t want to see that bunch anywhere near power in this country.  So in that sense the push-back is gonna manifest itself in any number of ways. 

What he’s talking about here, folks, just to bring you up to speed, in the first hour, talking about the San Jose riots, I made the point that the Trump people haven’t pushed back yet, they come out, they are attacked on their way to their cars or on their way to a cafe, restaurant, bar, whatever, and these people burning the American flag and raising the Mexican flag and saying “California, turn it back over to Mexico,” F-bombing Trump and this kind of stuff, the Trump people just continue walking.  They get beat up.  They haven’t pushed back yet, and at some point they’re going to. 

And what’s amazing about this is all these people trying to blame this on Trump.  They’re trying to say that Trump’s inspiring it. Trump, with his racist and hate-filled rhetoric, meaning that the rioters are to be understood, why, it totally makes sense that these people would be out burning the American flag, are you listening to Trump?  It makes sense that they would be raising the Mexican flag, have you listened to Trump?  They’re trying to lay it off on Trump.  That isn’t gonna work.  It isn’t gonna work.  And if the Trump people ever push back, then it’s gonna be even worse than what it is now.  As if now they haven’t.  This is the big myth.  The Trump people aren’t doing any of this. 

Now, push-back can happen on the streets at the time the anti-Trump rioters begin their attack or the push-back can come at the ballot box that nobody will see until election night.  But, you know, you’re onto something, Mark.  I appreciate that.  

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