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RUSH: You know, I’ve been regretting this moment the entire week, folks, but I have to tell you something.  I’m not gonna be here next week.  Had the Republican primary still be going on, were it still happening and were it still undecided, then I would have canceled the plans and I would have hung in here and I would have rescheduled this long-scheduled week off for another time. 

But since it’s the Democrat primary next week, there really isn’t any drama here. I’m gonna predict to you right now just to show you, I’m gonna pretend as though it’s next Tuesday or next Wednesday and I’m here, and you want to know what happened and what it means, I’m gonna tell you right now. 

Bernie Sanders may well indeed win the California primary, but Hillary Clinton will win the Democrat Party nomination the same night.  I don’t care what happens, Bernie Sanders is not going to be the nominee, and he never was going to be the nominee.  I would love to be wrong about it, don’t misunderstand.  But it was never, ever, gonna happen, and it isn’t gonna happen next week.  


RUSH: The California Democrat primary is Tuesday, and it’s nip and tuck, according to the polls, could go either way.  Bernie Sanders could even win it.  It doesn’t matter.  She’s still gonna get the nomination. 

You’re seeing stories, as I’ve seen them, you’re probably seeing stories that, if Crazy Bernie happens to actually pull an upset next Tuesday in California, wins this, then some superdelegates are gonna start thinking real hard, and they’re gonna reach out to Joe Biden, who we are told is just chomping at the bit to get in this.  Yeah, that’s right.  Drive-By Media sources are saying, if Crazy Bernie actually beats her in California on Tuesday, that signals Biden getting in.  It does not signal Crazy Bernie getting the nomination. 

My instincts from the very beginning were that he’s not gonna get the nomination no matter what happens, even if he wins Tuesday.  That’s why I feel comfortable leaving.  Well, I don’t feel comfortable leaving. I never feel comfortable leaving, but, as you all know, with such intense pressure, relentless focus, you have to take a break now and then to recharge, and I figured, if the Republican side was still going on, I’d have postponed. But, since we know what the outcome of next week’s gonna be, this is just as good a week as any, because, once we get to the conventions and after the conventions, it really, really intensifies.  


RUSH: Again, a reminder, not here next week.  If the Republican primaries were still ongoing, things were undecided, I’d a canceled.  But since it’s the Democrats, I know what’s gonna happen. 

Bernie Sanders may win the California primary the same night Hillary Clinton will be proclaimed the Democrat nominee.  I mean, there’s no other way this can happen other than superdelegates abandoning her if Crazy Bernie wins and going to Joe Biden.  We shall see.  It isn’t gonna be Crazy Bernie.  It was never in the cards.  They’re not gonna permit it.  You’ll see.

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