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“It’s the thing nobody figures out. All these attacks on Trump, they backfire on the people that launch them.”    

“Bernie Sanders may well indeed win the California primary, but Hillary Clinton will be declared the winner of the Democrat Party nomination the same night.”

“I don’t care what happens, Bernie Sanders is not going to be the nominee, and he never was going to be the nominee. I would love to be wrong about it, don’t misunderstand. But it was never, ever gonna happen, and it isn’t gonna happen next week.”

“To these young people, fascism is simply people saying things they don’t agree with. They have no idea what it actually is, and even if they do know what it is, they ignore it and so forth.”

“Public opinion doesn’t matter to elected officials anymore. If they get it in their heads that there’s gonna be amnesty, there’s gonna be amnesty no matter what you, me, or anybody else thinks. But stuff like this, as it intensifies and grows, can bring it to a screeching halt because this is an illustration of exactly why people don’t want any part of amnesty or any part of illegal immigration. It’s lawless, just as this is.”

“The Drive-Bys are star-crossed. They have such mixed emotions about Trump. They hate him. They despise him. But they need him. They hate him and they love what he’s making happen for them.”

“Every single time you have riots, there’s not one effort to link the rioters to the Democrat Party. No. In fact, the effort is made to link them to Trump.”

“The Drive-By Media was dwindling away, fading away in both number, presence, and influence. And now wherever Trump goes, ratings are up. Programs that were seeing declines in audience, network shows that were showing audience fade-away, when Trump is a semi or regular guest, their numbers are skyrocketing, and they’ve been able to monetize it.”

“It’s really been a miracle that we have not had some banana republic guy get elected and try to shred the Constitution. But we may be the throes of something like that happening, and nobody knows what to do about it.”

“I have found when people really know what liberalism is and what it leads to, they don’t support it. But it’s tough to get over that hump. And people don’t naturally look at things and people ideologically, particularly today. Identity politics is the big thing.”

“The Drive-Bys hate Trump, they hate him. They hate his personality. They hate that he gets away with saying what he says. Only Democrats are supposed to be able to say things like that and get away with it. Only Democrats are supposed to be able to get away with the behavior Democrats are getting away with when they riot.” 

“If you would have told me 27 years ago that I’d still be doing this by this time, being gone a day or two or a week wouldn’t be any big deal. I have more guilt being away today than I did in the first ten years.” 

“There’s not one person in Obama’s cabinet that’s ever had a job in the private sector, certainly never one that’s run a business. Stunning when you stop and think about it, and they’re commanding everybody how to run their own businesses.” 

“The only way you can get to 4.7% unemployment is if you stop counting the 95 million not in the labor force, because the labor force participation rate’s reached an all-time high, or low, depending how you look at it.”

“There’s a record 94,708,000 Americans not in the labor force. Some of them don’t want to be. They’ve retired.  Some of them don’t want to be. They can’t. Some of them do want to be in the labor force; they can’t find work. They can’t find a job that pays more than 30 hours a week because of Obamacare.”

“Remember Obama’s State of the Union speech: anyone claiming America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction? Anybody wonder why ‘make America great again’ works as a slogan?”

“So the Obama administration’s editing tapes. So Obama administration’s destroying evidence.  Has anybody heard of the Hillary email story? I didn’t think it was news. It didn’t surprise me. It’s not that it’s not news.”

“The Drive-Bys and the Democrat Party are ecstatic over these bloody riots which feature plenty of anti-Americanism. In fact, there’s a couple of Trump supporters that were caught up to by local media in California, San Jose, said, ‘This doesn’t look like the America I know,’ and it doesn’t. I mean, the American flag is being burned. The Mexican flag is being waved. The protest signs say ‘Make California Mexico again.’ And these are America’s leftists.”

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