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RUSH:  You know, I’ve got some emails. “Why haven’t you talked about the story about the State Department eliminating a portion of an interview about the Iran nuke deal?”  James Rosen and Fox News and Jen Psaki.  Folks, I knew about it.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t spend any time on it ’cause it didn’t surprise me.  The government’s lying.  So the Obama administration’s editing tapes.  So th Obama administration’s destroying evidence.  Has anybody heard of the Hillary email story?  I didn’t think it was news.  It didn’t surprise me. 

It’s not that it’s not news.  It’s just it didn’t rank to the top because it happens every day.  We have edited 911 call tapes on NBC.  We got Katie Couric lying and editing B-roll into a special that she did on gun control.  Of course they’re gonna eliminate things on the State Department website about the Iran nuke deal to make ’em look bad.  It just didn’t seem like — I don’t know.  I’m getting cynical.  The fact that this Regime lies, doctors, edits, to me, it isn’t news anymore.  


RUSH: This State Department story.  Briefly here’s what happened.  Back in 2013, there was a press briefing over there at the State Department, Jen Psaki, who for a while was the boss of Marie Harf. Psaki did her job so well she’s now over at the White House running the communications shop there.  Well, one day James Rosen of Fox News was interviewing her about the Iranian nuke deal, and she told a lie. 

She’s claiming she didn’t lie, she just had misinformation.  But the lie was that we don’t have anything to worry about because we have found moderates in Iran that we can negotiate with.  We’re not negotiating with the mullahs and the ayatollahs and the “Death to America! Death to America!” crowd.  But that was a lie.  There weren’t any moderate Iranians, and we were negotiating with the mullahs. 

Anyway, a significant portion of that interview — all of these interviews were posted on the State Department website.  They’re kept forever.  They are part of the official government record. When a department spokesman goes out and talks to the press, that stuff is preserved, if it’s video, it’s preserve, audio, preserved, if it’s text, it’s preserved. 

Lo and behold, somebody found out that a crucial portion of the Rosen Q&A with Psaki was ordered deleted. John Kirby, also a spokesman there admitted, yeah, we don’t know who, we don’t know how, but there was an explicit order to eliminate that section of the interview, to delete it and to throw it away, to erase it and make it look like it never happened.  And they admitted that earlier this week.  They’re claiming they don’t know what ordered that done. 

When that news hit, I didn’t think it was anything unusual.  Who are we talking about here?  We’re talking about people who’ve told us if we like our doctor we can keep it, if we like the plan, we can keep it.  We’re listening to people that have misrepresented things at Benghazi, nothing went wrong there.  It’s one thing after another that’s not true.  Abandoning the Constitution here, subverting it there.  I mean, I’m sorry.  It’s just didn’t strike me as something to come in here and act outraged about ’cause it’s not out of the ordinary. 

Folks, this is what liberal Democrats do.  They get rid of the evidence, they hide the evidence, they trash it.  This is not unusual.  Maybe I am getting cynical.  I’ve been explaining this stuff for 27, 28 years, and I’ve said, you know what, I’m gonna move on to other things, I’m tired of even explaining this to people.  Look, I’ve had to do it again here ’cause people asked, “Why haven’t you talked about it?”  This is the explanation. 

Do you remember — I’ll tell you another one.  The Obama administration tried to secretly continue Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal immigration.  And one federal judge after another told him to stop it.  There’s a stay.  You cannot continue this until this case is adjudicated, wherever it ends up, Supreme Court, what have you.  Judge’s name is Hanen.  He found out, the judge found out that, despite his order to stop, they were continuing. 

In open court he admonished Obama administration lawyers and officials at the Department of Justice.  He was livid, and he said so, and he commanded that every one of them who had defied his order and had broken the law go to ethics class, which made me laugh.  I didn’t think that was much of a sanction.  I didn’t think that was much of a punishment. 

Well… “The Justice Department is resisting a judge’s order to provide ethics training for its lawyers and is objecting to turning over to the court the names of illegal aliens who were granted what amounts to administrative amnesty (‘deferrals’) in stark violation of an injunction issued by the court.

“On May 19, Judge Andrew Hanen of the of the Southern District of Texas issued an order imposing sanctions on the Justice Department and its lawyers for unethical conduct, which included repeatedly lying to him in court. US v. Texas is the immigration lawsuit filed by 26 states against the Obama administration over its plan to provide deferrals, work permits, and other government benefits to almost 5 million illegal aliens,” against the law. 

They were not permitted to do it.  This was executive amnesty.  The court struck it down.  The Regime continued to do it, lying to the court at the same time, claiming they weren’t doing it, they were obeying the court order.  They weren’t.  So the judge sent them all to ethics classes.  Ethics classes weren’t gonna make a difference.  These people needed to be stripped of their law licenses, need to be disbarred, for crying out loud. 

So, anyway, they’re not now going to the ethics classes.  They’ve actually for the third or fourth time in this case they’ve looked at the judge and they’ve gone (raspberry) you. 

“Hanen issued a preliminary injunction in February 2015 preventing implementation of the plan. His decision was upheld by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals and the case is currently before the US Supreme Court,” but the Regime said screw you, screw you, Judge. Screw you, court. Screw you, Fifth Circuit, we’re gonna do it. And they’ve kept doing it, while lying about it. 

Judge said (paraphrasing), “You’re openly lying to me.  I’m issuing sanctions.  You’ve all gotta go to ethics classes.”  Screw you, Judge.  We’re not going to ethics classes.  We’re gonna continue to implement the executive amnesty and you can’t stop it. 

So why would I be surprised if they eliminated a crucial portion of a tape making ’em look bad in the Iranian nuke deal?  You see, the judge is used to people respecting the rule of law.  A judge issues an order and you damn well abide by it if you’re a lawyer.  If you’re a client, if you’re a defendant, whatever, the judge rules and that’s it, and everybody obeys, otherwise the system falls apart. 

Well, this bunch doesn’t obey because they don’t care because they think the judge is full of it and they’ve got a political agenda, amnesty for illegals, and they’re gonna implement it no matter what.  And they’re doing it, despite what the court says.  Now, the judge obviously is not used to this.  Open defiance by the nation’s leading lawyers, leading Department of Justice.  Judges are used to being obeyed.  They’re used to handing out sanctions when they’re disobeyed.  They’re not used to this kind of — what do you do now?  Okay, they’re not going to his ordered ethics classes. 

This is how systems break down.  Glenn Reynolds was writing about it in USA Today a couple of weeks ago.  What is the Constitution?  Why has it, for over 200 years, been obeyed?  It’s just a piece of paper.  What is it about that?  Why, in 200 years, have we not had some dictator type basically tear it up and say screw it, I’m implementing my own government?  Because we’ve had honorable people, respect for law, the rule of law. 

It’s really been a miracle, in fact, that we have not had some banana republic guy get elected and try to shred the Constitution.  But we may be the throes of something like that happening, and nobody knows what to do about it.  Republicans clearly don’t.  The judge doesn’t know.  The judge doesn’t seem inclined to disbar these people or put ’em in jail.  He just seems inclined to continue to express his outrage over their behavior.  Even Bill Clinton lost his law license for a number of years over the fact he lied under oath, Paula Jones case.  And now he’s a hero.  There was no black mark, no tarnish whatsoever. 

And of course the Drive-Bys are not even reporting this.  The Drive-Bys, mainstream media not even getting anywhere near this story, ’cause all that matters, again, is will Obama get what he wants?  He wants executive amnesty, he wants illegal aliens coming to America.  Will he get what he wants?  So the Judge has joined the Republicans, he’s one of the villains. 

He’s the enemy.  He’s trying to stop Obama getting what he wants, bad guy, bad guy, Obama’s good guy, Obama’s the hero, see.  Anyway, the obvious conclusion, and you wonder why Trump has the support that he does.  


RUSH:  Daily Caller is now reporting the State Department doesn’t know if more videos have been edited like the one involving James Rosen.  Of course more have been edited.  And it’s also asinine that they don’t know who did it.  The computer from which the order was sent would know who did it.  The person who actually did the edit and destroyed the piece would know that they did it. 

The idea that they can’t find out who did it means they either know and are not gonna announce it or they don’t care to find out because they don’t think it’s any big deal. And all they have to do is get past this for a couple days, people will forget it, no big deal, State Department video, who cares, who watches State Department press conferences anyway, just get past it. 

The last thing they’re gonna do is act like this is anything.  Now Jen Psaki is running around claiming that Rosen is insulting her.  The sooner this bunch is gone, folks…  If Hillary Clinton shows up, it’s just gonna be more of this.  There’s not gonna be any change whatsoever.  

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