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RUSH: Callahan, Florida. Ken, glad you waited.  You’re next.  Great to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  This is Ken.  I just wanted to thank you so much for your service.  I’m a longtime listener.  I recently got your book for my granddaughter Penelope, and Penelope is 2 years old, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book to her.  It is her first book that isn’t just a picture book.  And it keeps her attention, and it’s one of the ways that I’m able to bond with my granddaughter.

RUSH:  No kidding.  That is exactly the thing that we hoped would happen.  That’s exactly one of the things we hoped would happen with these books is that specifically grandparents would take time to read them to their grandkids, even if they’re too young to read themselves.  That’s… You know what?  I want you to hold on, Ken, because we’ve got a whole bunch of stuff that we can send your granddaughter even at 2 years old.  We’ve got a stuffed Liberty doll, for example, that —

CALLER:  That would be great, Rush.

RUSH:  Pardon?

CALLER:  That would be great.

RUSH:  She’ll love it.  She may not yet appreciate who Liberty is, but it won’t be long before she does. She’ll love this thing.  We have some other things, too.

CALLER:  Yes, sir.

RUSH:  So please hang on so we can get a shipping address to get this stuff out.  We’ve got a big meeting going on, even this very moment, about upcoming events regarding Rush Revere, Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans.  So, wow, that’s fabulous.  I can’t thank you have enough for that.  It’s exactly the kind of thing that we hoped would happen.

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