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“We have a smooth, well-oiled machine here at the EIB Network, after 27 years. It’s the same people that were here on Day One, and they know exactly what I want and don’t want. I don’t have to tell ’em, which is the way it should be.” 

“Okay, so Bill Kristol has named his third-party godsend to save us all from Trump: David French, a writer at National Review. Why not Jonah Goldberg? Why not Andy McCarthy? There are a lot of writers.” 

“I think there are still lots of people that are probably of a certain age and might have very high, inflated opinions of themselves, who haven’t the slightest idea yet why Donald Trump is so popular.” 

“On the weekend that Harambe, the 400-pound silver back gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo was killed, 69 people in Chicago were killed over the same weekend. You haven’t heard about that. You never do hear, in the Drive-By Media, about people shot and killed in Chicago or any other Democrat-led city.”  

“The third-party, Gary Johnson, Libertarian, designed to stop Trump. Notice nobody is designing anything to stop Hillary here. That’s the thing that’s concerning to me.”

“Obama’s quote, ‘If the GOP really cares about pregnant women and their babies, they will okay my funding plan for the Zika virus.’ We need to break this down. I think we’re being scammed. I can’t prove it. Instinct, intelligence guided by experience. Perfect distraction.” 

“I don’t have a producer ’cause I don’t want the distraction of having to talk to one or deal with one. I don’t have a producer ’cause I don’t want anybody questioning, ‘Are you sure you want to do that?’ I just do it.” 

“Obama — if you listen to certain media people — is more disrespectful of the press than they say any other president in their memory. But they don’t talk about it much and they don’t call him on it because, of course, they want him to succeed.” 

“This business about being presidential. George W. Bush was the epitome of acting presidential. There’s nobody other than he, his father, and Ronaldus Magnus who held the office of the presidency in such reverence, such high regard and went to great lengths to never sully it.” 

“Bush was a good president, he’s a great guy, he was somebody that fits every characteristic and quality people say they want in a president, in terms of deportment, comportment, behavior, manners, reverence for the office and all this.”

“I have been trying to warn people for over ten years about this social media stuff. Such is the desire for fame among average, ordinary people, they watch and pay attention to certain areas and elements of media, and they easily can end up concluding that life is nothing but the red carpet, the celebrity opening, and the after party.” 

“We have a slavish media. We have a White House press core that doesn’t have a single Republican in it. We have a White House press corps — and have had for all of the Obama administration — which has never once been adversarial with him.” 

“The media is still walking agents of the Democrat Party, and their objective is the advancement of Democrat Party agenda, whatever it happens to be. And part and parcel of that is discrediting — as much as they can — people that stand in the way of the advancement of that agenda, wherever they are found.” 

“When does the media get to determine what the right and wrong thing to do is on anything? Who are they? Are they the arbiters of virtue? Have they never made a misstep? It’s the thing that’s always bugged me. These people get to sit in total judgment on everybody else. You try to turn it around on them. ‘You can’t do that, we’re journalists.'” 

“Trump’s showing how you combat this unfairness, this inequality, this injustice, whatever you want to call this, the media coverage versus Democrats versus Republicans, liberals versus conservatives, how out of balance it is.”

“I remember reporters and JFK chuckling and laughing during press conferences. Oh, yeah, that would be fabulous. Never gonna happen. If you hold out for something like that as your definition of a successful candidate who can have a relationship like that with the media, it isn’t gonna ever, ever happen. Not in our lifetimes.”

“There is enthusiasm on the Trump side like there isn’t anywhere else in this entire campaign. No other candidate, Republican, Democrat, independent, has anything like this going on.”

“Dr. Larry Arnn is one of the most brilliant people I know. It’s fascinating. He’s one of the few people I have a conversation with and I don’t talk. Actually, I don’t talk in a lot of conversations, I listen. That’s how you learn. But with Dr. Arnn you don’t want to talk. A subject comes up and he’s on a roll.”

“It’s an interesting thing to discuss, how has the Constitution survived. I mean, there’s no penalty. The Constitution’s not gonna eat you if you ignore it. The Constitution’s not the gonna call somebody and have you shot. And yet for most of our 200 years there has been remarkable adherence to it. And this has come from the character of the leaders that we’ve had.”

“We have somebody in the White House to whom the Constitution’s become an obstacle, and he’s by no means the first, and he’s by no means the only. All kinds of liberals. And many of them in his cabinet, many of them in his Regime who also think the Constitution is an obstacle that has to be overcome, swept out of the way, either privately or publicly.”

“The Constitution is a great obstacle to totalitarians and statists and authoritarians.”

“Who gets to define who is and who isn’t presidential? Obama has called Republicans hostage takers and terrorists. Was that presidential? Hillary said the media shamed Trump into giving his $1 million donation to the vets. She’s lying. Is lying like that acting presidential?”

“I’m thinking about flying to Memphis and picking up a FedEx package they just can’t get to me on time. It’s happening about 20% of the time now. Stuff doesn’t get out of Memphis on time even though it’s there in plenty of time to make the plane to Palm Beach.”




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