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Newt Says Trump Will Change the Electoral Map

RUSH: Newt Gingrich says that Donald Trump will change the electoral map.  He’s gonna put Democrat states in play.  Gingrich thinks it’s gonna be bigger than anybody is even conceiving.  He thinks it’s gonna be so big that there’s gonna be a new bloc of voters called Trump Americans, like there were Reagan Democrats, there will be Trump Americans.  And he thinks Hillary is toast.  That’s Newt Gingrich.

How Bad Was that Monster Storm That Ripped Through the Carolinas? 

RUSH: Anyway, long holiday weekends like the one we just…  By the way, did North Carolina survive that big storm?  Has anybody heard?  I checked Drudge every day over the weekend and I couldn’t find anything and there were no updates on it.  All it said on Drudge was that this tropical storm — Bully, whatever it was — was on its way to the Carolinas, but I never saw it.  Did life go on in South Carolina? (interruption) Okay, good, ’cause I didn’t see anything.  I’ve been worried all weekend.  


RUSH:  It’s good to be back here, folks, from the long holiday weekend.  We just checked.  North Carolina, South Carolina, okay.  No major damage or loss of life was reported after that monster storm went through there whenever it went through there.  It was so big, nobody had time to report it.  

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