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Remember 2008, students all over America jumped on the Obama bandwagon of “hope and change?” Well, over the weekend, the New York Times revealed the “changes” students got for their votes.

City University of New York is the largest urban university in the country: 45,000 employees and over a quarter million students. Since the 2008 recession, the state, run by Democrats, has slashed funding. Tuition has jumped over 30 percent.

At the 24 schools in the university system, things have changed alright. For the worse. At some campuses,  leaky ceilings present an obstacle course when it rains. Bathrooms run out of toilet paper. Students are afraid to plug their laptops into outlets which short out. Rodents and insects infest many of the campuses. One professor had to interrupt his lecture to stomp a swarm of huge water bugs. Which are basically monster roaches, not talking about the faculty. 

And that’s just scratching the surface. The staff is stuffed with overpriced administrators, while unions threaten to strike because employees haven’t had a raise in six years. The entire system is collapsing, despite millions spent keeping it afloat.

While all this happened, Obama the “hope and change” Messiah of college kids has been in the White House. And his fellow Democrats have been running New York. And they’ve run their prize university, into the ground. It’s a liberal “hot mess.” And yet they escape all accountability for it.

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