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Crazy Bernie Declares War on DisneyRUSH: Crazy Bernie ripped into Disney the other day. Did you hear about this? Bernie Sanders said, “I say to Walt Disney, ‘It’s time to pay your workers a living wage! It’s time to provide affordable housing to your employees. It’s time to start manufacturing your products in the United States of America.'” Well, it didn’t sit well with the CEO at Disney, Bob Iger, who actually posted something on a private Facebook post seen by The Wrap.

“To Bernie Sanders,” said Iger. “We created 11,000 new jobs at Disneyland in the past decade, and our company has created 18,000 in the US the last five years. How many jobs have you created? What have you contributed to the US economy?” Whoa! This is why Democrats are nervous about Crazy Bernie debating Trump. Crazy Bernie is the Democrat Party, and they don’t want that seen.

Reaganomics Band Gets Back Together to Advise TrumpRUSH: Bloomberg News: “Bloomberg: Reaganomics Band Gets Back Together to Advise Trump on Plan.” That would be Art Laffer, Larry Kudlow, and Stephen Moore. Art Laffer, Larry Kudlow, and Stephen Moore are getting together — well, actually Kudlow and Moore have been working with the Trump campaign on the tax plan, advising Trump to cut some deductions for high income Americans and raise money by broadening the tax base.

Basically Stephen Moore says it’s the JFK-Reagan supply-side tax cutting agenda that worked to cause a big economic boom in the sixties and the eighties, and he says we could do it again. That’s all true. Well, I’m gonna reserve comment. Laffer, no question, was a Reaganite. Kudlow, well, I mean, these are Reaganites — I don’t know if Kudlow was there, Stephen Moore was there. Laffer was. But it doesn’t matter. They’re all right on the policy.

Trump Doesn’t Know About Transgender BathroomsRUSH: “Trump: ‘I Don’t Know Yet’ What’s the Right Thing For States To Do on Transgender Bathrooms.” How does that answer sit with you? “I don’t know yet what’s the right thing for states to do.” This was on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night on ABC.

“After Trump said he believes the decision on which bathroom transgendered people should use should be a state issue, he was asked how he would vote if New York was deciding. He answered, ‘Well, the party generally believes that whatever you’re born, that’s the bathroom you use.’ Kimmel then asked, ‘But what about you?’ To which Trump stated, ‘I say let the states decide.’

“After being asked again what he personally supports, Trump repeated that he wants the states to decide, and they’ll ‘hopefully’ do ‘the right thing.’ When asked what the right thing is, Trump answered, ‘I don’t know yet.'”

You know what my guess is? In the big scheme of things, this doesn’t matter to Trump. In the big scheme of things for Trump, this is not a hill to die on. Let it go over there and people forget about it, whatever. But it is important to a lot of people, because it’s not about transgendered bathrooms. We’re talking one-tenth of 1% of the population. This is the latest salvo in the culture war being fought, to totally overthrow and upturn the concept of Judeo-Christian morality that was part of this nation’s founding.

That’s what this represents. That’s why it’s important to people. There aren’t enough transgender people to worry about here in this sense. I mean, you could solve this problem very easily with one bathroom, with one toilet and a door that locks. It’s that simple. And the fact that that will not be allowed and that that solution is not accepted should be all you need to know about it. If the problem is that transgendered people feel nervous or humiliated or ashamed, then give them ultimate privacy.

One bathroom, anybody can go into it one at a time. The sign on the door says “Toilet” or “Bathroom” or whatever. It doesn’t say “Men.” Doesn’t say “Women.” Doesn’t say “Senorita,” “Muchacho,” whatever, none of that. Just says bathroom. Anybody can use it, male, female, transgender, whatever; but it’s got one facility, and you can lock the door.

“But, but, Mr. Limbaugh, what about like at a ballpark where there –” Okay, then have two or three of them, but there’s only room for one person in there, and the door locks. Problem solved. No, unacceptable.

Exxon Shareholders Meeting Drives Left NutsRUSH: Reuters: “Trump Vows to Undo Obama’s Climate Agenda in Appeal to Oil Sector.” Right on, right. Did you hear, by the way, what happened at the Exxon shareholders meeting? I read about this in one of my tech blogs. These little techers, they were fit to be tied. There were 11 different proposals that various shareholders had put forth at the Exxon shareholders meeting to advocate for, to acknowledge climate change and global warming and to affect Exxon corporate policy, and all 11 of ’em went down to almost unanimous defeat.

You know the CEO at Exxon, I think is still the CEO, one of the best names for an oil company CEO ever. Rex Tillerson. What a great name for an oil company CEO. Not Thornton Bradshaw IV, but Rex Tillerson. And there was a Thornton Bradshaw IV and I ran — what did he run? In fact, it may have been a West Coast oil company. Yeah, ARCO, Atlantic Richfield. Thornton — might have been Thornton W. Bradshaw. The fourth. Or the fifth. Esquire, whatever. Rex Tillerson, CEO, ExxonMobil.

Glenn Reynolds: Why We Need a White, Male PresidentRUSH: Yesterday on this program, I mentioned that Glenn Reynolds, the law professor at University of Tennessee had written a column on why obey the law anymore? What is the Constitution? It’s a piece of paper. Why do people obey it? Why has it survived? Which is an interesting case study. And his point was: If our leaders are not gonna obey the law — if they’re gonna corrupt themselves and the Constitution — why should anybody else obey it? It was a good point. But he’s got another one. Two days later he’s backing up with another one in USA Today. This one’s even more provocative.

“Why the President Needs to Be White, Male, and Republican.” Glenn Reynolds. You know what the answer to this is? The only way a president will be held accountable is if he’s white, if he’s male, and if he’s Republican. No other president, according to Mr. Reynolds, will be held accountable. Obama hasn’t been. The first female president will not be held accountable by the media. She’ll be allowed to get away with whatever ’cause she’s historic, the first female — and besides, you can’t hit the girl; you can’t be critical to the girl.

So first Hispanic, the same thing. But you’re — and a Democrat. A Democrat president, whoever. Bill Clinton is always gonna be able to escape accountability. But if you’re worried about the Constitution, and you want it brought back into power — if you want the Constitution to prevail — elect a white, male Republican. It’s the only type of president who will ever be held accountable. Glenn Reynolds, USA Today.

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