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“I hope your Memorial Day is memorable, reflective, and grateful.”

“We are honoring the war dead on Memorial Day. We’re honoring the war dead.  We’re honoring those who have sacrificed everything they have.That’s what Memorial Day is.” 

“Fewer and fewer people know the reason for Memorial Day. It’s just the first real weekend of summer, a three-day weekend, barbecues and so forth. That’s why I think education is important.  I’m really glad my dad drilled into me these things that he had lived through and it helped me relate to him better and understand the things he thought were important and why he was raising me the way he was.” 

“Memorial Day is one of these days, it’s been for a long time, people don’t know what it really is all about, and there’s nothing you can do about it.  It’s just part of natural human evolution.  It takes effort, a concerted effort to teach people things that they can’t relate to ’cause they weren’t alive when they happened.” 

“Through the continuous support of donors, the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation distributes aid and assistance to the children of Marines or federal law enforcement personnel killed on duty or died under extraordinary circumstances while serving our country at home or abroad. There is no overhead, meaning 100% of the donations received are used to fund programs.” 

“It just is inspiring every time I’m around former military people, in uniform or not. As I get older, I have a greater awe and respect for what they do and why they do it.” 

“This Hillary email stuff, she’s just looking like an idiot here now as she tries to explain all this away. She’s keeping it alive. It’s not going away. They’re not gonna be able to get rid of this, no what happens with the nomination. Throughout the whole campaign it’s gonna be dragging along.”

“What a brilliant idea. I don’t know if Trump even knows how brilliant the idea he has is to debate Crazy Bernie. You talk about a brilliant idea.” 

“Crazy Bernie is just pedal-to-the-metal, testicles to the wall as far as he can go socialist, and nobody has seen it. This is the most exciting guy in the Democrat Party. That’s why they’re worried, folks.”  

“Remember, Democrat Party, it’s as true today as it was 27 years when I started this program. They cannot win national elections by being honest about their intentions.”  

“Hillary Clinton and the feminazis of today do not portray pregnancy as some wonderful thing.  It’s an illness, if they need it to be. It’s a disease, if they need it to be. Whatever they need a pregnancy to be to justify an abortion is what it is. Because abortion is the objective, not birth.”    

“The Democrat Party today and the Democrat Party when I was growing up, there isn’t any comparison.  I’m still stunned at how seemingly overnight has been the move of the Democrat Party to total radical socialism.” 

“When I lived out in Sacramento, I worked there from 1984 through 1987. And the mayor at the time was a woman named Anne Rudin. And one thing I do remember is that every anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a bunch of leftists would gather in Sacramento somewhere and have a huge day-long apology ceremony.”  

“If Barack Obama told everybody what was gonna happen to the national debt before he ran for office as part of his campaign, he wouldn’t have gotten elected. If he had explained exactly what was going to happen with the passage of Obamacare, he would not have been elected. He had to lie.” 

“The Democrats camouflage, lie, and hide behind all kinds of camouflage and cover to keep people from knowing what they really believe.  Bernie Sanders doesn’t. ” 

“Anybody find it coincidental Obama’s over in Japan lamenting the bombs at Hiroshima, Nagasaki, on Memorial Day Weekend?”

“Today there is guilt in victory. There is an attempt at humility in victory. And even when we win we’re not supposed to act like it. And even when we win we’re supposed to regret that it had to happen. And even when we win, we’re supposed to promise never to do it again.”

“I would go so far as to say that, to many in this country, the American left per se, the whole concept of a victorious America is the problem. The whole idea of America winning, particularly in a military conflict or economic or what have you, is bad, ’cause we’ve won more than our share. It’s not fair.”      

“Everything the Republican establishment said they had to do to win the White House is being shown not necessary.” 

“The Tea Party exists to reduce the size of government, government spending, and Trump’s out there saying, ‘I’m not gonna cut Social Security. I don’t think we ought to! I don’t think we ought to even talk about cutting Social Security.’  My guess is that’s one of the primary reasons they’ve got for opposing him.” 

“Hillary Clinton and her band of feminazis are the people who have tried to justify abortion on the premise that pregnancy is an illness. Don’t doubt me.” 

“We have a best-of show coming up on Monday. It’s hard to pick from the best-of roster ’cause they’re all best-of shows. But we’ve got one for Memorial Day. You don’t want to miss it Monday.”

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