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“We have Obama in Japan saying that Trump is rattling foreign leaders because they’re afraid his policies might not be thought through. Frankly, I am ready for foreign leaders to be a little rattled by what’s happening in this country. As opposed to what they have become accustomed to and what they have come to expect out of this country, which is a blank check.” 

“The effort to change Trump is going to be intense from within his own campaign. It’ll be well intentioned, but it’ll be wrong. The biggest mistake Trump could make would be to take any of that advice. The biggest mistake Trump could make would be to listen to anybody who tells him it’s time to change.” 

“If I had been forced to take the advice of I-can’t-tell-you-how-many consultants — I’m talking, 10, 12 — I wouldn’t be here today. My program would have been a failure. Even 28 years later, they’re out there saying, ‘He can’t do it that way. It isn’t gonna last!'” 

“Folks, there’s envy and there’s jealousy within every organization, and in something like Trump’s — which is red hot. It is the focus of attention in the modern world today, and everybody involved wants the light to shine on them, too. It’s human nature.” 

“In the 30 years that I’ve been doing this program, I have had two people not try to change me. Everybody else that I’ve worked with in management or consultants, tried to get me to change. Some of them even threatened to fire me if I didn’t change.” 

“Everybody who is a powerful personality, who is generating a lot of heat, who is winning at what he’s doing and Trump’s doing all of that by a multiple factor of 10, Trump just owns it right now.  And there are people that don’t like that. I don’t know who they are, but I will guarantee you he’s being advised to change.”  

“Deep down, no real woman respects any man who can be so easily PC-whipped — or woman, either — and whatever else that you might say about Trump, that is something that he isn’t.” 

“Something you and I would think is as innocuous as the National Anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner can mean something to Donald Trump. Because there are people in this country who don’t like it. Democrats, leftists, anti-Americans. Something as simple as what is considered to be noncontroversial, tradition — the singing of the National Anthem — can become provocative.” 

“One of the silliest narratives that’s out there is Donald Trump hates women. Donald Trump loves women. He happens to really like beautiful women. That’s being portrayed as kooky and abnormal and strange and weird and something we must investigate. But it is the most natural thing since God created Adam and Eve, that a man is attracted to women he finds attractive, and all men have different definitions of attractive. That is manifestly obvious. There’s nothing unnatural about it.” 

“Donald Trump is following his instincts, and he has a deeper bond and connection with his voters than any candidate in this race, including Bernie.”     

“You look at Obama’s policies, foreign or domestic, I don’t know where you see the benefit to the US. Trend that, Facebook. I don’t know where you see the benefit.” 

“Hillary Clinton has released a plan that would ‘dissolve the US border in 100 days.”  It’s her amnesty plan. That would be the practical result of it.” 

“What policy, what achievement of Obama’s would you point to that has made America a better place, that’s made America stronger? What Obama policy would you point to that has the American people cheering and feeling good about their country? Can you name one?” 

“Isn’t the mind-set of the left such that, when Obama accomplishes things, if it makes conservatives and Republicans mad, that’s what makes it a success? And if it punishes America and punishes certain Americans, isn’t that what makes the left happy?” 

“Things that rein America in from our excessive superpower ways, things that cut America down to size, things that punish individual American achievers. Those are the things Obama does that his supporters applaud.” 

“Mrs. Clinton’s plan for full citizenship in the first 100 days of her presidency is the guaranteed way to bring every illegal alien out of the shadows. That’ll do it. A full-fledged promise of citizenship for them and their families, whether they’re here or not.” 

“I guarantee you that these in-the-shadow illegal immigrants coming out of the shadows are gonna know full well the deal is vote Democrat, register Democrat. That’s gonna be the deal.” 

“We have people buying guns at a rate approaching a record, and it’s not because they’re feeling safe.  The last thing Americans are feeling is safe, otherwise they wouldn’t be out buying guns to the tune that they are.” 

“Where is all this prosperity that Obama brags about? Where is all this security that Obama brags about? I think people are more nervous, edgy, frightened, insecure, scared, even people that have jobs, even people who have savings accounts are worried it’s gonna vanish or they’re worried they’re gonna lose their jobs. That seems to be where everything’s trending.” 

“Hillary Clinton has to be very careful when she talks about things like the economy because the economy is a voting issue, and she can’t give up the ghost that the Obama economy is rotten.” 

“If everything were hunky-dory, if things were happy-go-lucky, and everybody was feeling jazzed and excited about the future, Hillary Clinton would be running as Barack Obama III. And she’s not. And this presidential campaign wouldn’t have the character it has at all if things were occurring on top of a foundation of happiness and good vibes. They clearly are not.”

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