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RUSH: Greetings, my friends, and welcome, great to have you here. Yet another excursion into broadcast excellence hosted by me, Rush Limbaugh, your guiding light through times of trouble, confusion, murkiness, tumult, Millennials still living at home, not wanting to get married, not able to find work, all of that plus even good times, I am your guiding light. Happy to be here. Telephone number, 800-282-2882. The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Now, I mentioned at the end of the program yesterday there really wasn’t much of anything out there, but you would never have known it based on the quality of this program. Nobody makes lemonade out of sour lemons better than we do here. Nobody turns chicken you-know-what into chicken salad. Yesterday was one of those days. Now, today we’re a little bit more loaded than we were yesterday. There’s a little bit more out there today. In fact, there’s quite a bit more out there today, and we’re gonna be touching on all of it plus chatting with you about it. Your host, ladies and gentlemen, I just found out, is trending the top of the Fakebook, whatever they call it, trending, I’m at the top of it. And you know why? Here’s what it says. Top of the trending: “Rush Limbaugh: Host says he won’t endorse Donald Trump because, ‘What difference does it make now?'” I wonder if anybody — (laughing) We had a call yesterday. “All right. Are you gonna finally now get with it? I mean, the primaries are essentially over. Are you gonna bite the bullet?” I said, “No, what difference does it make now?” Clearly a play off Hillary Clinton and Benghazi. I don’t know how many people picked that up, and I don’t know how many Fakebook curators, news curators or readers.

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