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“I got nothing to do with the Trump campaign. Zilch, zero, nada.  A lot of other people do, but I don’t. And I told everybody way back when that Trump’s gonna go where nobody else goes with the Clintons. He’s gonna go there.”

“Do you know now that arriving illegals are being separated into three different categories? Adults, children, and trans. I’m not kidding you. There are separate facilities for transgendered illegal aliens now. One-tenth of one-tenth of 1% of the illegal population.”

“As far as the Millennials are concerned, Donald Trump is running negative ads about Hillary — or is Donald Trump doing the job the American media refuses to do? Is Donald Trump telling people who don’t know things, things they don’t know, that the media won’t tell ’em, or is he engaged in just smears?  And I think the odds are it’s gonna be seen as the opposite. I think it’s gonna be seen as Trump doing the job the American media and the Republican Party won’t do.” 

“There is such fear, so much fear, lingering fear of Obama’s race and being called a racist that nobody, Trump, nobody’s going there, nobody on the Republican side. And in fact, the entire reason that we have Trump leading this campaign right now is precisely because of what Obama has done in the last seven and a half years.” 

“I don’t care what color he is or gender or trans, he’s president of the United States. The guy has attempted to subvert the US Constitution every day of his presidency, it seems like, and nobody’s willing to go there, very much. Trump does some, but it’s amazing how insulated the Obama presidency is.”  

“I think the Democrats wanted to gain the same kind of advantage with Hillary. First female president, therefore make her immune to any criticism because it would be sexist. But there doesn’t seem to be any fear whatsoever on the part of the anybody to go after her. The fact that she might become the first female president is irrelevant. It’s not stopping anybody.” 

“I still think people are having a tough time really understanding what Trump’s all about even now, so out of the box unconventional is he and his personage, if you will, when attached to what we consider to be the norms of a political campaign, presidential or otherwise.” 

“There are a lot of Millennials who do not have any idea about the Clinton nineties. They were not born or they were not old enough. At the same time, that means they were not captivated by the media treatment of the Clintons, which was fawning idolatry. They were not part and parcel of that.” 

“What is so wrong about people being reminded of the legitimate past of Bill and Hillary Clinton? You know what? The reason why people are shocked and go, ‘Oh!’ is because the media wouldn’t do it.” 

“The Reverend Sharpton and his group are now demanding that cases like Freddie Gray can never again be tried by a judge, that’s what they’re demanding, even a black judge. So it becomes clear, real justice is the last thing these people want. The dirty little secret of the civil rights movement:  The last thing they want is justice, ’cause they just got it, and they’re not happy.” 

“A lot of young people will find any behavior like that of Bill Clinton to be reprehensible and indefensible. The Republicans won’t go there. The Drive-Bys won’t go there. Trump is going there, and because he did, all of this stuff has now effervesced up to the surface.” 

“I love Salon.com telling the media that they cannot let Trump go after Bill Clinton. ‘It Must Stop Now … Bill Clinton isn’t running for president, and what he did with his penis 30 years ago is irrelevant,’ according to the Salon.com.”  

“Mrs. Clinton has no more in common with average, ordinary Americans than somebody from Mars. In fact, Mrs. Clinton’s whole life has been to distance herself from that.” 

“Going after Mrs. Clinton on the speech income, $21 million in two years doing 20-minute speeches, minimum price, $225,000? Who can do that? There isn’t anyone. And there’s nothing compelling about Mrs. Clinton. She’s selling access. She is selling her presidency. Her presidency has been bought.” 

“Crazy Bernie has become a fly, you know? He’s on the wall. He’s the buzzing around the ice cream. He won’t leave the fruit alone. They want to swat him away, and he won’t go away. And now, now he’s demanding an official recount for Kentucky. This is gonna drive Debbie ‘Blabbermouth’ Schultz off the wall. She is gonna go nuts.”  

“Is anything in the past ever out of bounds for a Republican candidate? The media will quote sources that are 20, 25 years old (that have personal grudges and so forth) in their efforts to destroy Republicans. When it comes to the Clintons, no reporting of any of this stuff ever went on.”  

“Bill Clinton loves center stage. He doesn’t care whether they’re talking about his penis, Lewinsky, or his economy, anything, he just loves being there.” 

“I think with Trump, you have to throw out everything you know. You have to throw out your experience. You have to throw out the expectations. You have to throw out the formulas, because you can’t plug him in to any of it.” 

“America is bankrupt. Barack Obama has practically doubled the national debt. We are bankrupt! We don’t have any money. The Democrats have proven they know only how to spend it and print it.” 

“Rush Limbaugh: ‘Subtle as a cannonball.’  That’s how a caller from Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, described me. I think we’re very nuanced here. I think we’re more nuanced and detailed here than you get anywhere else, but it’s rooted in respect for the intelligence of the audience.”

“Feminism has let women down in every incident involving Bill Clinton. Feminism has not been there. Feminism has not been defending the women involved with Bill Clinton. In fact, feminism has joined with Hillary Clinton trying to destroy those women.” 



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