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RUSH:  As I understand it, Crazy Bernie is asking for a recanvas of votes, which is just a review of the total votes as originally tabulated.  It’s not a full recount per se.  I don’t know what the difference in a review and a recount is.  Recount, I guess, would include a full examination of ballots and machines and so forth.  This is just basically tabulating a result.

Now, Kentucky — again, as I understand it, and I understand more than most — Kentucky allocates its delegates proportionally, so Sanders would likely only stand to gain one pledged delegate, even if the ultimate winner is amended after the recanvas.  If the recanvassing shows he actually won, he picks up one delegate.  That’s what’s at stake here.  So it’s a lot of window dressing.  He’s just trying to harass ’em.  He is.  He’s the fly buzzing around the ice cream at the social on Sunday afternoon.  Or the grill or whatever. No matter what they do, he won’t go away.  He’s trying to irritate ’em here, plus Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz.

Jay in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, you’re next.  It’s great to have you with us on the EIB Network.  Hi.

CALLER:  Great to be here, Rush.  I listen to you all the time ’cause you’re as subtle as a cannonball.  You are right on.

RUSH:  I appreciate it.  Thank you very much.

CALLER:  But, anyway, what I want to talk about is Hillary, silicone Hillary, who Whitewater doesn’t seem to stick, Benghazi doesn’t stick, and the servers might not stick, and Clarabelle, Bernie Sanders, they’re looking for the support of Obama, who is doing the tango in Argentina while people were being blown up in Brussels.  Is this the support you want?  How do you feel about that, Rush?

RUSH:  Let me see if I can cut to the quick of your question.  You’re asking me who do I think Obama’s gonna support, Crazy Bernie or Hillary?

CALLER:  Just about.

RUSH:  That’s the question?


RUSH:  And what does the fact that Obama was tangoing with a bunch of different authors down there in Argentina have to do with it?

CALLER:  He’s mocking the American people.

RUSH:  Oh, yes.  Well, I think Obama, in that choice, is obviously committed to Mrs. Clinton, otherwise she would be in trouble.  If Obama really wanted Crazy Bernie, he would have done something to show that.  Depends on who you run into.  There are still people who think that Clinton is gonna have the boom lowered on her by Obama at some point, and Biden is going to jump in and be the nominee because there supposedly animosity between the Clintons and the Obamas and so forth.  I think that’s a pipe dream. The exact opposite at the DOJ, seems to me, to be what’s happening here.

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