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RUSH: Speaking of the nineties playbook, ABC Good Morning America, co-host George Stephanopoulos, speaking with their political commentator Cokie Roberts, and he said, “Donald Trump is heading back to the nineties playbook, Cokie, going back to so many of these issues that were discussed then.  The question is, what kind of relevance is it gonna have,” meaning all this Lewinsky stuff and the women. “What relevance is it gonna have for voters now?”

ROBERTS:  A lot of people don’t remember these things ’cause they weren’t born.  But, you know, look.  This election’s gonna come down to how white women vote.  And I think that the fact is that women will be very upset if they think that — that another woman is being blamed for her husband’s infidelities.  He is coming across as a bully, and the smart thing for her to do is just not engage on this.

RUSH:  All right.  What about that?  Women — blanket assertion here — women, white women, Cokie Roberts says white women are gonna be the determining factor in the election.  Might that statement not tick off African-American women?  And Hispanic women?  But that’s incidental.  The money quote here is, “Women will be very upset if they think that another woman is being blamed for her husband’s infidelities.”

Now, is that what Trump is saying?  Trump isn’t saying that.  Trump is saying she enabled him.  Trump is referring to Hillary running the bimbo operations unit.  This is what women today don’t know happened in the nineties.  This is what has to be made clear, that Hillary was in charge of advising the unit that systematically destroyed women who stepped forward to accuse Bill Clinton of abusing them or what have you.

It is Mrs. Clinton who has said in this campaign that every woman alleging rape deserves to be believed.  It is Mrs. Clinton who has said that every woman alleging sexual harassment deserves to be believed.  Yet she ran a unit designed to make sure that none of the women alleging this about her husband were believed.  Not only that, she ran the unit that was designed to destroy those women.  Those women were reached before they had gone public and were threatened.  That’s what the bimbo eruptions unit was.

I’ll tell you who actually ran it was a woman named Betsey Wright, one of the confidantes from Arkansas.  But Hillary was hands-on on all of this stuff, because it all goes back to the fundamental question:  Bill Clinton was cheating on Hillary Clinton in Arkansas and Hillary knew it.  I want to know what are women, as Cokie Roberts says, white women, I need to know, I need some of you women to call and help me out here.  What do you white women think of a woman who knows full well her husband is cheating, doesn’t do anything about it, and then systematically tries to harm the women who might come forward and inform people?

Cokie Roberts seems to know. She seems pretty confident that women are gonna be very upset if they think that another woman’s being blamed for her husband’s infidelities.  So what she’s saying is, look, I can criticize my husband for whatever he’s doing, but you can’t, you better not.  It’s a close the ranks family loyalty thing, I guess.  But that’s not what Trump is saying.  Trump is saying that Hillary was actively engaged in whatever action was taken against the women, which is hypocritical; at the least it’s hypocritical.

Mrs. Clinton, from a standpoint of modern feminism, the woman is always believed.  The guy is the reprobate.  The guy is the predator.  The guy is always guilty in any allegation.  Why is her husband exempt?  I think that’s where Trump’s going with all this. How successful he ends up being at it I couldn’t begin to tell you.

John Heilemann and Mark Halperin on their Bloomberg show With All Due Respect, a little concerned about polls showing Trump and Hillary in a dead heat.  Remember, Trump was supposed to lose in a landslide. If he was to ever get the nomination, it was gonna be he’s gonna get 20, 30% of the vote. It was gonna be fini.  She was just gonna wrap this up, and a lot of Republicans thought that, too.  Now Trump is ahead of or tied in two major polls, and these two guys, time to spin.

Halperin: I think the reality for her is, this is good news, it’s a wake-up call.  You know, a lot of Democrats said, “Yeah, when the Clinton campaign says this is gonna be a tight race, it’s a divided country,” a lot of people didn’t believe it. I sense now in the Clinton campaign a greater sense of urgency, and an ability to raise money and rally support, which they didn’t have before.  So, the fact that they got a wake-up call this early, is good.

RUSH:  Oh, yes, everything’s cool now, everything’s fine.  Over the weekend and yesterday morning, the Drive-Bys were in disarray and were very troubled by these poll results, but Halperin and Heilemann have come to the rescue.  “Hey, it’s all good news.  This is gonna shake Hillary up.  You know what?  This is gonna wake Hillary up.  This is gonna let Hillary know she doesn’t have a slam dunk here. This is gonna get her in gear and engaged, and that’s where Hillary shines,” they hope.  Heilemann then added his two cents.

Heilemann: It’s also good for her, because it shows that he’s in the race. People will say that’s not true. It’s obviously true. The biggest problem back in 2012 for the Obama campaign was donors and others thinking, “Oh, this is in the bag against Romney,” and people not being willing to write checks to the super PACs. People will now see Trump coming and say, “Hey, we gotta help Hillary Clinton.”   And I think once she gets past the Sanders thing, Democrats are gonna be more likely to come home, if they’re afraid Trump can win, than if they think that she’s got a huge, insurmountable lead.

RUSH:  But wait.  Trump was never gonna win.  Remember, now, Trump was gonna lose in a landslide.  Trump was never even gonna be close.  Now all of a sudden these polls are good news?  Excellent news for Mrs. Clinton, ’cause this is gonna show everybody that Trump could win, this is gonna cause Democrats to come home because Trump is so reviled, Trump is so disgusting. Trump is so hated and all these people are gonna see the precarious nature of the campaign that Trump’s tied with Hillary and it’s great, great news.  Here’s Hilary Rosen on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon.  And this is rewriting history, too.

ROSEN:  I really think any Republican we would be in the same position with right now.  When you come down to it, this is a pretty divided country.  And so, you know, it is going to be very quickly, I think, a 46-46 race.  And, like every presidential campaign of the last four or five cycles, both candidates are fighting over that like middle 6%, because they end up being the deciders in this election.  So I do think it’s gonna be close right up to the end, and I do think that’s where Hillary Clinton’s team always thought it would end up.

RUSH:  See how they’re rewriting this?  No, no, no, nobody thought this.  There’s nobody on the Republican side.  Many on the Republican side still think Trump’s gonna lose in a landslide.  They still think Trump equals Armageddon.  People on the Democrat Party side, no way Trump was gonna get anywhere near.  But now notice the history revision.  “Oh, well, you know, it’s always been a 46-46 race, we’ve always said it’s gonna be close. We’ve always said that it was gonna be tight.  We’ve always said a divided country.”  They did not.  They were not.  These people are in a state of shock.

Folks, I cannot harp enough on the fact that the Democrats never factored on any of this being the case.  It didn’t matter who the Republicans nominated, Hillary was going to be coronated.  There wasn’t gonna be any Crazy Bernie.  There wasn’t gonna be any close primary race, and she was gonna be leading in the polls from the starting gate in the presidential race.  It was all pro forma.  It was all taken care of.  None of this was in the cards.  So now they’re having to publicly revise and extend their remarks.  “Oh, we’re not surprised, this is exactly where we were all telling everybody it was going to be.”

Now to Hillary Clinton herself in Detroit yesterday.  This is the SEIU international convention, Service Employees International Union.  We have a couple of sound bites of Hillary remarks there.  Here’s the first.

HILLARY:  The last thing we need is a bully in the pulpit.  He could bankrupt America like he’s bankrupted his companies.

RUSH:  America is bankrupt.  Barack Obama has practically doubled the national debt.  We are bankrupt.  We don’t have any money.  The Democrats have proven they know only how to spend it and print it.  The next Mrs. Clinton bite.

HILLARY:  We are coming to the end of the Democratic primaries.  I applaud Senator Sanders and his supporters for challenging us.  We are gonna get unaccountable money out of politics.  We are gonna take on the crisis of income inequality.

RUSH:  Come on.  Are you kidding?

HILLARY:  And we are going to unify the Democrat Party and stop Donald Trump!

RUSH:  I can’t handle the shouting, I feel like I just can’t stand it!  “And we are going to and we are –”  She’s serious?  She’s gonna get accountable money out of politics?  The woman that raises the equivalent of $5 million a day doing speeches, at two years and $21 million, roughly $5 million a day doing speeches.  Unaccountable money, the hundred million dollars in the Clinton Crime Family Foundation foreign sources, she’s gonna get the unaccountable money out of politics?


RUSH:  Let me have Patricia here from Sebring, Florida, who wants to weigh in on Cokie Roberts and her claim that white women are gonna elect Hillary ’cause they’re not gonna like a bully running around doing whatever Trump does to white women.  Patricia, hi.  Great to have you on the program.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH:  You bet.

CALLER:  Well, you called for white woman to call in, and I am a white woman.  I’m 63 years old.  I’m a little younger than Hillary, but I will not be voting for Hillary.  I must say a number of years ago when she was running to get the nomination with Obama, I considered it.  I always want to vote for the best person.  However, she has done things over the last eight years that have proven to me she is not presidential material.  She cannot be trusted.  And she’s not strong.  In reference to Bill Clinton —

RUSH:  But wait.  Hold it a minute now.  Cokie Roberts, none of that matters.  She’s a woman.  That’s all that matters.  Women support women. Women are downtrodden. Women are stepped on. Women are discriminated against. Women stand up for women because of the alignment of men against ’em.  That’s not true?

CALLER:  No.  I mean, we do have brains, we do think, and, again, the biggest thing for me is when she was testifying regarding Benghazi, I cannot see her being commander-in-chief of our military.  My dad’s a retired Air Force, I grew up a number of years on a military base, and I cannot see her being commander-in-chief when she waves her arm and says, “Well, what difference does it make?”  It makes a lot of difference.  People are putting their lives on the line in all different areas of our country to protect our freedom.  But again, if she were strong regarding Monica Lewinsky, when she found out about that, she should have kicked Bill Clinton out of the White House, thrown all of his clothes out of the second floor window of the White House, and then she would have been a strong woman.

RUSH:  It was never gonna happen.

CALLER:  To put up with those shenanigans is ridiculous.

RUSH:  In the first place, a wife can’t kick the president out of the White House.  It’s his official residence.  If anybody leaves, it would have to be her.

CALLER:  Oh, no, I know that Rush, but I’m just saying.

RUSH:  It was never gonna happen.  It was never, ever going to happen.  Look, Patricia, here’s the thing.  Serious question, since you’ve called and you wanted to talk about this.  I know the phenomenon.  You know, Clinton himself successfully created and marketed to a group of women known as soccer moms.  And it was fantastic to watch this.  It was during the nineties and Bill Clinton, using feminism, the whole Clinton campaign successfully made a bunch of women believe that he loved them more than their own husbands, that he was more concerned about daily life challenges than their own husbands.

They were dubbed soccer moms.  TIME magazine ran a cover story on the whole phenomenon of soccer moms.  They found a woman, a model to go out there and be a prototype typical soccer mom. They typecast the group of women and made it look like that that was the largest group of single-minded women in America.  They were wives and mothers who ferried their kids around all day long and had no life for themselves while their husbands were out living the life of Riley.  And it was Bill Clinton who was gonna save, protect, and defend the soccer moms.

And in that instance there apparently were a whole bunch of women that bought into that and had groupthink over it.  And I’ve been fascinated by it because women say, “We don’t think alike. You can’t typecast us.” Yet Clinton pulled it off.  And they’re clearly trying to, again, not under the soccer mom meme, but women are bullied by men.  Trump is a bully.  Therefore, all women are going to unite against Trump no matter what, because —

CALLER:  Well, I originally went into this with the idea of voting for Jeb Bush.  I thought he made an excellent governor.  However, when he was so strong in favor of Common Core, I thought, Jeb, you are out of touch.  You have never helped a fifth or sixth grader with their homework as I have a friend’s child.  And, again, out of touch.  Children are not learning basics.  Okay, they’re confused, they’re frustrated, and they’re not learning, and sometimes they’re just giving up.

But, anyway, throughout all of this I’ve been paying attention, I listen to some of the talk shows off and on, but I must say that I am in support of Donald Trump.  He’s proven to be successful.  And, yes, when you are successful, you also have losses.  There’s no way anyone can succeed in life without sometimes losing and failing, because otherwise you’re doing nothing.  You don’t ever fail, you do nothing.

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  So I believe if you follow someone that is successful that surrounds himself with successful people, that helps bring other people up, and also our country, the most important thing is our national security and our economy.  Without those two things, we are nothing.  We cannot help anybody.  Not only in this country, but in the world,

RUSH:  Cokie Roberts doesn’t think there are very many women like you out there.  You’re talking about things that the average woman’s not interested in, doesn’t care about. According to Cokie Roberts most women are gonna unite around Hillary because Hillary is one of them, white woman, put upon by her predatory or cheating husband or what have you.  It amazes me the way leftists assign groupthink to all of the groups that they end up counting as supporters.  Patricia, thanks for the call.

Have you…? I haven’t talked about this today, but Bill Cosby is gonna stand trial.  Bill Cosby is gonna stand trial.  What did he do?  Cosby was doing all this back in the nineties when Clinton was.  Here’s Salon.com coming along and saying (summarized), “You media people, you gotta stop Trump from going there! We can’t go back to the nineties. What Bill Clinton did with his penis is nobody’s business in 2016.  We gotta broom it and get a…”  But Bill Cosby, that’s all we’re concerned about.  We’re gonna take the guy to trial.

We’re gonna try to get a guilty verdict. We’re gonna put all the Cosby women on the stand. I think… Who’s done it? Is it TIME magazine? Somebody. New York Magazine. It’s got all the Cosby women on the cover.  Bill Cosby, he’s not even running for president.  Fifty-eight women have alleged that Cosby sexually harassed them — or worse, whatever, doped ’em, gave ’em the date rape drug and had at it — and so all those women’s pictures are on the cover of New York Magazine.  But with Bill Clinton, here comes Salon.com (summarized): “You’d better leave that alone, you Drive-By Media people! You better not go there.  That’s old! That’s irrelevant!”

Why is it relevant for Bill Cosby?  Why does it matter what Bill Cosby did and to whom if it doesn’t matter about Clinton?  Cosby never ran for office.  Cosby never wanted to be president.  Plus… Well, never mind.  What does it matter?  Why do they want to take down Bill Cosby?  Well, the answer is very obvious.  Feminism to the rescue here.  But, you know, feminism has let women down every incident involving Bill Clinton.  Feminism has not been there.  Feminism has not been defending the women involved with Bill Clinton.  In fact, feminism has joined with Hillary Clinton trying to destroy those women.

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