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Blabbermouth’s Primary Opponent Rakes in Cash After Bernie Endorsement

RUSH: From TheHill.com: “Tim Canova’s congressional campaign announced [today] it has raised more than $250,000 since … Bernie Sanders endorsed Canova, who is challenging Rep. Debbie [Blabbermouth] Schultz,” down in her in her district in South Florida.  So not her opponent for the DNC.  Her congressional seat opponent. Tim Canova — seeking to unseat Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz — has already raised a quarter of a million dollars. That’s a huge amount of money for a challenger in a district where the incumbent is said to be safe beyond the definition of safe. 

Why, she’s a DNC chairwoman. 

So $250,000!

I mean, within minutes of Bernie Sanders endorsing the guy.

“On Sunday,” which would be yesterday, “Sanders began fundraising for Canova, noting he is supporting the candidate ‘because it is too late for establishment politics and establishment economics.’ In an email, Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver asked the candidate’s supporters to split a donation between Sanders’s presidential campaign and the effort to elect Canova.  Canova’s campaign announced Monday that more than $225,000 was raised from the fundraising email sent by [Crazy Bernie’s] campaign. Another $65,000 was raised in small dollar contributions since Sunday morning. The average campaign contribution has been $17.63,” and it’s now over $260,000 to unseat Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz.  

Obama Signs Legislation Banning Words “Negro” and “Oriental” from Federal Law

RUSH: Look, other news here very quickly from TheHill.com.  “President Obama has signed legislation…” Tell me if you heard of this legislation.  Had you heard of it?  “President Obama has signed legislation striking outdated racial terms such as ‘Oriental’ and ‘Negro’ from federal laws. Obama signed the bill without fanfare on Friday along with six other pieces of legislation…” So “Oriental” and “Negro” no longer can be used in federal law.  

Obama Names Transgender Member to Faith Council

RUSH: “Obama Appoints Transgender Person To Advisory Faith Council.” From Breitbart:  President Barack Hussein O “has named a transgender individual to the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. According to the White House announcement about Barbara Satin’s appointment: ‘Barbara Satin is the Assistant Faith Work Director for the National LGBTQ Task Force. She is an active member of the United Church of Christ and served on the denomination’s … Satin was raised ‘as a boy’ in a devout Catholic family and attended Catholic schools.

“Referring to his ‘masculine side’ as ‘David,’ Satin says that as a teen, he lived for two years at a seminary, but left the school when he realized he could not continue to pursue priestly ministry because of his gender issues. He continued on at a local Catholic college, and then received a commission in the US Air Force. After a kidney infection ended his flying career, Satin returned to St. Paul, married, and had three children with his wife. He is now a grandfather as well.” But that’s from the days when he was a guy.  Now he’s a her.  Catholic Church.  This is the new outreach person for the advisory faith council there.  

Hillary Struggling with Hispanics

RUSH: “Hillary Clinton Struggling with Hispanics Who Twice Helped Obama Win White House.” 

Bloom Off Crazy Bernie

RUSH: And then there’s stories about Bernie Sanders “losing his halo.”  The bloom is off the rose.  When he was a nice avuncular old guy, he was fine. But now? Now he’s going after Hillary, and he won’t shut up and go away, and now they don’t like him anymore.  

Hungary’s Border Fence Works

RUSH: And Hungary has a border fence that’s keeping people out.  It’s working great.

Today’s Lesson in Cultural Evolution: Janoris Jenkins of the New York Football Giants

RUSH:  Okay.  Today’s lesson or illustration into cultural evolution involves a player for the New York Giants named Janoris Jenkins.  Janoris Jenkins granted an interview.  (I think he’s a the defensive back.  I’m not certain.  Doesn’t matter.)  He granted an interview last week with Paul Schwartz in the New York Post, and it was revealed in this interview that Janoris Jenkins has five children with four women, none of whom is his wife.  And it was observed to Janoris Jenkins (paraphrased exchange), “Well, those women can’t be happy about that. I mean, you’ve got five children, four women, and not one of them is your wife?” 

He said, “No, no, no. They’re not upset.  When they were going out with me, they understood. Okay, I’m a football player; I’m gonna have multiple women.  That just comes with dating a football player, and they knew it.”  There you have it! Cultural evolution 2016. The National Football League, “Eh, five kids, four women? The women knew going in that he’s a football player, and he’s gonna have a lot of women.  They take what they can get, kind of like dating a rock star.”  Except in those cases, you never know who the father is.  Well, not never, but, I mean, it’s oftentimes not ’til later.  

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