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RUSH: Did you hear about this federal judge that had this — how would you characterize it?  He blew up at the Obama Department of Justice over the executive amnesty.  The federal courts have suspended Obama’s implementation of his executive amnesty, and he’s done it anyway.  Obama DOJ and other lawyers lied to a bunch of different federal judges, and this one judge just has had it with them.

“Andrew Hanen blasted Department of Justice officials for misleading the court during the course of executive amnesty litigation.” Now, his penalty on them is nothing, but it is a scathing rebuke nevertheless.

“In summary, this Court and opposing counsel were misled both in writing and in open court on multiple occasions as to when the Defendants would begin to implement the Secretary’s 2014 DHS Directive establishing the Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA) program and amending the DACA program.”

Anyway, the judge was livid because the Regime lied to him.  Two different courts have put restraining orders, they’ve stopped Obama’s executive amnesty because it is not legal.  They haven’t yet been given permission. They haven’t been given the case. They haven’t been granted legal authority to do it and while the action has been suspended, the Regime was doing it all along. Obama just did it, and the judge is livid. He really is livid.  It’s one of the most stinging rebukes of a judge to a bunch of lawyers that people can ever remember reading.

But nothing’s gonna happen.  You know what the judge’s penalty is?  He is requiring every lawyer that lied to the court to go to an ethics class.  They ought to be disbarred, for crying out loud.  The federal courts shut it down.  The federal court stopped it.  The federal court said you cannot continue this.  You do not have the constitutional authority to grant executive amnesty to illegal aliens either coming into the country or already here, and Obama continued to do it anyway.  And the lawyers at the Obama DOJ lied to the courts and told them we’re not; we’re not doing it anymore; we’ve stopped it. And they were doing it all along. The judge found out about it, and that’s why the stinging rebuke.  And the penalty is to go to ethics classes.  That’s a small price to pay.

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