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“I am so glad that I do not play golf for a living. Man, oh, man.”

“Hillary is not putting Bill in charge of the economy because of his economic policies or principles. She’s doing it to try to revive a moribund campaign relying on the one Clinton that has some vestige of popularity remaining even though both have been corrupt.” 

“Trump tweets out the following: ‘Crooked Hillary said her husband’s gonna be in charge of the economy. If so, he should run, not her. Will he bring the “energizer” to D.C.?’ It’s logical. It’s fair. It goes right to the heart of Hillary’s phony feminism. It touches on the Clintons’ wacko marriage. It puts both of them on the defense. It’s funny. It’s clever.” 

“If you take a snapshot of this point in time, if the election were today, who knows? The Democrat Party is imploding. The Republican Party, you can say it’s imploding, but where’s the momentum?”

“Bill Clinton running the economy. A lot of people had the reaction that Trump did. Well, if he’s gonna run the economy, he should be running for president. My reaction to it is, not only that, it’s Hillary admitting she can’t get there without the guy.”

“All the media does is try to make sure that Obama or Clinton or whoever, get what they want. And to facilitate Obama or Hillary getting what they want, the Republicans are portrayed as venal, vile villains trying to deny Obama and the American people what they want.”

“Hillary will not lay a hand on this lousy economy in her campaign. She’s imprisoned by it because it’s Obama’s. She can attack Obamacare here and there, but the overall economy she’s gotta be kind of hands off, because to go after that is to go after Obama and the last seven and a half, eight years.” 

“I can’t tell you the number of people that came up to me at this charity golf outing and said that they were Rush Babies and that they grew up with their parents listening to the radio program. It really was a lot of people. It was great. It was heartwarming.” 

“One guy doesn’t run the economy, good or bad. It’s too massive and too big. But the low-information voters on the Democrat side don’t think that way at all. They do think of things like kings and dictators waving magic wands to make magic happen.” 

“In this administration we have had disaster after disaster after failure after failure. We’ve got Obamacare, which is a disaster, and the people in charge of it are laughing about how they lied to us. They’re laughing on media in our face, how they laughed at us, how contemptible they hold us, how stupid they think we are.” 

“The left attempts to undermine, corrupt, and overthrow elements of our culture and our society. They do it by trying to normalize behavior that, for eons, has been considered to be anything but. They succeed by beating people down and having them portrayed as bigots or racists or some kind of phobe if they resist whatever is said to be just and filled with civil rights.”

“Arrogance alone is a killer. But you combine arrogance with conceit and contempt, and you put it in charge of those who are already out of touch with voters in their own political party, and you got a recipe for disaster.” 

“What is there to be excited about in the Hillary Clinton campaign? She’s losing and losing and losing, and when she does win, she’s eking out victories. The only thing that has Hillary Clinton in the position she’s in is the rigged nature of the Democrat primary process.”

“‘You’re forgetting about Crazy Bernie supporters,’ said Mr. Snerdley. I said, ‘No, I’m not. I’m just remembering that they have a common enemy, and it’s us.’  At the end of the day, they despise us more than they despise anybody else in the world. So we’ll just have to deal with it as it comes.”

“You know what I find intriguing? That Trump is gonna have a powwow with Dr. Kissinger. I would love to be in the room to listen to that conversation, Donald Trump and Henry Kissinger.”

“This country is at a crossroads, and there’s not a whole lot of time here between us and the edge of the cliff.”

“People have lost faith that reality can sell anything. People have lost faith that reality can persuade, that substance has meaning, everything must be lied about, everything must be spun.”

“Everything is a narrative today. A narrative has become a substitute to the news. A narrative has become a substitute for substance.”

“They’ve been in denial, the Democrats have, for years about Mrs. Clinton. She does not have her own base like Trump does. Her base is inexorably tied to her husband’s. So we have a disaster that is happening. It’s not on the horizon. A disaster is happening in the Democrat Party.”  

“This whole transgender bathroom business is typical. It fits the pattern that has ended up being so damaging and destructive to conservatives and Republicans. The left attempts to undermine, corrupt, and overthrow elements of our culture and our society. They do it by trying to normalize behavior that, for eons, has been considered to be anything but.”

“It’s the left that won’t let go of social issues. It’s the left that is trying to corrupt the American cultural and society. If it weren’t for the left trying to do these things, cultural and social issues would not be issues.”

“Narrative used to be a very secret word. Narrative is what journalism schools teach. Establishing the narrative of the story. And that is code language for advancing your version of the story or your agenda and how to do it, by creating a story that becomes the narrative, that becomes whatever the news is.” 

“With the New York Times, I just wait to be proven wrong in believing that most of what I’m getting there is just agenda-driven drivel. CNN, same thing. MSNBC, same thing. I just know. I know that they’re not news.”

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