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RUSH: I have to tell you something.  We have come up with our next great premium giveaway for new subscribers to Rush 24/7 or the Limbaugh Letter, and we’re doing so in combo.  We’ve got the “Never Hillary” bumper sticker that we finally got into production, and it’s now live at RushLimbaugh.com.  All the offers have been updated to include this now.  You get the “Never Hillary” bumper sticker free with a year’s subscription to Rush 24/7, or Rush 24/7 and the Limbaugh Letter. And Father’s Day’s right around the corner.

We just passed Mother’s Day.  Father’s Day is in three weeks, three-plus weeks away.  And every time we introduce a new premium for subscriptions, people that subscribed last week or two weeks before say, “Well, wait a minute! Wait a minute! What about me?”  I know.  It’s ongoing problem, and it would happen no matter when we introduced the new premium.  Now, the “Never Hillary” bumper sticker uses her new logo, the thing with the red arrow pointing right.

We just put “never” on there.  If you want to grab one, become a new subscriber.  Actually, folks, you shouldn’t even need a premium to become a subscriber to Rush 24/7.  It’s one of the greatest websites out there.  Every substantive… Well, practically every word I utter here is transcribed and made available in transcribed form, written form, preserved for the eons, preserved for the ages.  There’s Dittocam video archives.  There are audio archives.  It’s virtually an encyclopedic website.

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