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RUSH: To the audio sound bite roster.  Bob Schieffer worrying on CBS This Morning that Crazy Bernie will go third party.  Charlie Rose said, “Do you hear more and more people talk that you think this Bernie and Hillary thing, maybe Hillary and Trump that it’s gonna be a close race?  What do you think about all this, Bob?

SCHIEFFER:  Yes, I do.  And, you know, after seeing what we saw over the weekend in Las Vegas with Bernie Sanders’ people, and they’re still turning out by the thousands as they did yesterday in California, I’m beginning to wonder is he gonna mount a third-party run if he doesn’t get the nomination.  Is there gonna be a movement among his people to say, “Hey, we’re not giving up, and we’re gonna find another way to do this”?  He’s not a Democrat.  This is the first time he’s ever sought office as a Democrat.

RUSH:  Aw, come on, Bob, what do you mean he’s not a Democrat?  He’s a Democrat!  He’s seeking the Democrat nomination.  What do you mean he’s not a Democrat?  “This is the first time.”  Yeah, yeah, he’s a socialist, he’s an independent, he’s a Democrat! He’s running for the Democrat nomination.  He’s seen as a more pure and better Democrat than Hillary by a bunch of his wacko supporters — sorry — by a bunch of his supporters.  See, this is classic.  This guy is so bad, we can’t even have him thought of as a Democrat.  He’s not even a Democrat.  He’s an outsider.  So they’re worried Crazy Bernie’s gonna go third-party.  And so Norah O’Donnell says, “Well, wait. Is Trump really turning out new voters, Bob?  Is it just a group that already looks to the Republican Party?”

SCHIEFFER:  I am beginning to think that Trump could conceivably win.  She is having a very, very difficult time.  Trump’s problem is going to be it is very difficult for anybody with the demographics of the electorate as it is today to win when you basically appeal to white people.  There just aren’t enough white people to do that anymore.

KING:  I don’t know, I see white people everywhere.  I see white people everywhere I go.  And I like white people, Bob.  And when you say there’s not enough to win, really? I know the point he’s making.

SCHIEFFER:  We’ve made this point before, that he’s gotta find a way to broaden his appeal, but I think it’s possible.  I didn’t think it was possible before.  Now I do.

RUSH:  I can’t remember the TV show, but almost this exact conversation happened between two characters.  It was a black female CEO somewhere and somebody was telling her about all the success and this black CEO said, “I don’t know, Fred.  All I see is white people out there.”  Oh, it was Scandal.  And it was Kerry Washington as what’s her name, Olivia Pope.  “I don’t know, there are a lot of white people out there.” Here’s Gayle King, “I don’t know, Bob, I see white people everywhere, everywhere I go, and I like white people, but I see white people everywhere I go.”

And of course Bob’s all we’ll gloss over that, Gayle’s not a racist. She can’t be a racist.  She’s one of us.  Serious point here.  Trump has to broaden his appeal.  He can’t just get white people.

See, these people make my point for me.  Of course he’s got more than white support.  He’s got African-Americans. Those two babes that do the videos, and they’ve got a big group. He’s got Hispanics.  You know, this taco bowl.  This is another thing.  People just don’t get it.  Trump said “I love Hispanics” while eating from a taco bowl, right?  And I actually saw somebody say — oh, that’s right, Jeb Bush said that’s like somebody eating a watermelon saying I love black people or eating fried chicken saying I love black people.  You don’t get it.  Trump’s putting everybody on.

Did you did you see the excrement-eating grin on his face? He’s got the fork poised over the taco bowl. “I love Hispanics!” And everybody, “Oh, my God,” is having the vapors. “He’s being racist! He’s being… Oh, no.  No.”  He’s laughing at everybody, and the people that are supposed to be offended by this are laughing, too.  That’s what everybody is missing.  The media will come along and not find the people laughing at it.  They’ll go out and find the righteously offended, the righteously indignant, which is easy to manufacture.

I continue to marvel at how — even after all of this time — so many people still don’t get how Trump is doing what he’s doing.

Anyway, Rick Perry. The Washington Examiner here just this afternoon: “Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry predicted during a private phone call [today] that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump could carry more than 35 states in the November election.  ‘The more I spend time with him, the more I talk with him, the more I see how he has analyzed this country properly at this point in time, I feel very comfortable that we’re going to win,’ Perry told donors during a conference call hosted by the pro-Trump Great America PAC.

“‘I think we have the potential to win overwhelmingly,’ he added. ‘I’m talking a 35-, 36-, 37-state victory. Just a powerful win in November.’  Perry also said he doubts Trump will select a running mate simply to carry swing states like Ohio or Florida in November because [Trump] is capable of ‘carrying states himself.'”  And picking a vice president based on winning a swing state: That’s such old-school thinking.

That’s that old playbook that everybody wants to try to plug Trump into, and that’s not the way he’s gonna look at this.  Trump may even say, “I don’t even need a vice president to win!  I’m gonna win this by myself.  I’m gonna win this on my own. I’ll pick a vice president here that’s gonna continually make me look good by having people scared to death that this vice president could become president,” or some other such ego thing for laughs.

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