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RUSH: Michael in Cazenovia, New York.  Great to have you on the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  Thank you for your service, Rush.

RUSH:  I appreciate your call, sir.  Thanks much.

CALLER:  I want to remind Mr. Woodward how the Clintons, in the last of days of their presidency, pardoned Mr. Rich and his partner after they were convicted of financial crimes, and then they fled the country to Switzerland while out on bail, and the Clintons got millions of dollars from the Rich family, and even Hillary’s brother got hundreds of thousands of dollars.

RUSH:  Yeah, you know, that’s right. That’s Hugh Rodham.

CALLER:  Hundreds of thousands of dollars for preparing the paperwork, and they did the same thing with Loral and Bernie Schwartz.  You know that story.

RUSH:  Yeah, that was the space whatever —

CALLER:  Technology.

RUSH:  Loral Space.  What’s this got to do with…? What do you mean, Woodward should know that?

CALLER:  Well, he’s after Trump.

RUSH:  Oh, you mean his paper assigning these 20 reporters to dig up the dirt on Trump?

CALLER:  For the liberals to say anything about the Clintons, is like saying the emperor has no clothes.

RUSH:  Oh, come on. They’re not gonna —

CALLER:  Nobody dares to say that.

RUSH:  Michael, they’re not gonna investigate the Clintons! I’m sure in Bob Woodward’s mind, the Clintons have already been investigated starting with Whitewater, and then here came that sex pervert, Ken Starr, and who knows who else.  The Clintons have surpassed… Even this FBI email thing they think is all trumped up and much ado about nothing.  The Clintons aren’t gonna be investigated, except that they are.  The Washington Post isn’t gonna be the one to do it, and New York Times aren’t gonna be the ones to do it.

But I guarantee you, the Trumpists and others are gonna make a beeline at the Clinton charity organization and that Crime Family Foundation of theirs.  The New York Post has a story today… Have you heard the stories that there’s some babe that’s always at the Clinton estate in Chappaqua, nicknamed Energizer?  That is a Secret Service name for this babe.  It turns out she is a babe. She’s a 51-year-old babe, and she has received donations from the Clinton Foundation.  Her name is Julie Tauber McMahon, and she’s apparently there all the time. If they’re gonna call some 51-year-old babe running around with Bill Clinton “Energizer,” there’s gonna be only one reason for that, folks.

Hillary won’t like it.


RUSH:  Okay.  A couple things in the Clintons. An LA Times columnist… This would be Doyle McManus.  This guy has been columning at the LA Times since I’ve been doing the show. That means he goes way, way back there, which means he’s got experience. He is worried that Trump’s nickname for Hillary is gonna stick.  He’s worried that Crooked Hillary may stick, and he has a column suggesting that the way she should respond is by committing to campaign finance reform.  Well, uh, let me tell you how that’s not gonna happen.  A, there isn’t gonna be any campaign finance reform the Clintons. But here’s why.

Exclusive.  Chatsworth Osborne Jr.’s website, The Daily Caller. “Exclusive: Persian Gulf Sheikhs Gave Bill & Hillary $100 Million.” Now, we’ve told you this before.  Here it is again.  A Daily Caller News Foundation investigation reveals that Bill and Hillary Clinton received at least $100 million from autocratic Persian Gulf states and their leaders…” They’ve come from Kuwaitis, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, from Saudi Arabia. Now, who in the hell is donating a grand total $100 million to the Clintons, and why?

It’s not to come make speeches, it’s not ’cause they love them, and it’s not because they’re friends, and it’s not because…  This is on-the-come investment in a future Clinton presidency.  It’s $100 million!  Doyle McManus, give me a break.  You think Crooked Hillary might stick so the way she could deal with it is to commit to campaign finance reform?  She might make a show of it now that she’s got her hundred mill, and that’s just from one group of people.  They’ve collected sums like that from all kinds of people, all kinds of nations in Europe.

They took from the ChiComs and any number of places around the world.  That’s what the Clinton Global Initiative has really always been about.  This thing is designed to enrich the Clintons and their political fortunes — and personal, I think, too — under the guise of a charitable foundation.  And the Clinton Global Initiative happens to meet in New York at the same time the United Nations General Assembly is meeting.

So all those people are in town, and they go back and forth to the Clinton Global Initiative, wherever it’s being held, to the United Nations General Assembly building.  But how about Doyle McManus, LA Times. Yeah, he thinks Crooked Hillary might stick. So, yeah, she needs to come out for campaign finance reform.  Yeah, this is what the media thinks.  The media’s got a bunch of take the money out of politics.  If you took the money out of politics, you can wave good-bye to the Democratic Party, for crying out loud!  It ain’t gonna happen.

“Clinton Charity Arranged $2M Pledge to Firm Owned by Bill’s ‘friend,'” the Energizer.  “Bill Clinton’s foundation arranged a $2 million pledge to a power company partly owned by a wealthy blond divorcee — who some say is the frequent visitor to his home nicknamed Energizer.  The ‘commitment’ to Julie Tauber McMahon’s firm from the Clinton Global Initiative was placed on its 2010 conference agenda at Clinton’s urging, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.  The initiative…”

So I guess there’s a board of directors at the Clinton Global Initiative, and they meet about to whom to make charitable donations, and this babe got two million bucks! She’s got a company called “Energy Pioneer Solutions, a company founded to deliver energy savings to communities in rural America…'” You know, I read things like that, and I just don’t let the words go by.  I absorb the word and I ask, “What in the hell is this: “[A] company founded to deliver energy savings to communities in rural America”?  Okay, so imagine one day you’re looking for something to do.

How many people are always bored? They don’t know what they want to do. They’re bored with what they are doing, and they want to do something new, and somebody says to them, “You know what? I want to set up a company that is going ‘to deliver energy savings to communities in rural America.'”  Who thinks like that?  What is how do you set up a company to “deliver energy savings”?  What are energy savings?  Well, you and I would think cheaper energy that people who live in “rural America” need.

I guess, we’re supposed to infer that they’re poor, if they can’t afford it. “So I’m gonna start a company that’s gonna take money to poor people in rural America to help them afford energy.  What am I gonna get out of this?  How am I gonna get anything out of this?  What is this?  Who in the world would dream up something like this to do?  Would you ever conceive of this yourself, Mr. Snerdley? (interruption) Well, I know… (interruption) No, no. (New Castrati impression) “No, no! The reason why you can’t understand it, Mr. Limbaugh, is that this is a good person!

“This is a good person! Unlike you, Mr. Limbaugh, this is a person sitting around worrying about the less fortunate, and the less fortunate do not have nearly as much as you do! And she’s not satisfied to have what she has. She is going to make sure that other people do, so she’s going to ‘deliver savings’ for the poor in rural America!”  What, do you put the savings in a truck and drive it there?  How do you “deliver savings”?  Do you subsidize their energy bills?  How do you do that?  And here comes the Clinton Global Initiative, so impressed with this that they’re donating $2 million to it.

We find out the babe — and her picture is here — that runs this thing is always at Clinton’s house, and the Secret Service has named her Energizer — ’cause she goes, goes, goes, I guess.  You know, the Energizer Bunny never, never stops.  “Clinton even…” It says here, “Clinton even went to bat for the company when it came to lobbying for federal funds.” Oh, it gets even better! I’m sitting around one day figuring out what I want to do, and I decide that I want to “deliver energy savings to … rural America.”  And the next thing I decide is, “I need federal money to do it!”

So I’m gonna start lobbying whoever I have to lobby to get money so that I can theoretically, I guess, put it in a Brinks truck and start making stops in rural America, helping them with their energy.  How this manifests itself, how this actually works, I can’t even conceive.  I’m not denying it, don’t misunderstand.  I’m just saying my mind doesn’t work this way, and… (interruption) No, I’m not saying I’m not charitable.  I’m saying I…  There’s something else going on, is the point, whatever it is.

It says here, Bill Clinton “helped steer an $812,000 federal grant to it by endorsing the funds via then-Energy Secretary Steven Chu, the Journal said.” So let’s sort this out.  The initiative, the Clinton Global Initiative, promises $2 million to support the work of Energy Pioneer Solutions, “a company founded to deliver energy savings to communities in rural America.”  That’s how the charity defines what it does.  It’s in “a 2010 statement from the charity.” Then “Clinton even went to bat for the company when it came to lobbying for federal [money]. He helped steer an $812,000 federal grant…”

So Clinton called somebody in Washington, said (paraphrased), “Give Energizer 812 grand and have the energy secretary, Steven Chu, endorse the deal, which is what happened, and $2 million then given on top of that.  Now, “McMahon owns 29% of Energy Pioneer Solutions, which was…” Oh, he we go: “which was given the money to make people’s homes more energy-efficient.”  They’re buying insulation!  A-ha, that’s it.  They’re buying and selling and installing insulation, because obviously “rural people” don’t have any, and they’re losing all kinds of heat in the winter and whatever. (interruption)

Well, no. They knew it got the cold, just didn’t have any insulation, couldn’t afford any insulation when they built the shack — house.  So here comes Energizer delivering insulation, and whatever other techniques to make people’s homes more efficient.  So making people’s homes more energy efficient is “delivering energy savings.”  She’s in Clinton’s house all the time.  Here it is: “The fit, blond mother of three, who lives just minutes from Bill and Hillary Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, Westchester, is the daughter of Joel Tauber, a millionaire donor to the Democratic Party.

“McMahon, 54, is rumored to be the woman dubbed ‘Energizer’ by the Secret Service at the Clinton home because of her frequent visits…  Secret Service agents were even given special instructions to abandon usual protocol when the woman came by,” meaning: Let her in.  NQA: No Questions Asked, “according to journalist Ronald Kessler’s tell-all book, The First Family Detail. ‘You don’t stop her, you don’t approach her, you just let her go in,’ says the book, based on agents’ accounts.  ‘Energizer’ is described in the book as a charming visitor who sometimes brought cookies to the agents.”

It doesn’t say anything about sleepovers.  You gotta use your mind on this.  You know, this is a simple, “What does 2 and 2 equal?”  But, I mean, the look at what… In order for all this to happen, look what has to happen. There’s been some charity founded to “deliver energy savings to communities in rural America,” which ends up having $2 million, actually $2.8 million given to it by the Clinton Global Initiative, with $800,000 written off by the Energy Department, signed off by the energy secretary.  And you and I know we couldn’t get any… We won’t get anything close to this as long as we live!


RUSH:  You know, folks, if the Clinton Global Initiative is “giving,” donating $2 million to a company called Energy Pioneer Solutions, what would happen if I started raising charitable donations for Exxon and a whole bunch of other fossil fuel companies because I happen to hate “green” and I hate this phony scam of wind and solar, and I want to donate to fossil fuel companies? Could I?  How do you donate to companies have charitable intake arms?  Maybe we should set one of those up here at EIB. Man our universe is just expanding left and right when you look at what Democrats do.

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