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“Forget about being comfortable at school if you’re straight, if you’re conservative, if you’re Christian. If you’re made to feel uncomfortable, mission accomplished! That’s what this Obama bathroom decree is really all about.” 

“The Drive-Bys try to prepare everybody that Mr. Republican X or Mr. Conservative X is an off-the-wall, loud, bombastic extremist. And then when he’s not, it’s like the exception to the rule, and everybody’s supposedly shocked by it.”

“Obamacare  is just one of a dozen or more examples where Obama is spending money in ways Congress has never approved and for which there is no legal procedure. Obama is behaving unconstitutionally.”

“In every court except the Supreme Court, Obamacare has taken a lot of constitutional hits because so much of it is unconstitutional. But it’s never ultimately ruled that way. It just adds up to people losing faith in yet another institution.” 

“When’s the last time you heard the Washington Post suggest that even two reporters are gonna be assigned to find out whatever they can find about the Clintons? You want to do some digging? Dig into the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. Dig into what’s happening with that. You don’t need 20 reporters to do that. But you need 20 reporters to dig up all the dirt they can find on Trump.” 

“Could somebody explain to me why transgender people have become so important to Barack Hussein O? I’m serious.”  

“There are a bunch of people unhappy today. Well, there are always people unhappy. I mean, let’s face it, there are a lot of miserable people out there.” 

“In what world do these people live? How in the world…? I don’t care if you’re talking about gay, straight, black, white, how in the name of hell can you guarantee that nobody will ever feel unwelcome? I have felt it unwelcome everywhere I’ve been in life.” 

“Even I, El Rushbo, have trouble following liberals. Because one day we are told that women are at risk of their lives every day on every college campus from rape. And then the next day, they don’t see any potential danger whatsoever in allowing this kind of bathroom confusion.” 

“The left are responsible for all the turmoil and the ‘social issues’ of politics, because they’re the ones constantly trying to corrupt it. And if people stand up and try to explain it, they are said to be the problem.”        

“The only time there’s gonna be a transgender bathroom in the White House is during a gay rights ceremony. You know as well as I do that that’s not going to happen.” 

“In your opinion, who runs the Republican Party? Is it the party’s presidential nominee, or is it somebody in Congress, the speaker of the House or the Senate leader of the party? It is always the presidential nominee.” 

“The people in the Republican establishment find they’re no longer at the top of the food chain in this election — and, if they’re not at the top of the food chain, they may end up being nothing.” 

“If the Republicans win in November, you’re gonna see a December like you can’t believe.  There are going to be things done that will potentially create all kinds of bigger messes for whoever the Republican president is — Trump — to inherit.”

“Ted Cruz, to a lot of people, has been the single greatest conservative opportunity since Ronald Reagan.” 

“There have been a series of moves where the Republicans have won and have not tried to advance any sort of conservative agenda. It’s been maddening, it’s been frustrating, and all of this has had practical meaning, that we’re losing the country and we’re losing it fast, and we are falling farther and farther away from our founding principles.” 

“There’s always gonna be an America, but we are in the midst of a promised transformation. This isn’t stealth anymore. This is not the Democrats sneaking this stuff by. They’re doing it right in front of our faces, and our party hasn’t lifted a finger to stop it.” 

“God’s waiting room is the Supreme Court building. It’s not just one opening. There’s a whole bunch of them that are approaching the age, if you will, where they clearly have many fewer years ahead of them than behind them.”        

“There is simply no way, in my world, you vote for a Democrat. There is no way Hillary Clinton gets supported. There is no way Elizabeth Warren is empowered. There is no way anybody having anything to do with the Obama administration is continually empowered.”



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