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RUSH: Rufus in Glastonbury, Connecticut.  Rufus, great to have you on the Program.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hello.  Hi, Mr. Limbaugh, and thank you so much for having me on your show.

RUSH:  Well, it’s great to have you here, Rufus.  I appreciate your taking the time to call.

CALLER:  Yeah, it’s an honor to be on the show.

RUSH:  Thank you again for that.  Rufus, how old are you?

CALLER:  I’m 11.

RUSH:  Eleven years old.

CALLER:  Yes.  And I’m a huge fan of your book, Rush Revere.

RUSH:  You’re a very polite young man.  You’re well-mannered.  It’s really nice to talk to somebody like you.  You obviously respect people and respect your elders like me.  You sound like a really, really fine young man, Rufus. So I’m not surprised you’d like these books.

CALLER:  Thank you so much, Mr. Limbaugh.

RUSH:  You’re more than welcome, Rufus.

CALLER:  I’m calling to thank you for your book.  It helped me be one of the state finalists in the National History Bee.

RUSH:  Really?

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  When did this happen?  You were one of the students, or is that going on right now?

CALLER:  It’s finished a long time ago, and right now I’m going to Chicago where the National History Bee will be, and it’s June 9th to June 12th.

RUSH:  Well, I’ll bet you’re really looking forward to that.

CALLER:  Yeah, I love history.

RUSH:  So the Brave Pilgrims book… That’s the first one. That’s the one that you really liked?

CALLER:  Yeah, Brave Pilgrims, First Patriot.  I forgot the other two.

RUSH:  So have you read them all?

CALLER:  Yeah, I have all of them.  I get them as Christmas presents and birthday presents.

RUSH:  You get them for Christmas presents.  Rufus, you’re making my day here.  Let me ask you. You probably don’t have the audio versions, but I’ll tell you what, Rufus. If you hang on, I want Mr. Snerdley to get your address. If it’s okay with your parents, I’d like to send you a little goody bag of stuff from Rush Revere and Liberty headquarters, just a little something.


RUSH:  It’s stuff to add to the books that make them more fun. You’ll have the audio versions — read, of course, by me, very professionally — and it’s a great way to revisit the books without reading them again. So it’s the least I can do.  Do you have a sister by any chance, Rufus?

CALLER:  Yeah.  Her name is Genica Jasper Abraham.

RUSH:  How old is she?

CALLER:  She is six.

RUSH:  She’s six. Oh.  Well, then we’re gonna throw in something for her. We have a great stuffed doll, a stuffed animal of Liberty, the horse, that we’ll send you and you can give her and she will love it. And it’ll set her up for when she learns to read well enough to read these books.

CALLER: Oh, that will be great.

RUSH: Just don’t hang up the phone, Rufus, and thank you for the call.

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