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RUSH: You know I got people urging me to do it, and it’s one of these things where, you know, you do it once and you do it. You come back and you try it again and it’s never the same thing. It’s kind of like you go out there you have a great spontaneous time, a Saturday night party, just any kind of spontaneous get together, it goes so well, “Let’s do it again next week.” And so you try to do it again, it’s never the same.

I got people saying, “You gotta do Operation Chaos 2.0. You gotta do it again. You gotta do it for Crazy Bernie.” I think it’s actually already happening. I think Operation Chaos is actually the new name here for the Clinton campaign. Holy smokes, folks, do you know what’s going on? We have audio sound bites coming up. There is genuine panic in the Hillary camp. They know she’s got the nomination locked down, but it’s got ’em concerned.

She’s losing support. She losing energy. She’s not getting anywhere near the same kind of support she got in 2008 in the primaries there, and she ended up losing. Her support is even more tepid than it was in 2008. It’s clear that if there were no prearranged assignments of superdelegates to Hillary, that it would be up in the air. If this were not a preordained outcome on the Democrat side this whole thing would be up in the air.

Greetings, by the way, great to have you with us. It is 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program.

Here are some of the numbers. And this is why I’ve got people suggesting I do Operation Chaos 2.0. The Drive-By Media has been declaring the Democrat race over for two weeks now, and in their coverage of West Virginia they say it’s over but they keep cataloging Bernie Sanders victories.

If you leave out the superdelegates, which of course, you know, you can’t, but just for discussion’s sake, if you leave out the superdelegates and their automatic assignment, Mrs. Clinton, Hillary only leads Crazy Bernie by 280 or so delegates, and there are still 1,053 delegates up for grabs in the remaining primaries on the Democrat side.

Bernie is on a roll. Bernie has won 10 of the last 15 primaries. His total, he’s won 19 states. Hillary has won 23, but the trend is Bernie Sanders, and if you didn’t know this, if you just kept tabs by referencing what you see every week reported in the news, he’s winning everything. Every time there is a primary it seems like Bernie Sanders wins it because he has now won 10 of the last 15 primaries. Now, if Bernie Sanders or others, somebody along with Bernie, Democrat Party could convince just half of Hillary’s 524 superdelegates to move over to him, then he’d be tied with her. You know, I think I saw he’s got 89 superdelegates, and Hillary’s got 524. That right there is the illustration of how this is preordained.

Hillary’s win is a coronation. It’s been bought and paid for.

“What if she’s indicted?” She’s not gonna be indicted, can we all agree now that she’s not gonna be indicted? That isn’t gonna go anywhere, and it was obvious from the get-go it wasn’t gonna go anywhere. And even if it does, you know, even if I end up being shocked and stunned and surprised, she’ll keep on if she’s indicted. It’s a badge of honor, resume enhancement, vast right-wing conspiracy out to get her.

“What do you mean, Rush, vast right-wing?”

James Comey, former Ashcroft days, FBI director, right winger, that’s what they’ll say.

“Yeah, but Obama runs the DOJ.”

They’ll accuse Comey of doing something. They’ll find a way to blame it on anybody other than Obama.

Anyway, Operation Chaos 2.0, I think is what’s happening. Not that Republicans are registering in Democrat primaries, remaining primaries and voting for Hillary, but in a sense there’s utter chaos on the Democrat side and deep within the bowels of the Democrat campaign. And the exit polling data for the Democrats in West Virginia — you know, the people of West Virginia are not stupid. The people of West Virginia, they know what Hillary Clinton said and meant about coal minors. She can apologize all day long and claim that they misheard her. But they didn’t. They heard her say exactly what she said about the coal business.

But that’s not even the story. The story is that Hillary Clinton is headed down the home stretch coughing and wheezing her way to the finish line. Hillary Clinton has had months to improve as a candidate. She has had months to work with a voice coach. She has had months to adjust. She has had a guaranteed outcome. She could have been doing a lot of things to change the perception. She could have been engaging in many efforts here to look energetic and confident and so forth. But she hasn’t done that, and therefore the perception is that she’s limping across the finish line. And the perception is that if the game weren’t rigged via the superdelegates, she might not win this at all. And she can’t improve on herself.

That’s the thing. That’s the dirty little secret. This is it. This is Hillary at her best. There hasn’t been a better Hillary. This, folks, is it. She’s deeply flawed. She’s limited. She’s not interesting, except from the standpoint that Nurse Ratched is interesting. But she’s not engaging interesting. She’s not the kind of person you want to know more about. Shye’s not the kind of person you want to see more of. She’s not the kind of person you want to hear more of. All of those things are attributes that Trump has. But Hillary doesn’t have a single one of them.

And that gaffe, slash, truth statement she made about coal mining and wanting to toss it out of business and bury it, that was a microcosm of her entire campaign. She cannot connect with people because she doesn’t give a damn about them. This is the dirty little secret. Most of the people on the left, they don’t connect with people ’cause they think they’re better than everybody else. They are condescending and arrogant toward everyone.

They want everybody to be victims. They want everybody to be in need. Self-reliance and self-sufficiency, you don’t get admired in a Democrat Party for being that. You become a target if you’re self-reliant. You don’t need them. And so she’s incapable of anything other than talking down to people. She said she wanted to be a champion of everyday Americans. At the same time she’s telling everyday coal miners that she doesn’t care about their lives and their jobs and she’s gonna put their business out of business. Some champion.

I mean, even with a fixed outcome, she is barely keeping her head above water. Even with the rules tilted entirely in her favor, she doesn’t have any momentum. She’s running against a 74-year-old Jurassic Park socialist who won’t even make a claim to being a Democrat. She does not inspire. I mean, there might be some aging feminazis out there that have a lot invested in Hillary, but it’s ancient stuff. I mean, it’s stuff that goes back to the modern era of feminism, back to the seventies, mid-seventies, late-seventies, and so forth. She’s protected by the media, obviously. If not for that, I mean, all these other things, she could be out of the race.

All it took was somebody more attractive. The same thing happened in 2008. The first chance they had to get somebody they really believed in more and thought was better, Barack Obama, they switched on a dime. And it ended up not being even close. It’s gotta be embarrassing. Another disaster, West Virginia, and here comes Crazy Bernie winning 10 of the last 15 primaries.

And the polling data. Nearly half of West Virginia Sanders voters say they would vote for Trump. Did you see this? This cannot be comforting to them inside the bowels of the Democrat Party. Nearly half of the voters in the West Virginia Democrat primary who backed Crazy Bernie say that they would vote for Trump.

CBS reporting the exit poll: “44% of Sanders supporters surveyed said they would rather back Trump in November than Hillary,” 23% said they would support Hillary Clinton if Crazy Bernie doesn’t get it, 31% said that they would support neither. And, see, here you have the same kind of divide and high negatives on the Democrat side. You never hear about them. You only hear about the high negatives on the Trump side. Oh, speaking of Trump. I have 53 seconds — actually, it turned out to be 49. I have 49 seconds of Donald Trump appearing with Greta Van Susteren back in 2012.

It’s not next but it’s coming up soon. I’m gonna play it for you Trumpists. I just want to get the reaction. I have three Trumpists here on the other side of the glass. And so far, no matter what, there is an immediate defense, explanation, and “no big deal” to whatever embarrassing or tough-to-explain or whatever comment that Trump has made in the past. No matter what you pop up there, doesn’t matter. I want to see if this one is reacted to in the same way. Let me grab some quick audio sound bites here on the Democrat side. We’ll start here with Crazy Bernie himself. He was in Salem, Oregon, last night, as the returns were coming in and the polls were closed.

He’s all fired up here…

SANDERS: We’ve won a big, big victory in West Virginia! And let me be as clear as I can be. We are in this campaign to win the Democratic nomination!

RUSH: You know, he sounds a hell of a lot better when he yells and screams than Hillary does, and his crowd’s more into it. I mean, Hillary says (screeching) “Weeee are iiin thiiis campaaaign to wiiiii… (coughing fit) wiiiiiiiiiin!” The audience for Crazy Bernie, it’s an entirely different thing. Here’s Norah O’Donnell, CBS This Morning, reporting about Bernie’s win last night West Virginia.

O’DONNELL: Another primary win for Bernie Sanders is prolonging the Democratic race. His victory in West Virginia doesn’t change Hillary Clinton’s overall lead, but it is one more bump in her path to the general election.

RUSH: See? No matter how much Bernie wins, it doesn’t change anything. He’s won 10 of the last 15. It doesn’t change anything. What if Ted Cruz had won 10 of the last 15? Do you think it would have been, “Hey, you know what? It still doesn’t matter! Trump is still easily the nominee.” Do you think that would be the case on the Republican side? You just reverse things here. If Cruz had won 10 of the last 15, they wouldn’t be reporting, “Ah, another little bump in the road for Donald Trump. Ted Cruz just won’t go away. He’s a little Chihuahua out there yipping away at it cankles. He just won’t go away,” like they’re reporting about Crazy Bernie? He’s Doug Schoen who reports now that the Clintons are getting panicked. This was on Hannity last night.

SCHOEN: In a word, there’s “panic” tonight. The Clintons don’t have a strategy to deal with Bernie Sanders. If they lose California, the whole game will be up for grabs. I’ve been in the room with her and with Bill Clinton. The Clinton campaign in ’96, we had a clear strategy for Dole, carried us through. I’m sitting here telling you the Clinton campaign does not have a clear strategy or idea how to deal with Donald Trump, and the political rule book is being rewritten.

RUSH: They don’t have a strategy for dealing with Trump? I thought they did. I thought it was just gonna be a series of ads replaying things Trump has said about women. I thought that was gonna be the ticket. I thought that was gonna send ’em roaring to victory. All they do is play audio sound bites of various things Trump has said. Now Doug Schoen says they have no strategy to how to deal with Trump.

They don’t have a strategy to deal with Crazy Bernie, either. You know why? They don’t need one. It’s fixed. It’s rigged. Except Schoen says if he wins California, then… I have to think, folks, you’re not gonna see this reported ’cause the media is a bunch of slaves to the Democrat Party. But don’t you think there have to be some nervous Nellies in the Democrat Party? I mean, look at this. They can see like we can, and they look at the Trump campaign… I don’t care what they think of Trump, what they see is ribald excitement.

What they see is unchecked enthusiasm. What they see is support for a candidate nobody has been able to do anything about. Nobody’s been able to strip any of Trump’s supporters away from him no matter what. They see the Republican establishment desperately holding on, trying to hold on and losing at every stage. Then they come and they look at what’s going on in their own campaign and they see the same kind of energy and turnout for Bernie, and they see everybody yawning in their sleep for Hillary.

“Is this our nominee?”

And what are they gonna rely on? They’re gonna rely on, “Well, the media will take care of it. The media will destroy Trump for us.” Except the media’s not going to be able to ’cause the media didn’t make Trump. I think you Democrats are gonna have to learn that one pretty fast. It’s the last bit of advice I’m gonna give you, but you can’t — your guys in the media cannot — destroy people they didn’t make. Now, look at all the negative ads have been run against Trump. Have they hurt? Trump’s out there actually thinking they’re helping.

Trump said he doesn’t have a ground game strategy. He doesn’t need one. He just gonna do rallies. He doesn’t need a ground game. He’s not gonna get a ground game. He’s not gonna get a bunch of people at phone banks making phone calls. He’s just gonna keep doing appearances, doing rallies. It’s the same thing he’s done to get him where he is now. That’s exactly why he didn’t have a ground game for the primaries. He’s gonna go try to win every state, go to different rallies in a bunch of different states and just keep doing that.

Blanket the country with rally after rally after rally. The crowds are big and big and big and there are people lined up for miles, a half mile outside. They can’t get in. He said, “What do I need a ground game for? I’m just gonna keep doing rallies.” In the meantime on the Democrat side, they have to be, privately — like Schoen says, they have to be — panicked. Look, it’s a cumulative thing here. Hillary has a book out. She got 14 million printed.

Nobody bought it. Nobody showed up at book signings except union guys they paid to show up. And everybody’s falling back on, “Well, look at the electoral map. The Democrats get New York, the Democrats get California, the Democrats get Illinois, Democrats get Michigan. I mean, she doesn’t need anything other than that (D) next to her name,” and that’s what they’re relying on. That’s how they could end up being caught up way short.


RUSH: Bernie Sanders — back to his campaign for just a second, because we’ve got some just-in audio from Bernie Sanders on PMSNBC with Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington. She said to Bernie, “Isn’t the bottom line about you versus Hillary and who would be the stronger candidate, that she’s now fighting a war on two fronts? She’s getting beat up by Donald Trump every day. Aside from him calling you Crazy Bernie in his tweet, he’s been embracing you, he’s building you up. He likes the fact that you’re taking her down. So she’s fighting Donald Trump, she’s fighting Bernie Sanders, and that’s depressing her over all. Isn’t fair, is it, Bernie?

SANDERS: Andrea, I don’t accept that proposition. Last I heard Hillary Clinton is running for president of the United States. I am running for president of the United States. Trump is running for president of the United States. And what a candidate does is make his or her best case to the American people. I have gotten attacked and attacked and attacked. My record has been misinterpreted and lied about. The issue of this campaign is to go out to the American people and talk about why the American people are working — are struggling. Hillary Clinton has gotta make that case. Trump has gotta make that case. Sanders has got to make that case.

RUSH: And here again you have Andrea Mitchell indicating the media doesn’t cover the news; the media tells the hero’s side of the story. So in her version of things, Hillary Clinton is the hero. Hillary wants to be nominated. Hillary wants to be president. And so the whole thing is about will Hillary get what she wants? Not whether she’s qualified, not whether she’s any good. And so it’s all unfair, as far as Andrea’s concerned, Hillary’s having to get beat up by Trump every day and Bernie’s beating her up, and it’s just not fair. She’s having to run against two people now and so forth. And it doesn’t matter that it’s presidential politics and it is what it is. It’s not fair. It might stop Hillary from getting what she wants.

See, in this situation, Bernie is the villain, ’cause Bernie’s trying to deny the heroine what she wants, and Andrea wants the heroine to get what she wants, and that’s how she covers the story. She doesn’t cover it in terms of actual substance and developments and news and what have you. So it’s ultimately unfair, you see. Poor Hillary, Bernie’s ripping her to shreds, and Trump’s ripping her to shreds, and she asks Crazy Bernie, “Isn’t that not essentially fair?”

So then Mitchell said, “I’m just saying that the opposition to Hillary Clinton, the negatives against her have been built up by Donald Trump just hammering away at her. And up until now at least, he’s not been going after you as much. So she’s fighting two candidates and you’re only fighting one.” And so what she’s saying, it’s not fair, Bernie, it’s not fair. Hillary has a tougher road to get what she wants, and it’s not fair. And this is Bernie’s next response to it.

SANDERS: Oh, really? Andrea, in every state that we have won, in 19 states, we have had to take on the entire Democratic establishment. We’ve had to take on senators and governors and mayors and members of Congress. That’s what we have taken on. So please do not moan to me about Hillary Clinton’s problems. I’m in this race to win.

RUSH: He’s exactly right about it. Don’t moan about her problems. I’ve had to tackle a stacked deck, Andrea. Everybody knows the game’s rigged against me. You’re talking about how it’s unfair for her? But see, that’s exactly right. Nancy Pelosi, it looks like Nancy Pelosi is prepared here to — if I authorized, if I released, if I asked you to go out there and do an Operation Chaos 2.0, it sounds to me like Pelosi would be all for it. This is today in Washington, a Peter G. Peterson Foundation fiscal summit. This guy’s the former Treasury secretary for Nixon. He’s got this deal where all these Democrats show up. And Pelosi showed up. And she spoke about the campaign and the presidential race today.

PELOSI: IÂ’m respectful of the fact that Donald Trump has been, we assume, will be nominated. The people have spoken. And by the way I am not a supporter of superdelegates. I am one, but I donÂ’t support them. I havenÂ’t even endorsed yet in the election because I think that there should be no doubt that what the people say is what the outcome will be.

RUSH: It’s not over yet, is what Pelosi’s saying. And isn’t this typical of these people? (imitating Pelosi) “Well, you know, I’m not a supporter of superdelegates. I am one, but I don’t support.” Well, then resign. You know, give away your superdelegate status. Maybe she can’t. Maybe by being a ranking Democrat she’s automatically a superdelegate. This is typical the way they do things. No, I don’t support, I don’t support the way we’ve rigged the rules, but I can’t do anything about it other than say I’m not endorsing anybody. Pelosi clearly wants Crazy Bernie to win this.

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