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RUSH: There’s a couple of sound bites here. One of them is an ad. A Hillary super PAC has released an ad attacking Trump on women using Trump’s own words. Now, obviously we only have the audio here. It’s a minute long. I want to run this by you, and I want you to be asking yourself as you hear this, “Will this be effective? Will this hurt Trump? Will it harm Trump?

“Will it be bad news for Trump’s presidential campaign, or is Trump immune to this?” I’ll give you a little hint: The Drive-Bys are convinced that things like this spell the end for Trump. Ads like this — and there are many more to come — are devastating for Trump, that it’s over before it even begins because Trump and the #NeverTrump people have provided this kind of ammo for Hillary and Hillary super PACs. Here we go…

TRUMP: Nobody respects women more than Donald Trump. She came to my wedding, she ate like a pig. And, seriously, the wedding cake was — was… It was, like, missing in action.

STERN: Right.

TRUMP: Does she have a good body? No.

STERN: Of course.

TRUMP: Does she have a fat ass? Absolutely. Well, I just don’t respect her as a journalist. I have no respect for her. I don’t think she’s good. I think she’s highly overrated. But when I came out then, you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. Well, obviously it’s great outer beauty. I mean, we could say politically correct that look doesn’t matter, but the look obviously matters. Like you wouldn’t have your job if you weren’t beautiful.

FEMALE REPORTER: Donald Trump knocking supermodel Heidi Klum in the New York Times, saying, “Heidi Klum, sadly, she’s no longer a 10.”

TRUMP: A person who is flat-chested, it’s very hard to be a 10, okay?


STERN: Right.

TRUMP: You know what? The women get it better than we do, folks, all right? They get it better than we do.

STERN: Can you treat women with respect?

TRUMP: I can’t say that, either.

RUSH: So there’s the ad. I’m trying to gauge the facial expressions of admitted Trump supporters on the other side of the glass here. They’re all laughing uproariously. Is this gonna be harmful to Trump? “Nothing new in here. Ah, nobody’s learning everything they haven’t heard before. Everybody’s heard all this. Everybody’s heard this.” That’s what the reaction is? Nothing new here. Everybody’s heard Trump say this. Everybody knows Trump is joking about it. Let me…

Well, it hasn’t worked up to now, unless maybe you want to look at Trump’s numbers with women and say, “Yeah, he’s not doing all that well with women and this could be why, these statements that he’s made that women have heard.” Even though he’s the presumptive nominee. And remember we’ve got polls from three states today: Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania. Trump is leading in one of them, Quinnipiac, and tied with Hillary in the other two, despite all this stuff being out there. You know, I’m seeing something interesting here.

“If Ted Cruz had said all this, why, it would be over!” You’re right. Ted Cruz would be finished if Ted Cruz had said it. But why? Why would Cruz be finished and Trump’s not? I mean, Trump’s not feeling whatever the impact is here. This does not end the Trump campaign today. It would end Rubio. It would end Jeb Bush. It would spell the end for Ted Cruz. If Chris Christie had come out and said this stuff, if Ben Carson had come out and said this stuff, it’d be over. (If Bill Clinton said this stuff, it would not harm him.)

What do we learn from this stuff? (interruption) I didn’t understand what you said, but… (interruption) Mmm-hmm. (interruption) Okay. Okay. Why would throwing Bill Clinton in the mix upset your answer? If… (interruption) Okay, if Trump survives it it’s ’cause he’s a reality star. Trump survives this because he’s real guy; this how real guys talk. How about this: American politics is determined by trolls on the internet today. It may be is not determined, but internet trolls have a lot of say about what people are thought of.

Well, Trump is an internet troll. With all of his tweeting. Trump is one of those guys. Trump has brought the internet troll to the campaign. Now, there’s a negative connotation to internet trolls, but at the same time this is becoming mainstream. This kind of speech pattern, the way people speak, this is common on the internet. This is the kind of stuff that people say every day, everywhere, on the internet multiple times a day, and nothing happens to them.

They don’t get shut down.

They don’t get shouted down.

Now, they are speaking anonymously in most cases. Most of the trolls are gutless, spineless poltroons, and they’re out there doing it all anonymously. But I think beyond all that, there’s another reason why you put these words in the mouth of any other Republican running for this nomination, and this spot does wipe ’em out, but it doesn’t wipe out Trump. There’s a reason why. Moving on the next bite, though, CNN’s Don Lemon spoke with Dana Bash, chief political correspondent, about this ad. He said, “That’s a pretty devastating look at Trump’s own words. How do you think this is gonna play, Dana?” Hmm? Hmm?

BASH: First of all, this is a road map that was given to the Clinton team. And I should say, we should underscore that this is the pro-Clinton Super PAC. It’s not the Clinton team. A road map given to them by the Republicans in the #NeverTrump movement. They understood that this was a potential weak spot for Donald Trump, big-time. Maybe not as much in the Republican electorate. Although he didn’t do as well with women as he did with men. But very much so they’re — they’re hoping, certainly now, Democrats in the general election.

RUSH: Wait a minute, now. Wait. Well, what was that? It sounded like a woman wandering in vain for a coherent thought. Dana Bash, if I heard that right, did not universally proclaim, “That’s it! That’s it! He’s finished! There’s so much more of this stuff, no one could survive it.” She’s analyzing this in all kinds of different intricate ways. “This is the road map that’s been given to the Clinton team. The #NeverTrump movement, they understood this is a weak spot for Trump, big time.

“Maybe not as much in the Republican electorate, but when you get to the general…” She did not conclude that this is it, did she? She did not say, “Well, (chuckles), this is it for Trump. This finishes him. This is just at the beginning. The Hillary PACs and all that… There’s so much more of this stuff. You just wait. This is just the first bomb to drop. No way Trump can survive.” She didn’t say that. Hmm. Wonder why.


RUSH: Look, I’ve got my own theories about this. And my theories come… They are born of actual experience with this kind of stuff. Greetings. Welcome back. Rush Limbaugh. Cutting edge, societal evolution, 800-282-2882. The email address: ElRushbo@eibnet.com. I think what we’re looking at… Play this ad again. If you’re just joining us, one of Hillary’s super PACs has put together an ad that’s designed to destroy Trump, and all it is, is snippets of Trump audio and video, things he has said about women over the course of the years, that are supposed to destroy him.

It’s supposed to end his candidacy.

It’s supposed to so offend people that they’re not gonna want another thing to do with Donald Trump. They’re supposed to shriek in outrage. And I think we are witnessing… I want to really get this right. The left has been able… For at least the 28 years I have been doing this, and probably longer, the left has been able to destroy conservatives, dispatch conservatives, to ruin conservatives simply on the basis of accusing them or illustrating them supposedly violating political correctness, by virtue of exposing what they think or say.

It’s done from the perspective or vantage point of the people expressing the outrage. In this case of this ad, the Democrats, Hillary’s super PAC — or in the case of Indiana, they found that little pizza joint owner. They do it up with this 25-year-old girl who’s part of the family that runs the pizza joint. They were searching. They went statewide looking for somebody to say they would not cater a gay wedding, because people in the state were not, obviously so, bursting out.

They had to go hunt them down, and they kept going door-to-door. Local news people, camera and microphone in hand kept going door-to-door. They opened up this door to this pizza shop, found this young 25-year-old woman in there who was part of the family that ran the business. “Would you cater a gay wedding?” She said, “No. My religious beliefs say…” And there was outrage at this! The media expressed outrage, but they did it from the point is that “everybody” is outraged. And that’s key to this.

The key is the presumption, the assumption, the assuming that you occupy the majority position when you report that you are outraged that this pizza shop would dare say this, and it’s reported as though everybody in America agrees. But the dirty little secret is that the majority of America does not disagree with the little girl in the pizza shop. They’re just afraid to say they don’t disagree with her because they see what’s happening to her.

The dirty little secret is that a minority is making all of this happen, and they’re using the punitive powers of political correctness and the assumption that it is a majority of people that share the same outrage, and it’s happening here. And this has been the left’s technique. The technique is to portray a political enemy of the left as this outrageous caveman or whatever decrepit form of humanity that you can describe, and then assume that everybody else agrees, and then cover the story as though everybody agrees.

When in fact, a majority probably doesn’t agree; they’re just cowed into silence because of political correctness. Well, the left succeeds at this every time they try to take somebody out this way if they are conservative. Why? I ask you guys, “Could Rubio get away with it?” No. Could Cheney get away with it? No.” Can anybody? Could Chris Christie, could Jeb Bush, could Ted Cruz? Could anybody get away with any of this? No. But Trump can. Why?

There’s a whole lot of reasons why. One of the primary reasons is this, that the people on the left are forgetting. Thanks to NBC News and thanks to the NBC primetime TV network, Donald Trump has been in living rooms for 11 years being who he is. The Donald Trump running for president is not an unknown quantity. The Donald Trump running for president is the Donald Trump everybody’s gotten to know, and quite a lot of people watch those Donald Trump TV shows, The Apprentice and whatever else on there.

And let’s not forget that the Today show and other NBC programs engaged in cross-promotion of the Trump TV shows, because it was in their mutual best interests. So people that were thrown off The Apprentice were on the Today show the next day, and they’re all talking about Trump. For 11 years this has gone on. There isn’t anything you can expose Trump on that people don’t already know and haven’t already accepted.

The only thing you’ve got, if you’re the left — the only thing that’s different — is Trump is now seeking the presidency. And does that change the way we see Trump? Well, in order to answer that, you have to first understand why people support Trump. Why do people support Trump? What is it about Trump that people are so supportive of? Why does it have the only real connection with his voters of any candidate in this race?

There is not a single candidate that has a general connection with his supporters or voters. Hillary does not have it. She does not have a connection with the people voting for her. Not a personal bond. Trump does, and he’s the only candidate who does. Why? Well, part of is just personality. It’s just not something you can set out to do. It’s a characteristic that you have. Some people call it “it.” Some people call it charisma. Some call it media savvy.

But Trump has it, and Hillary doesn’t. She’s a dryball, she’s boring, she’s unexciting, she’s scripted, she’s predictable — and she’s not likable. The only thing she’s got for her is that capital D next to her name and her last name, and that’s it. Nothing personal about Hillary makes people invest in her. But you can go out and you can run ads all day long on Donald Trump and what he says about women, and you haven’t even gotten close to separating his supporters from him, ’cause that’s not why they’re there.

The reason Donald Trump has supporters… I can go through the list for you. The issues are border/immigration, jobs, military, “make America great again…” The fact that Heidi Klum’s no longer a 10 doesn’t even register. It’s not enough to make people question why they support Trump. And there’s a fourth element, and that goes back to my original question about how it is that the majority in this country has been silenced into acquaintance and agreement and lets the left run roughshod over this country.

That’s political correctness, and Trump blows that to smithereens. And if you don’t think that’s important as a factor in his support, you’d better learn it quick, because Trump says things others so desperately want to say to people that work, to people wherever they encounter them. Trump says it. Trump carries a banner of this stuff for people. He says and acts in ways that they do in private, but can’t get away with in public. But Trump is. It makes him a hero to these people. (interruption) You got a problem with that? You got a problem with it?

I’m just analyzing it here for you.

I’ve got my objective analyst cap on as America’s Real Anchorman. Now, let me get to this Paul Johnson piece. It ran in Forbes. “The mental infection known as ‘political correctness’ is one of the most dangerous intellectual afflictions ever to attack mankind. The fact that we began by laughing at it — and to some extent, still do — doesnÂ’t diminish its venom one bit.

“PC has an enormous appeal to the semieducated, one reason that itÂ’s struck roots among overseas students at minor colleges. But it also appeals to pseudo-intellectuals everywhere, since it evokes the strong streak of cowardice notable among those wielding academic authority nowadays.” In other words, those guided by and enforcing political correctness are cowards, and most of the them, many of them, are found on campus.

“Any empty-headed student with a powerful voice can claim someone (never specified) will be ‘hurt’ by a hitherto harmless term, object or activity and be reasonably assured that the dons and professors in charge will show a white feather and do as the student demands.”

And you know that we have a glittering example at the University of Missouri, this kid, Jonathan Butler who shut that school down, has been exposed. I’ve got a story today about what a fraud this guy is. He’s the son of the railroad worker in Nebraska, Democrat Party activist, has an $8.8 million salary, according to public records, this kid was running around shouting racism and bigotry all over campus.

They fired the chancellor. They got rid of half the board of the University of Missouri, and the guy is a fraud from top to bottom. He set out to intimidate. He made up things that weren’t happening. He was accusing people of saying things they didn’t say, doing things they didn’t do, and the university caved and cowed to the guy and fired the chancellor and got rid of a whole lot of other people strictly on the basis of PC, political correctness. It is destroying education. It is destroying the ability to critically think. It’s destroying the vast store of knowledge, because it makes it inaccessible.

“The insidious thing about PC is that it wasnÂ’t — and isnÂ’t — the creation of anyone in particular. ItÂ’s usually the anonymous work of such Kafkaesque figures as civil servants, municipal librarians, post office sorters and employees at similar levels. It penetrates the interstices of society, especially those where the hierarchies of privilege and property are growing. To a great extent PC is the revenge of the resentful underdog.

“Nowhere has PC been more triumphant than in the US. This is remarkable, because America has traditionally been the home of vigorous, outspoken, raw and raucous speech. From the early 17th century, when the clerical discipline the Pilgrim Fathers sought to impose broke down and those who had things to say struck out westward or southward for the freedom to say them, America has been a land of unrestricted comment on anything — until recently. Now the US has been inundated with PC inquisitors, and PC poison is spreading worldwide in the Anglo zone.” Meaning among Caucasian western civilizations.

“For these reasons itÂ’s good news that Donald Trump is doing so well in the American political primaries. He is vulgar, abusive, nasty, rude, boorish and outrageous. He is also saying what he thinks and, more important, teaching Americans how to think for themselves again.

“No one could be a bigger contrast to the spineless, pusillanimous and underdeserving Barack Obama, who has never done a thing for himself and is entirely the creation of reverse discrimination. The fact that he was elected President — not once, but twice — shows how deep-set the rot is and how far along the road to national impotence the country has traveled.

“Under Obama the US — by far the richest and most productive nation on earth — has been outsmarted, outmaneuvered and made to appear a second-class power by Vladimir PutinÂ’s Russia. America has presented itself as a victim of political and economic AlzheimerÂ’s disease, a case of national debility and geopolitical collapse.

“None of the Republican candidates trailing Trump has the character to reverse this deplorable declension. The Democratic nomination seems likely to go to the relic of the Clinton era, herself a patiently assembled model of political correctness, who is carefully instructing America’s most powerful pressure groups in what they want to hear and whose strongest card is the simplistic notion that the US has never had a woman President and ought to have one now, merit being a secondary consideration.

“The world is disorderly and needs its leading nation to take charge and scare it back into decency. Donald Trump fits the bill. Other formidable figures, including Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan, have performed a similar service in the past. But each President is unique and cast in his own mold. Trump is a man of excess — and today a man of excess is what’s needed.”

I’ll guarantee you, Trump supporters hearing me read this, I can pick out the applause lines for you among Trump supporters as I read that. I can hear on you the radio out there cheering, “Yeah, yeah,” as I go through that. I know the points at which you did. And that’s why the Hillary super PAC with the 60 minute commercial on Heidi Klum. “He said she’d be a 10 if she still had boobs!” It isn’t gonna matter to Trump supporters. It doesn’t matter. It’s so insignificant, and plus it’s not new. They’ve heard him talk this way for 11 years, and they like it.


RUSH: I forgot to play the ad again, so let me get that in before too much time goes by. This is the Hillary PAC ad that’s supposed to destroy the Trump candidacy today. This is supposed to be the beginning of the end. There’s supposed to be so much more of this, Trump’s not gonna be able to withstand it, it’s over, everybody agrees, except everybody’s wrong because, well, let me just play the ad, and you’ll see what the previous half hour was all about.

TRUMP: Nobody respects women more than Donald Trump. She came to my wedding, she ate like a pig. And, seriously, the wedding cake was — was… It was, like, missing in action.

STERN: Right.

TRUMP: Does she have a good body? No.

STERN: Of course.

TRUMP: Does she have a fat ass? Absolutely. Well, I just don’t respect her as a journalist. I have no respect for her. I don’t think she’s very good. I think she’s highly overrated. But when I came out then, you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. Well, obviously it’s great outer beauty. I mean, we could say politically correct that look doesn’t matter, but the look obviously matters. Like you wouldn’t have your job if you weren’t beautiful.

FEMALE REPORTER: Donald Trump knocking supermodel Heidi Klum in the New York Times, saying, “Heidi Klum, sadly, she’s no longer a 10.”

TRUMP: A person who is flat-chested, it’s very hard to be a 10, okay?


STERN: Right.

TRUMP: You know what? The women get it better than we do, folks, all right? They get it better than we do.

STERN: All right, so you treat women with respect?

TRUMP: I can’t say that, either.

RUSH: What he means by women get it better than we do is — do I need to point this one out? I mean, well, I have over the course of I don’t know how many years. You’re walking down the street with your wife or your girlfriend and you see some woman across the street and think, “Wow.” You look at her, what you don’t notice is your wife’s looking at her, too, and hating on her and criticizing every imperfection there is, no matter what you’re doing, you just don’t notice. That’s what Trump means.

You shaking your head at that, Dawn? No way. That’s what he means by women know it better than I do. He means women are bigger critics of women than I could ever hope to be. Anyway, my only point is that the Democrats, the left has this 30-year playbook of how to destroy conservatives by simply exposing the horrible, the mean-spirited, insensitive things they say, but that isn’t going to work on Trump the way it works on conservatives, for a whole host of reasons. At least it’s not by itself gonna destroy his campaign, like it would destroy anybody else.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, to conservative bloggers and analysts and so forth everywhere out there, the last half hour of the program was not done in support of Donald Trump or opposition to Donald Trump. I’m just telling you what’s going on. I’m just analyzing what’s happening out there. And I’m trying to do it as honestly and forthrightly as I can.


RUSH: Here’s Lisa in Detroit. She’s been holding for a while. I really appreciate it, Lisa. How are you?

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’m calling today about the three key states in a dead heat for Trump and Hil-liar-y.

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: And I’m hoping that Michigan… I’m calling from Detroit. I’m actually hoping that Michigan will become the fourth swing state in those polls. Because, as you know, the United Auto Workers, the UAW, traditionally and historically they back the Democrat. And they have been suspiciously silent in announcing their support for a candidate as of yet. So I’m just hoping and praying. Keep an eye out for what the UAW will come out for.

RUSH: You mean the leadership? You’re talking about leadership endorsement or rank-and-file individuals?

CALLER: The rank-and-file, everybody. The UAW in… I don’t know who actually announces who their candidate’s gonna be, but traditionally it’s the Democrat, and formally they —

RUSH: It’s the head honcho union guy. It would be a guy like Richard Trumka who runs the mine workers or… He’s now AFL-CIO. There’s only three or four of these guys, and they do determine who gets the money from all the dues. But the rank-and-file, there’s a lot of people gonna be voted for Trump on NAFTA alone, on trade deals alone.

CALLER: The UAW, the United Auto Workers — specifically in Detroit though, because I’m there. That’s huge for Michigan and why Michigan is traditionally blue because of the UAW.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And I’m just.. I’m just wondering why they haven’t announced anything yet. At the least to flick Bernie off the chart if they’re supporting Hil-liar-y. But why haven’t they said anything?

RUSH: Hil-liar-y. Okay, I heard that. (chuckling) I, frankly, like “Hildebeast.” That is my favorite one. You know, I’m looking for the ad… In fact, I don’t think we can make this ad. We just played the sound bites of Trump in the ad that Hillary’s super PAC is running. But this kind of works both ways. I would love to see an ad with Hillary standing next to Bill when he said, “I didn’t have sex with that woman. Not a single time, ever. I never asked anybody to lie.”

The problem is, she wasn’t standing next to him, purposefully. She was out at the “Bimbo Eruptions Unit” trying to take care of any other women thinking of coming forward. Anyway, my point is, this works both ways and can be turned right around on Mrs. Clinton. You know, she’s not untouchable here. That’s another thing the Democrats have grown accustomed to is their candidate is untouchable. There’s no possibility that even an allegation of hypocrisy will stick.

Not even the allegation of real hypocrisy. A Democrat hypocrite will never get harmed. But the Democrats are incapable of even being accused of violating political correctness, so they don’t even worry about it. The Democrats have really grown accustomed, however, to Republicans not attacking, not criticizing them. This is something that they’re using a 30-year-old playbook here in campaign on, where a lot of that playbook is not going to be relevant. Don’t doubt me.

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