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RUSH: Tim in St. Louis. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: First-time caller.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: I think that there’s going to be a big surprise in the election with the number of crossover Democrats like myself that are gonna vote for Trump.

RUSH: Well, you know, it won’t surprise Trump. Trump’s out there saying he doesn’t need to unify the Republican Party ’cause of guys like you.

CALLER: Well, you talked about it before. Moderate and conservative guys, you know, our fathers and uncles were the Reagan Democrats. In the last seven years or so we’ve said, “What in the heck has happened to this party?”

RUSH: We’ve been asking that for more than seven years, Tim.

CALLER: Well, you know, my best friend in college who’s now the Republican speaker of the North Carolina House — shout out to Tim Moore — we would listen to the radio, and I’d always go, “Man, why do you listen to that guy?” I mean, he was right (chuckles) twenty-five years later.

RUSH: And now you’re here. Well, so what…? Let me ask you something. What is it about the last seven years that has you saying, “What the hell are we doing here? What’s happened to us?” Meaning the Democrats. I mean, frankly, Tim, there’s a lot of us who’ve been asking this for a lot longer than 7-1/2 years.

CALLER: Just the priorities of the party, you know? It seems letting somebody that wants to call themselves a boy or a girl go to whatever bathroom they want to, is more important than job security and national security.

RUSH: Yes, exactly right. Exactly. All those things, seems who wants to marry who and who wants to use what bathroom matters more than jobs, standard of living, the economy. I tell you something else. You African-Americans out there who believe that the election of Barack Hussein O was going to mean — and I addressed this last week, too — substantive improvement. And I don’t mean welfare. I don’t mean more goodies and benefits. I mean, election of Obama was gonna genuinely improve life circumstances for African-Americans. Obama’s at Howard University, said, “Hey, I was never about that! Other people said that I was into this postracial America stuff. I was never into that! I never said that,” and he’s right. He never did.

But a lot of people thought it.


RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number seven. I just want case somebody wants to doubt me. This is Obama. This is Saturday in Washington, Howard University. This goes by fast. It’s just eight seconds. Here it comes in three.. two.. one…

OBAMA: My election did not create a postracial society; I don’t know who was propagating that notion. That was not mine.

RUSH: Well, I don’t know how many people know what a “postracial society” is. Let me tell you what it means. It means colorblind society. Postracial means race ends as a factor in America. A lot of people voted for Obama hoping that’s what their vote meant. You know this as well as I do. There are people that voted, white people who voted for Obama hoping to end this. They think it’s tearing the country apart. They think there’s been a lot of progress. There’s still some to go, but there’s no reason for the country to be further divided by it.

They were hoping that a black president would send such a message and that it would mean substantive improvement for African-Americans in this country. And again, I want to reiterate: Nobody thought that meant more welfare or more benefits or more dependence, but that actual, quality standard of living improvements would take place. And there haven’t been any, at large. And here’s Obama saying: I will remember what I was about. Other people out there were saying that, but that was not mine.

So he’s admitting it. Post racial, post… He was also supposed to be “postpartisan,” if you know what that means. How many of you remember during the campaign Obama he was gonna end all the division? He was gonna unify us. We were gonna come together. We were gonna be a nation at one with each other. Yeah, “No red states, no blue states; no Democrats, no Republicans.” That’s from his convention speech, Democrat convention, what, in 2008? So postpartisan. That means that partisan America, the divide is gone.

Obama was gonna do all that. He’s telling the students at Howard University, “Hey, I never said that. That was not me. I never said it,” ’cause he doesn’t want it to end. He thinks there’s so much payback still needed. This country has committed unforgivable sins, and there’s no way the people who committed ’em are gonna get away this easily. No way, Jose. So I wonder how many people are shocked, if any, to actually hear Obama say it. Here’s another one. Try this. You’re at Howard University, here comes the president of the United States, the first African-American president.

Keep in mind, again, why so many white people voted for him. Believe me, a lot of Republicans voted for Obama hoping to end all this racial strife, hoping that the symbolism of it would send such a message to black people: “Hey, there’s not any racism anymore. How could there be racism when there’s a black president? We got Oprah, we got a black president. We’ve gotta stop thinking this way.” But Obama said, “No, that’s not what I was about.” Now, you think you voted for Obama because he was about improving the circumstances for African-Americans. Let’s listen little bite.

OBAMA: Be confident in your heritage. Be confident in your blackness. … Remember the tie that does bind us as African-Amer’cans and that is our particular awareness of injustice and unfairness and struggle. … We have cousins and uncles and brothers and sisters who we remember were just as smart and just as talented as we were, but somehow got ground down by structures that are unfair and unjust. And that means we have to not only question the world as it is and stand up for those African-Amer’cans who haven’t been so lucky. Because yes you’ve worked hard, but you’ve also been lucky. That’s a pet peeve of miiiine: People who’ve been successful and don’t realize they’ve been lucky, that Gooood may have blessed them. It wa’n’t nothin’ you did.

RUSH: What was that? What was that? Was he reverting there to ethnic…? (interruption) That’s his version of Hillary saying, “I ain’t no ways tired.” (impression) “Gooood may have blessed them. It wa’n’t nothin’ you did.” All right, so you’re out there, you’ve just graduated Howard University, and you’ve got the president saying, “Hey, you’ve been lucky. Nobody gets it.” You know, this is a this is an offshoot of Elizabeth Warren, “You didn’t build that. You didn’t make that happen.” Meaning, your business or whatever else that you have built up.

“You didn’t do that. Everybody else did that for you. Without everything we did, you couldn’t have done diddly-squat.” Here’s Obama (impression), “People have been successful and don’t realize they’ve been lucky! Got all these people out there successful thinking they actually done something. You hadn’t done nothin’! You nothin’ but lucky!” He’s not criticizing that. He wants people to realize that, because what Obama wants people to realize is that without government — and without “betters” and without people in command-and-control authority — you’re not gonna have diddly-squat.

It’s the people that got connections who get lucky, and that determines whether or not they successful enough. “You did nothin’.” That’s a hell of a commencement speech, isn’t it? That’s a hell of an inspirational message. I’d be really motivated. Okay, so I’ve spent four years or however many years here in this university trying to equip myself for success, and now I’m told that’s not a factor. I gotta go out and learn luck. Where do I go to study luck? Where do I go to get my degree in luck? And the unspoken message is: If you’re black, you aren’t gonna have it, ’cause the people in charge of luck aren’t gonna pass it out to you.

This is hideous, folks.

Anyway, he’s admitting it.

“Postracial? I wasn’t about that!”

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