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RUSH: Somebody said just a moment ago — a caller said — he’s very worried that Trump could end up being the next Bill Clinton, just end up doing whatever is convenient, what’s his way to go, whatever way he has to go. Clinton’s been in the news again. This was at San Diego yesterday at a Hillary campaign event, and during his remarks, some woman in the audience shouted at him, “Hey, Bill, you look great!”

CLINTON: It’s been a long time since a girl said that to me. I usually get, “You look good for a man your age.” That last phrase is a killer.

RUSH: Yeah. See, this guy’s now been revitalized. So women are starting to say, “Hey, Bill, you look great!” So they’ll need the press gaggle to follow him around. (impression) “Yeah, it’s been a long time since a girl said that to me. Who was it? What was her name? What was the last woman said that to me? Ha-ha-ha. Sally Miller! Yeah, she was talking about me the other day.”

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