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RUSH: To the Hillary Clinton bite. She’s in heap big doo-doo over this whole coal business. I have to tell you where this coal business started — and, Mike, I’m gonna change up the sound bite order ’cause I just thought of something. I want to start at a different place. I want to find the Obamas, the Obama sound bites on this. Hang in here with me, folks. I’ll eventually get there. It takes two pages to find them. Okay. Not on page one. Not on page two. Here it is. Grab sound bites eight and nine. This is January 17, 2008.

This is Barack Obama running for the presidency. He’s being interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle editor board, and they’re talking about energy and the environment. And somebody on the Chronicle editorial board said, “Senator, you introduced a bill promoting coal-to-liquid fuels, and then you said youÂ’d only support them if they emitted fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline. Now, all of the scientific evidence supports to coal being dirtier than pretty much anything else. So how are you going to square your support for coal with the need to fight global warming?”

OBAMA 2008: What I’ve said is that we would put a, uh, cap-and-trade system in place that is more — that is as aggressive if not more aggressive than anybody else’s out there. So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that, uh, greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.

RUSH: I imagine many of you are saying, “Well, where was that?” We aired it a number of times, folks. We aired this at all kinds of related sound bites. This is Obama promising, in 2008, to shut down the coal business by making it prohibitively expensive to operate. And just last week Peabody coal — which is a giant coal firm, a big presence in St. Louis — announced they’re filing for bankruptcy. Obama has done it. Obama has put so many carbon taxes and levies on the greenhouse gas emission of coal-fired power plants that many of them are having close down.

He telegraphed it. He promised people he was gonna do it — and despite this, all the union workers and all the Democrats and all the coal miner states voted for the guy. The vast majority of ’em did, in West Virginia and Pennsylvania and Ohio. And it was one of the many things about which I was incredulous. “Do you not realize what the man will do? The man has just promised to shut down your family’s livelihood on this stupid, false premise of the hoax of man-made global warming!” And then here come people driving electric cars.

Where do you think you get the power for it? You gotta burn coal in the power plant to have something to plug your car charger into, for crying out loud! If you’re driving an electric car, it’s coal-powered. It isn’t battery-powered. The battery doesn’t have any power. You plug it into a charger which is connected to your power plant. This is the kind of stuff drove us nuts back in 2008. People just… You talk about brain-dead? Your average Obama supporter didn’t want to hear any of this. But there’s Obama promising it back in 2008. The same day with the editorial board, same discussion, Obama then said this…

OBAMA 2008: When I was asked earlier about, uh, the issue of coal, uhhh, you know, under my plan, uh, of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.

RUSH: “Necessarily skyrocket.” He was going to reduce energy consumption and save the planet by making it prohibitively expensive so that people would not be able to afford everyday, run-of-the-mill electronic appliances. So Hillary has come along, and she has promised to continue and shut down the coal industry. And people heard her say it and reacted as you would expect. They heard her when they didn’t hear Obama.

So now Hillary’s out there apologizing and claiming she was misunderstood, and she didn’t say it — when, of course, she did, and it is Democrat Party policy to put the coal business out of business. They’re doing it as we speak. Leading into this, grab sound bite number three, CBS This Morning. John Heilemann is talking with Norah O’Donnell about this. I just want… This has nothing to do with coal. This has to do with the Indiana primaries tonight. One of the reasons why this is happening is the nature of Hillary’s campaign. They’re talking about Hillary and the likelihood she’s gonna lose Indiana.

HEILEMANN: It’s to raise a lot of money. It is the case, now, that I believe the Clinton campaign thinks they’re gonna lose Indiana tonight, and they’re worried that they’re gonna lose West Virginia also. So, look, the delegate map continues to be very favorable to her. She’ll still almost certainly be the Democratic nominee. Even if [Sanders] wins Indiana, wins West Virginia. He doesn’t pick up that many delegates. So it doesn’t really solve his problem. But she is desperate to make this race end. After all these months of, “Will Republicans have a contested convention?” it’s now the Democrats who are looking at the possibility that a stubborn Bernie Sanders is going to say, “I’m going to fight all the way to the last state. Not California, not June 7th, but in Philadelphia this summer.”

RUSH: It is incredible what’s happening on their side. Bernie does keep winning, and she’s getting all the delegates. You people out there who think it’s all rigged on the Republican side, it is rigged on the Democrat side. It has been rigged from the get-go, and Bernie knew it. Bernie’s off the reservation now. Bernie was only ever supposed to be a placeholder. He was there to provide her a little bit of opposition so she could craft an image as a fighter, a street fighter. She wouldn’t take any guff from a man, and it was especially important that he was an avowed socialist so that she could appear to the right of him when she’s actually to the left of him.

But then he started winning things, and then Bernie’s head started getting bigger, and then Bernie’s crowds started to tell him, “You know, Bernie, you could actually win this!” And then Bernie got drunk on the possibility he could actually become president, and he’s living the dream each and every day. And every day he stays in the race is a gift. It’s a day further than anybody ever thought he’d still be in it. He’s got nothing to lose here. He’s sticking in. Now she gonna lose again in Indiana and she gonna lose West Virginia


RUSH: Here are these two Hillary bites this afternoon MSNBC. Andrea Mitchell (NBC News-Washington) is interviewing Hillary. She says, “Donald Trump seized on something that you said last week about how you have a lot of experience with men who go ‘off the reservation,’ suggesting you were talking about your husband.”

HILLARY: No, that’s not true. I was talking and thinking about my 2000 election, where I started off with Rudy Giuliani, who was making all kinds of intemperate attacks against me — and, in fact, I called him out for what I described as his “temper tantrums” before he dropped out. And then I was running against then-Congressman Rick Lazio, who was similarly —

RUSH: Rick…

HILLARY: — going after me.

RUSH: … Lazio?

HILLARY: So I have political experience in dealing with candidates who think they’re gonna score points by, you know, being either negative about women in general or about me in particular.

RUSH: Who believes that? Brain-dead Hillary supporters, that’s who believes it. Yeah, she’s had to deal with men who go off the reservation. “Uh, uh. And, no, it wasn’t about Bill. And Bill never has been off the reservation regarding her career advancement. Now, being off the bedroom reservation? Yeah, constantly. But he’s never not helped her career. So she’s talking here about Rick Lazio and Rudy Giuliani. I guarantee you, all these men that have told her she can’t do anything. All these men she’s had to deal with all of her career — fired from the Watergate committee. She got thrown off of that because she was eagerly trying to deny Nixon due process during the Watergate committee hearings.

And, by the way, she has gone into West Virginia, and she has told people, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! I didn’t say that I want to shut down the coal industry!” But she did. She and Obama are doing it. She’s going to continue it. You cannot be a big proponent of climate change, global warming, and coincide peacefully with the coal industry. You just can’t. Your supporters won’t let you. They have been instructed, they’ve been indoctrinated, they’ve been programmed with the news that coal is the filthiest thing on earth. It’s the greatest polluter. It’s yukko.

And if you’re gonna reduce carbon emissions, you gotta stop using coal. She’s got a lot of money, donors — a lot of really fruitcake, literally wacko donors — that give big money because they stand to make a lot of money on this fraud of climate change. So she’s really lying to these people in West Virginia and other coal-producing states.


RUSH: Fox News, Clinton confronted by laid-off coal worker at West Virginia campaign stop. AP: Once a Clinton solid Appalachia, now Trump country laid off coal work confronts Clinton another story. Blames fracking for problem in coal country and for the Washington Free Beacon, West Virginia county officials, Bill and Hillary Clinton are simply not welcome in our town. And then from the — another Free Beacon story, hostile protesters confront Bill Clinton in West Virginia. How many of you are surprised by that? You the West Virginia, it’s a big coal mining state, that means union, big Democrat state. You know, people forget this. You back 1960 the Kennedy-Nixon election. It wasn’t just Illinois that Jack Kennedy needed. You know, where they counted the daddy and Mayor Daley came through, they had to do similar things in West Virginia. West Virginia has always been a go-to state for Democrats if they needed anything — Electoral College victory, question has always been a Democrat power base. Like a hidden deck in the card.

And that’s why like Snerdley came in, what is Hillary doing in West Virginia, why what? Because it’s crucial to Democrat success, in a lot of, in a lot of backroom, unseen kinds of ways. And this whole business with Obama and attacking the coal industry and Hillary now getting herself caught up because she’s — she’s now having to apologize for being misunderstood, she went went out and actually agreed with Obama and added on to Obama and his ideas of of doing great damage to coal business, and she’s adding to it now by blaming fracking, blames fracking for tragedy in coal co. By the way, there is no evidence, there is none, there is no scientific evidence that fracking pollutes water, that fracking causes earthquakes, that fracking leads to global warming. The only evidence is that fracking increases America’s oil supply, makes us an even bigger player in world energy markets and brings down the price of fossil fuel, all of which the left wants no part of. Because they’re busy subsidizing all this worthless stuff — wind and solar — because all of their donors, many of their donors are trying to make a quick buck in those scam industries, like Solyndra. So she’s had to twist her out of a pretzeled position on this. This is this afternoon also on Andrea Mitchell at NB — MSNBC. She said, what do you think of the sentencing Mr. Bank enship, the head of one of these coal companies, been sentenced to a year in jail for whatever? Number 32. I’m sorry. I thought it was on the — number sound bite 32. In three, two, one.

HILLARY: Also have to take a hard look at these coal companies that because of drop in global command are taking bankruptcy and in the course of their bankruptcy they’re trying to shed their responsibilities for health and pensions for people who have basically planned their lives, particularly their retirement on being able to count on that pension. People should be held accountable, and that includes those who clearly cost the lives of American coal miners.

RUSH: Now, anybody who thinks that Hillary Clinton feels the pain of laid-off coal workers is either working for her or is delusional. She doesn’t feel the pain; she inflicts it. That she has in common with her fellow Democrats, led by Barack Hussein O. They inflict pain. What do you think’s been happening to this country for seven and a half years? There is pain all across our economic spectrum. And it is being inflicted. It’s not incidental. The thing about congenital liars — and that’s what William Safire called Hillary, congenital liar — it’s not that they don’t just tell the truth. They also view voters as suckers who will believe anything and could be bought off. There’s no question, the Democrat Party, whether it’s Obama, whether it’s Hillary, is out to bankrupt the coal industry. They’ve succeeded Peabody coal, one of the biggest, filed bankruptcy back in April, not not just weeks ago. It’s really frustrating to sit here and look at the destruction these people live in their wake — leave in their wake and all the while get credit for having the most wonderful good intentions of helping people. These coal miners are confronting her on this, and she’s just lying to them right laid-off coal worker confronts Hillary over her promise to eradicate the industry and that’s where she’s, no, no, no, I didn’t say I want to eradicate the industry. Well, Obama did and you followed up with you agreed.

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