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RUSH: Carol Costello. This happened this morning. She was speaking about Trump and a tweet that he sent out talking about Hillary. We have two sound bites, this is the first characterization that she made. Listen carefully.

COSTELLO: Trump just tweeted out this this morning. Quote, “Crooked Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most dishonest person to have ever run for the presidency, is also one of the great enablers,” and I can only assume he’s talking about Hillary Clinton enabling Bill Clinton’s naughtiness, for lack of a better term.


RUSH: (laughing) Naughtiness! By the way, it’s Ronald Brownstein that was the guest there. And they’re sharing, you know, they’re chuckling among themselves, a couple leftists, yeah, here’s Trump he’s going after our girl Hillary again.

Now, Carol Costello is married. If her husband were a serial philanderer, if her husband routinely had trysts with 19-year-old interns in his office and if semen could be found on one of the intern’s dresses, could Carol Costello refer to her husband’s behavior as “naughtiness”? (imitating Costello) “Yes, yes, Trump just tweeted out this morning, quote, ‘”Crooked Hillary Clinton,” perhaps the most dishonest person to have ever run for president, one of the great enablers.'”

And Costello says, “I can only assume that he’s talking about Hillary Clinton enabling Bill Clinton’s naughtiness, for lack of a better term.” Naughtiness. You know, it’s such an eye-opener. These people will eventually, on occasion, tell us, show us their mind-set. Even these leftist women, all of these feminist women, all of these women-first people, all these babes in media, “Bill Clinton, ‘eh, a little naughtiness.” But their own husbands do it, we’re talking castration. Let Bill Clinton do it, “‘Eh, just a little naughtiness, you know, it’s just Bill being Bill.”

I just find it humorous. These are the women, they are the thoroughbred feminists. They’re the ones that are not gonna let men run around on them. They’re not the ones that are gonna let men run the show. No way, no how. They’re gonna hang together, they’re gonna stick together. It’s equal pay for equal work, it’s all of that stuff. They’re gonna be in there on pro-choice. They’re gonna be in there on whatever it happens to be. And then some revered left-wing male politician comes along and treats women like they’re nothing but sex objects and it’s just naughtiness.

Well, you and I are not the only ones to react this way. Sometime later, before the segment ended, somebody either said something to her in her IFB, or else she had her computer there and was getting flooded with tweets, texts, emails, or whatever, but, even before the segment she was doing there with Brownstein ended, she said this.

COSTELLO: I want to correct my word. “Naughtiness” was not the right word. What Bill Clinton did was way more than that, and I apologize for using that term.

RUSH: That was before the segment ended. This was not 10 minutes later. This was a couple of minutes later. So somebody, it might have been a producer. You never know. Might be a female producer saying, “Carol, ‘naughtiness,’ you better fix that.”

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