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RUSH: Look at this headline. I mean, there’s all kinds of little nuggets out there. “Driven Up the Wall by Trump, Mexico Looks to Recast Image in US.” This is a Reuters story. Why, some might say whatever Trump is doing is already getting results. Page two of this story: Mexican officials say that Republicans told them they will take care of Trump.

Let’s see what this story has to say here. “At first, Mexico’s government did its best to ignore Donald Trump. Then it likened him to Adolf Hitler. Now it has appointed a new ambassador to come up with a better plan. Fed up with the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination labeling Mexico as a cradle of drug-runners, job poachers and rapists, the government is sending in respected diplomat Carlos Sada to lead a fightback.

“Mexico’s new ambassador in Washington, Sada acknowledges his country has neglected its image across the border and aims to fix that with PR and media campaigns, and by lobbying prominent US companies, lawmakers and civic leaders.”

This guy said after he was sworn in at Mexico’s Senate last week, he said, “We need to do a more thorough job so that people understand what (Mexico) contributes.” Contributes. Well, now, Mexico already feels the need for a PR offensive out here? I think Mexico, if you’re gonna be honest here about doing a more thorough job so that people understand what Mexico contributes, you might want to also add to that what Mexico takes, ’cause there’s a lot of stuff flowing across the border.

“Mexican officials say US politicians and officials urged it to keep a low profile to avoid aggravating tensions, and played down the real estate magnate’s chances.”

This is a quote from a Mexican official: “The Republicans told us, ‘We’ll deal with Trump’,” one senior Mexican government official said, speaking on condition of anonymity. When Mexico eventually did respond, President Enrique Pena Nieto compared the brash billionaire’ s campaign to the rise of Hitler and Benito Mussolini.”

You know people are losing touch when they do that. I mean, of all the things you might want to compare the Trump campaign to, come on. Mexico’s getting worried here. The bottom line, Mexico’s getting worried. “Driven Up the Wall by Trump, Mexico Looks to Recast Image in US.”

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