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RUSH: Here’s the entire Trump sound bite that I interrupted when I heard something worth pointing out.

TRUMP: We don’t have much of a race anymore. Based on what I’m seeing on television, Senator Cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. (Applause) And we’ve won another state. As you know, we have won millions of more votes than Senator Cruz, millions and millions of more votes than Governor Kasich. We’ve won and now especially after tonight, close to 300 delegates more than Senator Cruz. We’re really, really rocking.

RUSH: Gone is the Lyin’ Ted. Not even Lyin’ Senator Cruz. And the Drive-Bys have noticed. And the Drive-Bys are euphoric. Here’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, CNN’s coverage last night just dazzled over this.

TAPPER: That Donald Trump you heard this evening, that is the Donald Trump pivoting to become a general election candidate.

BASH: I could not agree with you more. There’s no question that this was a fundamentally different Donald Trump, candidate Donald Trump. And I think, fair to say, maybe less reality TV show Donald Trump.

TAPPER: We’ve been hearing, those of us who have been covering Donald Trump now for almost a year, talking to those who know him, many of them are saying there are two Donald Trumps, and this is the second one. This is the second one that many of them predicted he would pivot to.

RUSH: And it’s not just those two, folks, not just Jacob Tapper and Dana Bash. On the Fox News Channel last night on The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly, Monica Crowley wowed and dazzled by the new Trump.

KELLY: You heard Donald Trump tonight sounding — you tell me — more presidential? Senator Cruz, not Lyin’ Ted. Did you notice that? I don’t know if I’ve ever heard Donald Trump call Ted Cruz Senator Cruz.

CROWLEY: Yeah, there was definitely a change in his tone and in his rhetoric tonight. I mean, this was classic Donald Trump in the sense that he’s really in his element when he’s the victor.

RUSH: And here’s Axelrod. We have time to squeeze this in.

AXELROD: The new team has had an impact, right? He had a short speech. Usually can’t clear his throat in eight minutes. Focused on jobs. You know, even his hair, you know, is more — he has some of that Manafort mousse in his hair. They’ve had a real impact on him because he’s trying to show that he’s not just the outsider, but he can actually be an effective president.

RUSH: So people from all sides — right, left, down the middle — dazzled by the new Trumpster. Even David Axelrod there.

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