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RUSH: Grab audio sound bite number six. This was Fox News Channel, The O’Reilly Factor last night, O’Reilly speaking with Juan Williams about a recent poll on confidence in the media. It’s bad for the media. I had this story yesterday, didn’t get to it ’cause it really isn’t news. It’s about how most people don’t trust the media, it’s worse than ever. What was it, like 70, 80% don’t trust the media, something like that, up from 65% don’t trust the me.

Anyway, talking about it last night. And O’Reilly said to Juan Williams, “A recent survey by the Media Insight Project funded by the AP and other public affairs groups asks the question, ‘As far as the people running the press are concerned, would you say you have a great deal of confidence, only some confidence, or hardly any confidence at all?’ Six percent had a great deal of confidence in the media barons; 52%, some; and 41%, hardly any confidence whatsoever.” And O’Reilly said to Juan Williams, “What’s driving the negativity toward the press barons, Juan?”

WILLIAMS: I gotta tell you, people I think are strongly conservative Republicans who have the greatest distrust of American media. And they’re not they’re not talking about the Wall Street Journal; they’re not talking about Fox News; they’re not talking about Rush Limbaugh and talk radio. They’re talking about ABC, NBC, CBS.

RUSH: That’s right, of course they are. That’s who the Drive-Bys are. That’s who the mainstream media is, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, LA Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, it’s the same thing. Of course there’s no trust. And he thinks it’s strongly conservative Republicans who have the greatest distrust. Why would that be? Maybe because they’re mocked all the time. Maybe ’cause they’re laughed at all the time. Maybe ’cause they’re made fun of and impugned all the time. Maybe because the Drive-By Media is every bit as part of the establishment as the Democrat is?

Maybe because these people know that the media is actually the Democrat Party, just an extension of it. I mean, when somebody can leave the Hillary Clinton campaign and go anchor at ABC, what the hell is that? George Stephanopoulos leaves the Clinton war room, and his buddy James Carville, and ends up hosting Good Morning America and This Week? Or take your pick of any other media person who leaves a campaign position, speechwriter or liaison, goes over to become a White House correspondent.

Or vice-versa, leave the media to join a campaign, like Jay Carney left TIME magazine to go become Biden’s spokesman. There wasn’t enough to say there; Biden speaks for himself, doesn’t shut up. So Carney goes over to the White House from TIME magazine. Why shouldn’t conservative Republicans have immense distrust in the media? ‘Cause it isn’t media. It’s just an extension of the radical left, the Democrat Party, is all it is.

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