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RUSH: Now, this is a sound bite from Trump that has people confused. He was in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is the Steelers. And he’s talking about Joe Paterno. Joe Paterno didn’t work in Pittsburgh. Joe Paterno worked in the Happy Valley for the Nittany Lions of Penn State. Does Trump not know this? Here’s the bite, and I will explain it.

TRUMP: I went to school in this state, right? We know that, right? This is the town of the Pittsburgh Steelers, which we love. We do love the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s Steel City, and when I’m president, guess what? Steel is coming back to Pittsburgh.

RUSH: They don’t want it back.

TRUMP: A lot of things are coming back. How’s Joe Paterno? We gonna bring that back? Right? How about that — how about that whole — how about that whole deal? And we do love Penn State. Do we love Penn State, I mean, in all fairness?

RUSH: In all fairness, Penn State, what happened. Well, there was a sex abuse scandal there involving an assistant coach, a friend of Paterno’s. It was a sordid, sordid tale. It ended up tainting Coach Paterno. What Trump is talking about here is the Paterno statue that was taken down on the campus at Penn State. There’s nothing about Pittsburgh and Paterno, and Trump knows that. By the way, Trump is a big New England Patriots fan. He is. Tom Brady, he’s up there with Mr. Kraft sitting in the suite now and then. But he was in Pittsburgh yesterday, so Steelers fan.

But the Paterno business, it was a statue that they took down. And Trump is basically aligning himself in the pro-Paterno group here at Penn State and suggesting that it’s time to put the statue back.

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