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RUSH: I saw this alluded to as a rumor about an hour ago. Now it’s been officially confirmed by CNN. Megyn Kelly snuck into Trump Tower today. Well, it’s the wrong way to put it. That makes it sound like she was stalking. What happened was Trump and Megyn Kelly had a secret meeting at Trump Tower this morning, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Apparently, Megyn Kelly reached out to Trump’s office to set up the meeting, and they ended up having lunch. Beyond that, little is known.

Representatives for Trump and Fox had no immediate comment. But the meeting raises the possibility of a Kelly-Trump interview sometime in the future. This is a story here from CNN. This is what I saw earlier: “An NBC reporter spotted Kelly looking incognito and entering Trump Tower shortly before noon.” And then there’s this next paragraph. “Trump’s intense dislike of Kelly has been one of the subplots of his run for president. Trump has essentially said that she started all of this by treating him unfairly during the first GOP debate of the season last August.”

You want to know what happened here? I mean, not at this thing today. You want to know what this is all about? I’m gonna tell you, I don’t know, but I do know. It is one of these things I can pretty much guess what went down here. Megyn Kelly starts on Fox, she starts out as a reporter, and from the moment she started there was something about her that attracted attention. She’s just one of these people on TV that you notice. She moved up the ladder of success at Fox. She ended up getting anchor gigs, first at nine o’clock in the morning, to one o’clock in the afternoon. All this took years. And then eventually she gets her nine p.m. prime time show.

And at some point during this career advancement, Trump becomes a fan. Donald Trump is known to reach out to people in the media. He sends them notes. He sends them encouragement. He just reaches out to them. There are some people that are fascinated by media figures. My wild guess is that Mr. Trump thought he’d always been nice to her — I’m guessing that he didn’t send her critical notes. I’m guessing he didn’t send her short little notes or texts or whatever it was criticizing her. I bet it was stuff rooted in admiration for her talent or what have you, and I think he was blindsided by her opening question in that first debate, personally blindsided by it.

I don’t know that they had any kind of a friendship or relationship at all, but my guess is that if he has some kind of contact with her, sends her notes now and then — I don’t know if she replies or not. I don’t know any of this. I’m just guessing. I could be all wet on this. But my guess is that he figured that obviously she knows who he is, that in all of his notes or whatever reaching out to her, maybe knew her, met her a time or two when he was over at Fox. And I’m sure he thought that she didn’t have any problem with him and vice-versa.

Then here comes that first debate and that first question. And I think it blindsided him. And then he probably said, “You know what? She’s using this to establish her independence. She’s using this to show that she’s not cowed by anybody,” and that’s how it all began. That would be my wild guess, and I’ll tell you why I think this. I don’t just grab this stuff out of thin air. Her first show on her nine p.m. slot, very first show, it might have been her second. Okay, let’s say first week. But I think it was one of the first two shows.

She had Cruz at her top of the hour guest, at a time when Cruz was doing something in the Senate, filibustering or something, and everybody angry and hating on Cruz. So she gets him as a guest and her first question to him is (paraphrasing), “What is it like to be the most hated man in America?” And his response was, “Megyn, before I begin, I just want to congratulate you. This is a terrific achievement. We’re so –” and she cut him off halfway through it ’cause I think she was establishing that she was in no way affected by personal relationships with the people she’s covering. That she’s not gonna be biased. She’s not gonna be friendly with some and unfriendly to others based on whether they know her, whether they’re nice to her.

I think she out of the gate established that she is totally, completely independent. (interruption) What? Oh, no. See, there’s some women on the other side of the glass saying, “She’s just a …” and they’re using the B-word. And if I’m describing a man doing this you would not at all say the guy was a B-A. You wouldn’t. You’d say this guy’s doing it right. No, you wouldn’t. No, you wouldn’t say he was a penis.

Anyway, look, I probably shouldn’t even delve in it ’cause I don’t even know. I’m just wild guessing on all this, how it has happened. Anyway, whatever’s going on today, looks like it might be a hatchet-burrying attempt. But who knows. It may fall apart and not work. You know, Trump could have a press conference this afternoon and say, “She came and she begged and she begged me to love her again. And I said you’re just like Lyin’ Ted.” We don’t know what he’s gonna do. (laughing) Anyway, folks, I have to take a brief time-out. Do not hold me to any of that. I’m wild guessing, you know, intelligence guided by experience with the possibility I could be totally all wet.


RUSH: I’ll tell you what else it could be. It wasn’t that long ago that we learned that Megyn Kelly was going to host a brand-new celebrity/newfangled Barbara Walters-type interview program on the Fox broadcast network, not Fox News. Remember that? That’s about a month or two old. And it was gonna be this big, big whoop-de-doo, and to expand her career portfolio and all that, take it beyond Fox News to the Fox broadcast network. Barbara Walters used to interview “trees” and stuff before the Academy Awards, she had the Fascinating People, that kind of thing. Could be that she’s over trying to get Trump for that. Make up to break up kind of stuff. Who knows, folks? Just my wild guess.

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